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The Ultimatum Rae Williams Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings

Meet Rae Williams Family where we are going to be talking about her mom, dad, and her siblings.

After her recent Netflix reality dating show stint, viewers were also interested to know about Rae’s family members. So, keep on reading to learn more about her family.

Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Meet Rae Williams Family

Rae Williams appeared on Netflix’s The Ultimatum. The show featured six couples and one partner in each of the pairs has given the ultimatum to their respective partner to either get married or move on to the next.

After two and a half years of dating, Rae gave Zay an ultimatum, stating that she wanted to start building the life she’d envisioned with him, but he believed neither of them was ready. Zay clarified not only that they were not financially stable, but he also shared that Rae still struggled to convey her feelings in support of his position.

Later, Zay did admit that he saw a future with the woman he’d been with throughout college, implying that it was only the chronology and the problems they’d encountered that had kept him from doing so, hence they joined the experiment.

But, outside of the show, who is Rae Williams? Who are her parents and siblings?

We got it all covered below, so keep scrolling to learn more about them.

Who Is Rae Williams Dad, Craig Williams?

Rae Williams was born to her dad Craig Williams. Born in August 1953, Craig turned 68 years old in 2021. Jackie Williams, Renaika Williams, Phyllis Williams, Joseph Williams, Shawn V Williams, and Barbara Williams are some of the people Craig is related to.

He has served in the U.S. Army previously. But, based on a Facebook post from 2015, he worked for Bob Bondurant, a champion race car driver and founder of Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving. He was working in Austin, Texas at the time on Formula One Race Track.

Moreover, he also did professional car racing himself in La Junta, Colorado, and even in Japan. You can click the link to his video here to watch his driving skills.

Craig is also a motorbike enthusiast and owns a Kawasaki Ninja. Follow him on Facebook (@craig.villery).

Who Is Rae Williams Mom, Lisa Fitzwater?

Rae Williams was born to her mother Lisa Fitzwater. Her online profile shows that she is living in Georgetown, Texas. Born in March 1965, she is currently 57 years old.

Rae tweeted about her mother in March 2022. She wrote, “My mom is my whole heart. She’s my reason why. She’s the reason why I’m still here. Honestly.” Whereas, the first post on her Instagram was Mother’s Day post in 2013. She captioned the post, “Our hair looks a lot better now 😂 I love my mom, she’s my everything. Happy Mothers Day”.

She is on Facebook but is very private. You can find her at (@lisa.fitzwater.779857). She appears to be of Italian heritage.

Does Rae Williams Have Siblings?

There is no information currently on Rae Williams siblings. She could be the only biological child of her parents since her father and mother were separated long ago.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Rae Williams Family Ethnicity?

Rae Williams is likely of Italian-American ethnicity.

  • Does Rae Williams Family Appear On The Netflix Star’s Instagram?

Yes, Rae Williams’s family has appeared a few times on her Instagram.

  • Where Does Rae Williams Family Reside?

Based on their social media presence, Rae Williams’s mother lives in Georgetown, Texas whereas her father seems to be living in Oakland, California. But, he often travels because of his job.

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