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The Amazing Johnathan Wife, Net Worth, Cause Of Death

“The Amazing Johnathan” also known as “the Freddy Krueger of Comedy” died in February 2022. Surviving him are his wife, step-daughter, and his two sisters.

Learn about them in this article along with his net worth and his cause of death.

Did The Amazing Johnathan Have A Wife At The Time Of His Death?

Johnathan Szeles AKA “The Amazing Johnathan” was married to his wife Anastasia Synn. They tied the knots on 7 June 2014. On their seventh wedding anniversary in May 2021, Anastasia took to her Instagram and wrote, “Mawidge”. Her fan wished an anniversary to the couple.

Back in November 2020, Anastasia had also posted clips of their wedding days. One of her fans asked in the comment section, “How long have you two been married?” To which she replied, “@illegalsearch 6 years. Together for 10+”. Whereas, the first post on Johnathan’s IG is from their wedding day where they were giving fingers.

Anastasia, born on 1 January 1975, was 47 years old when her husband died. She is a sideshow stunt performer and magician, and also a transhumanist and biohacker, and cyborg rights activist. She is also an actress who appeared on The Litch (2018) and Nostrum (2010).

Her website states, “A regular at venues in Las Vegas and Los Angeles including Brookledge, Scot Nery’s Boobietrap and the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood; she has performed on television in four countries and has toured North America as a featured performer for Gallagher and her husband of nearly 5 years, The Amazing Johnathan.”

Anastasia currently has 20 implants which she uses for magic, experimentation, and extended sensory perception.

The Amazing Johnathan Kids

The Amazing Johnathan didn’t share any kids with Anastasia but he has a step-daughter named Haley Kenyon from Anastasia’s previous relationship. In March 2011, he had written a status about Haley, “Preparing to meet Sia’s 11 yr old daughter in a few days. She’s staying with us for 3 weeks. First, stop Disneyland! Taking the limo. Should be fun.”

Johnathan was also married to Sandra Bowing Szeles in 1995 which reportedly ended divorced in 2000. She also has an IMDB page and received credit for appearing as an assistant in The World’s Wildest Magic in 1997.

His fans often complimented that his daughter looked like Hermoine Granger played by Emma Watson from Harry Potter.

The Amazing Johnathan Cause Of Death

The Amazing Johnathan died at his Las Vegas home with his wife and kid beside him. The cause of his death was the heart disease that he battled for a very long time named cardiomyopathy. He was diagnosed with the disease with “a serious heart condition” back in 2007.

His death was confirmed by his wife via Facebook post just before midnight. The stuntwoman told The Las Vegas Review-Journal, “The last thing I said to him was, ‘I love you, honey, I’ll be with you when you get up from your nap. We were feeding him oranges and strawberries. He was so peaceful He said, ‘Yay!’ He had the purest and sweetest look on his face.”

On Facebook, Anastasia posted, “I am losing my honey beeps. I’m so sad and feel like this is carving a hole in my chest. He is COMPLETELY unresponsive. He is end-stage. Please give us peace at this time. Texting him or trying to call him needs to stop now, please.”

Anastasia also let his fans know that she has “beaten the odds for so long,” She added, “he is snuggled and loved by his girl constantly. This has destroyed me and thankfully I’m medicated with amazing support from home hospice nurses and appreciate the help offered, but need peace with him. Snuggles.”

She went on to thank all of his well-wishers.

How Much Was The Amazing Johnathan Net Worth?

At the peak moment of his career, The Amazing Johnathan made $3 million a year, according to The Guardian. Celebrity Net Worth reported that he had $15 million worth of fortune.

As per the Las Vegas Review-Journal, during the ENTSpeaks event at Inspire Theater in Las Vegas, The Amazing Johnathan said, “I made millions of dollars, I have two beautiful houses, and everything came crashing … down. And I was told I have a year to live. It’s not a joke.”

But, even after the revelation, The Amazing Johnathan lived another eight years performing sporadically. He even became the subject of two documentaries — “Always Amazing: The True Story of the Life, Death, and Return of The Amazing Johnathan” and “The Amazing Johnathan Documentary.”

As an actor Jonathan appeared on The Litch, The Made Men of Comedy Magic, The Weird Al Show, and The Sunday Comics.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Was The Amazing Johnathan At The Time Of His Death?

At the time of his death, The Amazing Johnathan was 63 years old. He was born on 9 September 1958.

  • How Tall Was The Amazing Johnathan?

According to IMDB, The Amazing Johnathan stood tall at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters).

  • Who Were The Amazing Johnathan’s Parents?

Johnathan was born to Doreen Szeles. She died a while back but would’ve turned 93 in October 2021. He was reportedly saddened by the death of his mother.

He had two sisters — Gail Maguire (@gail.maguire.1) and Nancy Rogers (

  • Was The Amazing Johnathan On Instagram?

Yes, Johnathan was on Facebook (@johnathan.szeles) and Instagram (@theamazingjohnathan).

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