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The Mole Joi Schweitzer Bio, Husband, Age, Job, Height

The Mole is an American reality game show that aired on ABC from 2001 to 2008 for 5 seasons. Recently, Netflix picked up the show after a 14-year hiatus as it premiered on the OTT platform on October 7th. The Mole on Netflix features 12 contestants as they work together to add money to a pot. One person who has been secretly designated “the Mole” continuously sabotages the group’s money-making efforts. The contestant who knows the least about the mole–as determined by the multiple-choice quiz–is eliminated at the end of each episode. The last contestant standing wins the game. Joi Schweitzer is one of the 12 contestants of The Mole. Learn everything about her in the wiki article below.

Joi Schweitzer On Netflix’s The Mole

Joi Schweitzer shared that her main strategy to win Netflix’s The Mole would be to find another player she can trust and join forces with to identify the mole. She also told Netflix that her strength is her ability to control other players without making them realize they are being manipulated whereas overthinking the game is her biggest weakness.

We’re only 5 episodes into the show, and Joi has already upset a few of her team members by costing her team $25000 with her selfish decision.

In one of the challenges, team members were given an opportunity to view confidential files containing information about other competitors. If the files would not be opened, the team members would have made $10000. However, those who did not go through the files were given another opportunity to win an elimination exemption by bidding some money from the prize pot and all that person had to do was to guess who had read the information.

In an attempt to win an exemption from the test, Joi bade $25000 against Greg. As she turned out correctly, she reduced the team’s earnings to $3500.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Joi had already put a target on her back the moment she stepped into the game. Her taking a high-risking leading position without yielding any rewards makes it highly likely that Joi is indeed a mole.

Despite being a Commercial Airline Pilot by profession, Joi failed to navigate her small team to the right spot even with a map in her hand on their first mission. Her actions throughout the second challenge raised more eyebrows. It’s worth noting that Joi has never been a part of any individual team which has won significant capital for the pot.

Joi Schweitzer Age

At the time of this writing. Joi’s age was only 40.

Who Are Joi Schweitzer Parents?

Joi Schweitzer’s parents are Clarence and Evelyn Burton. Her father is a retired aircraft mechanic. Joi’s father decided to become a pilot when she sat behind the controller of the military aircraft her father flew in. Her mother, Evelyn, passed away on July 21, 2018, due to ovarian cancer.

Joi’s siblings include Clarence E Burton and Jacquelyn D Burton.

Joi Schweitzer Job

Joi Schweitzer belongs to a less than 1% black women community who make their living as a commercial pilot.

It all started at the age of 14 when she met a Female First Officer who encourages her to fly one day. Although Joi graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in psychology, she began working as a flight attendant.

However, Jou’s true desire was to move to the cockpit. That is why she enrolled in flight school while still working as a flight attendant full-time. Since the aviation industry is heavily dominated by white males, Joi as an African American woman faced discrimination in the industry. Joi’s strong sense of purpose, confidence, and strength helped her to overcome any obstacles that came her way.

Besides being a commercial pilot, Joi is a fitness coach as well. Long before Joi made any achievement as a pilot, she was passionate about health and wellness. Joi’s mother passing in 2018 due to ovarian cancer further accentuated her ties to fitness.

She has developed a business to help inspire post-partum mothers on how to return to themselves and guide them through self-care with access to workout routines. Furthermore, Joi is also the person behind the fitness apparel lines that gives a portion of the proceeds back to supporting ovarian cancer research in honor of her mother.

Joi Schweitzer Height

Joi Schweitzer stands below average at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Based on her Instagram feed, she is a gym rat. She has aptly captured her body transformation from FAT to FIT in pictures and shared it on her socials.

Is Joi Schweitzer On Instagram?

Joi Schweitzer is on Instagram @joiridehigh_fit, where she has close to 4 thousand followers. The Mole star also has more than 6 thousand followers on her @joiridehigh TikTok account, where she shares health and travel inspirational words. You can also find Joi on Facebook.

Joi Schweitzer Husband

As per Joi Schweitzer’s socials, she is a married woman. Her husband’s name is John Schweitzer. Reportedly, the couple exchanged wedding vows on May 4, 2013.

While Joi rarely talks about her husband on the Internet, she mentioned him once on a TikTok video.

Besides being a wife to John, Joi is an amazing mother to their two kids. Joi has never released any details about her kids to the public.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Joi Schweitzer From?

We may not know where Joi is originally from, but we do know she currently resides in Mableton, Georgia.

  • When Is Joi Schweitzer Birthday?

While we don’t know the exact date yet, Joi’s birthday falls in the month of December every year.

  • What Is Joi Schweitzer Maiden Name?

Reportedly, Joi Schweitzer’s maiden name is Renee.

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