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The Big Nailed It: Travis Smith Bio, Age, Wife, Instagram

Travis Smith is one of the contestants from Netflix’s Nailed It The Big Baking Challenge. Discover details about his age, wife, and social media reach via this article below.

We cover it all here in this short bio so learn more as this article proceeds.

Travis Smith On Netflix’s The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge

Travis Smith, a well-known and adored veteran baker from the heart of New Orleans, graces the small screen in Netflix’s eagerly anticipated Nailed It! spin-off, The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge, get ready to get carried away on a delicious culinary voyage. The show premiered on 4 August 2023. With Travis’s limitless creativity and love for making appetizing creations taking center stage, this delightful baking extravaganza promises to be a pleasure for all senses.

The Nailed It! spin-off is renowned for its exciting and humorous moments as amateur bakers take on risky challenges. It is hosted by a star-studded array of judges and celebrity guests. Fans should anticipate nothing less than delectable surprises and hilarious turns in every episode as a result of Travis’s involvement. Travis’s career as a baker has been filled with both successes and setbacks. He is still grounded, strong, and committed to his craft despite challenges like losing his house to Hurricane Ida and going through the grief of losing his father. Through the good times and the bad, baking has always been there to soothe and support him.

Before the show’s premiere, Travis announced via an IG, “Excited to finally announce that I am on Nailed It! The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge primers on August 4th on @netflix#netflix #nailedit #thebignaileditbakingchallenge.”

Travis Smith Job

Travis Smith owns and works as a head chef in his confectionary business called Flava King. Flava King offers everything from “cupcakes to cookies, from beignets to pralines.” The business is either located or the following areas: “Jefferson Parish, LA · Orleans Parish, LA · Baton Rouge, LA · St Charles, LA · Louisiana · Laplace, LA · New Orleans, LA · Kenner, LA · Metairie, LA”

Per Flava King’s Facebook page, “a seasoned baker hailing from New Orleans, who has woven the art of baking into the fabric of his life since childhood. From an early age, he discovered his passion for the culinary world, and baking became his creative outlet. His specialty lies in crafting delightful and indulgent brownies, which hold a special place in his heart. Travis loves the versatility of brownies, as they allow him to experiment with various flavors and combinations, showcasing his creativity and love for baking.”

After the premiere of the show, Flava King’s FB page announced, “Today is the DAY! Catch Travis Smith, Flava King NOLA as a contestant on Nailed It! The Big Baking Challenge on Netflix! In celebration, we are doing a GIVEAWAY.”

In the show, Travis shared that he has a job as a secretary but exists no further details.

Travis Smith Age

In February 2023, Travis Smith reached age 41.

Where Is Travis Smith From?

Travis Smith hailed from New Orleans, Louisiana. After high school, Travis explained that he went to culinary school. However, he had to drop out as his mom got sick.

Travis’s mother was named Barbara Ann Smith. She passed away in May 2005. In March of that year, Travis’s sister Jessica wrote on her Facebook, “Today momma would’ve been 55, I probably would’ve thrown u a big party. I love u and I miss you every day. Barbra Ann Smith rest in heaven and Ur new g baby is 1 month today.”

Not only her mom but Travis has also lost his father.

Besides his sister, Travis also has an older brother named Walter Smith. In July 2022, Travis wished his older brother his birthday as he wrote, “I can’t let the night pass without saying happy birthday to my big brother Walter Smith love ya.”

Travis Smith Wife

Travis Smith is married to his wife Carleetha Lankster. Carleetha’s birthday is in October, and Travis wished his wife in 2022, “On this Day God made a special lady who is all mine love Carleetha Lankster Happy Birthday.”

It is not clear how many years they have been married.

Travis and Carleetha are parents to two daughters. His younger daughter Cameron celebrates her birthday same as him, in February. Her older daughter Taylor Smith was a student at John L Ory Communication Arts Magnet.

Related FAQs`

  • When Is Travis Smith Birthday?

Travis celebrates his birthday on 16 February.

  • Is Travis Smith On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Travis is on Instagram (@flavakingnola) and Facebook.

  • How Tall Is Travis Smith?

Travis stands tall above height of 5 feet 10 inches.

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