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The Ultimatum France Romane Bio, Age, Job, Instagram

Romane, from The Ultimatum France, was giving her boyfriend Theo “The Ultimatum” when they entered the Netflix series. Either they get married or they must pursue different careers. Romane said she thought that Théo had been ignoring her in favor of his work. She disliked that she constantly felt like the second choice and wanted to get married to her boyfriend to ensure that Théo was devoted to their relationship.

The sports trainer, however, did not feel prepared to get hitched. The pair looked into potential companions for the ensuing three weeks as part of the experiment. Théo made a public admission at this time that he occasionally felt as though Romane was suffocating him.

The Ultimatum France dropped on Netflix on Friday, December 30. So, who is she? What does she do for a living? Let’s recap what we know about her by far.

The Ultimatum France: Are Romane And Theo Still Together?

The Ultimatum France’s Romane was working on a repertoire with Sophianne, one of their chosen partners. But he recanted when Lina, his lover, approached him. She ultimately teamed up with Scott Zadar, whereas Théo dated Sarah Andrea. Romane did not approve of the second pairing because she was aware that Sarah did not feel prepared for marriage.

While continuing to live with their respective partners, Romane and Théo were keen to pursue new career opportunities. So when the girls first met, Romane was taken aback by how cordial Théo was with Sarah. She questioned whether Théo simply thought she wasn’t worth the effort in light of this.

Additionally, she did not appreciate that Théo was shirtless and appeared to be living with Sarah. While they were separated, Romane and Théo became closer, and at the lads’ night in, Théo said he wanted to share new experiences with her.

Scott revealed what Théo had said to Romane when they later met. She was naturally conflicted, but the former continued by saying that he did not believe Théo was being sincere. In fact, Scott and Romane’s mother urged her to consider her options and not ignore her emotions. Romane also came to the realization that she wanted more after finding out about Scott’s relationship and how he balanced his personal and professional life.

When they got back together, Théo confessed that his affection for Romane had only grown deeper. He explained that he wanted to attempt new things in order to complete the experiment when she questioned why he had been engaging in risky actions with Sarah but was unwilling to do the same with her. But he seemed to be thinking about how he wished he had been doing those things with her all the time.

Many cast members admitted they thought Romane was playing Sophianne over a terrible supper with the other actors. While Théo was outraged about some of the things he had discovered, he chose to put them on hold for the time being since he knew Romane needed him.

Romane and Théo attempted to maintain their relationship for a while, but eventually, it got too much for them, and they made the decision to part ways. Romane said that Théo had allegedly messaged her after she ended up matching with one of his pals on Tinder, saying he wanted her to move on. Sarah, who had grown close to Théo as a result of the revelation, called him.

He reiterated what Romane had said, saying that despite their love for one another, their goals in life were completely different. The duo hasn’t provided any relationship updates as of this writing. The show’s depiction of their decision as being definite, however, makes it seem unlikely that they would change their minds.

Though she may have never got what she wanted from Theo, she has certainly earned fans. One fan wrote, “The only true winner of the show is you, Romane. Stayed true to yourself and so sooo mature and wise.”

Another fan added, “From Spain: I loved you the whole show! I think you really are a beautiful girl inside and out. You’ve been a good friend, a good girlfriend… and a woman who defends women. You did well to show the message. Even if Scott is your friend, you have to stop being witnesses in times when men belittle and mistreat women. Sorry, but you weren’t the one who screwed up so you have to take the consequences.”

Likewise, another added, “The only lucky one that escapes from bad and toxic relationship… you deserve so much more 🌷🙌 I feel Sorry for the woman in this show.”

The Ultimatum France Romane Age

Romane from The Ultimatum France was 25 years old at the time of filming the show.

What Is The Ultimatum France Romane Last Name?

The last name of The Ultimatum France’s Romane is not public yet. She is very private on her socials.

The Ultimatum France Romane Job

The Ultimatum France‘s Romane has a job as a hip-hop dance teacher. According to, a dance instructor in France makes a salary of €31,417 a year and €15 an hour in France.

The Ultimatum France Romane Height

Romane from The Ultimatum France stands tall at a moderate height of under 5’4”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is The Ultimatum France Romane From?

The Ultimatum France‘s star Romane appears to be French hailing from Paris, France.

  • Is The Ultimatum France Romane On Instagram?

In just a matter of a few hours, The Ultimatum France star Romane was able to amass a total of 7,859 followers on her IG. Her IG handle is (@romane_ultimatumfr).

  • When Is The Ultimatum France Romane Birthday?

There is no information on The Ultimatum France Romane‘s birthday.

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