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The Voice NOIVAS Parents: Douglas And Rosalind Wright

When the finale of The Voice Season 3 kicked off on 22 May 2023, each of the Top 5 contestants was tasked with singing one ballad and one upbeat song. NOVIAS from Blake Shelton’s team was one of them. The country singer went with a song of his genre for Chris Stapleton’s “Cold” and for his last song, he went with Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away”.

In 2023, other than making a comeback in music with a feature on NBC’s The Voice has continued to have a joyful life with his partner Elissa Henry, while also often seeing his parents. Who his parents are, let us tell you in the rest of the writing.

Who Are The Voice NOIVAS Parents?

NOIVAS was born on 12 March 1993 in Galveston, Texas to the most loving and caring parents. Often on social media, one can see him gush that he is thankful to have these two amazing parents in his life. Every time gets overwhelmed he makes sure he thanks them for everything they have given him. Also, he tells he would not be who he is, or where he is without them.

Keep reading to find out more about them.

Meet Douglas Wright, The Voice NOIVAS Father

On 28 February 2023, NOIVAS took to his Instagram @noivaswright, to tell the world why he chose his father, Douglas Wright, to be one of his family representatives at his blind audition in The Voice. He said he really would like for everyone to hear his Jim Crow Mississippi raised father’s “incredible” story.

According to NOIVAS, his dad Douglas was the first Black boy to go to an all-white school in 1965. He thus endured legalized violence and bullying and also made it out alive and thrived. So, NOIVAS thought that he should be one of the people he should be the one honored with his performance.

On Father’s Day recently, NOIVAS one more time talked about his “definition of survivor” father surviving the Jim Crow South in the 1950s/60s.

Like NOVIAS’s baby mama’s father, NOVIAS’s also survived a deadly car crash. His was from when he was only 3 months old. He had to have his whole face reconstructed.

  • Douglas Wright Age

Rosalind Wright was reportedly born in 1952. As for his birthday, he celebrates it every year on November 29th. So, should have maybe reached 70 years of age in 2022.

  • Douglas Wright Job

Douglas Wright is now retired from his job as a teacher/coach at Jasper Isd and as a pastor at The United Methodist Church of Jasper, Texas.

And now we have a long list of where he received his education. He mentioned studying at Perkins School of Theology – Southern Methodist University, at Stephen F. Austin State University (Class of 1996), at Angelina College (Class of 1991), Electronic Systems Technology at United Electronic Institute (UEI), Louisville, Kentucky (Class of 1973). Not to miss, he also studied Bible/Theology at Gammon Theological Seminary. And for high school, he attended Hickory high school in Hickory, Mississippi in the Class of 1971.

  • Is Douglas Wright On Instagram?

Yes. Douglas Wright can be found on Instagram. As of 23 May 2023, there were 1 post and 3 followers on his private kept account @douglas.wright.5832.

Douglas also has shown glimpses of his life on ‘Douglas Wright’ Facebook.

Meet Rosalind Wright, The Voice NOIVAS Mother

Like his father, NOIVAS’s mother, Rosalind Wright, is also very much proud of her kids doing great things and going big places. At the same time, she also has not stopped making them proud. On 19 August 2018 when she became an alumnus at Baylor University everyone in her family was so proud of her. “So so proud of her! She absolutely deserves it!”, with this as a caption, NOIVAS showed a glimpse of her being honored, on a social media post.

  • Rosalind Wright Age

Rosalind Wright was born in 1954. So, she reached the age of 68 in 2022.

As for her birthday, she celebrates it on October 27th.

  • Rosalind Wright Job

On NOIVAS’s BIO on his own website, it is been said that he became an educator, like his parents, in the Texas public schools and a professor at a Texas junior college. That for now tells about at least the nature of the career Rosalind has had over the years. Apart from that, we also know that she studied Speech pathology at Stephen F. Austin State University and before that at Livingston High School (Class of 1978).

  • Is Rosalind Wright On Instagram?

Yes. Rosalind Wright can be found on Instagram @rozdwright, where as of now there were 2 posts and 432 followers.

Rosalind also most recently showed video footage of her singing on the Voice stage on her ‘Rosalind Wright’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are The Voice NOIVAS Parents Still Married?

Yes. NOIVAS’s parents have continued to be married. They tied the knot ages ago on 5 May 1979. Through the good and bad they have as a couple chosen to keep going while believing God to see them through.

  • How Many Kids Do The Voice NOIVAS Parents Have?

NOIVAS is the youngest of five children raised on a ranch in Jasper, Texas by his parents. Among them are Douglas Wright II (married to Jaime Wright), entrepreneur and rising digital creator Annilia Wright-Mosley, and Houston, Texas-living Kassilia J. Wright. One of them is no more.

Since a very young age, NOIVAS’s educator parents taught him and his siblings that “knowledge is power” and “education is one thing that no one can take away from you”. And so they did their life accordingly except for Alfred Wright, who passed away untimely in February 2014. His family at the time claimed of him being the victim of a racist murder. While authorities concluded that he died from a drug overdose.

  • Where Do The Voice NOIVAS Parents Reside?

It seems The Voice NOIVAS’s parents have continued to be in Jasper, Texas even today.


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