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Theresa Donovan Bio, Age, Job, Kids, Barry Cryer Wife

English comedian and writer Barry Cryer passed away on 25 January 2022. Outside of all the attention and life as a celebrity, Barry was a great father to his four children and a lifelong partner to his wife Theresa Donovan. So, fans of his work wanted to learn more about Theresa, the love of his life.

Scroll down this Theresa Donovan Bio where you can learn about her age, her job, information about kids, and grandkids.

Meet Theresa Donovan, Barry Cryer Wife

Comedian and writer Barry Cryer was married to his wife Theresa Margaret ‘Terry’ Donovan in 1962 in Bristol, England. They lived together in Hatch End, Middlesex home which they bought together in 1967 for £10,400. They stayed married until Barry’s death at the age of 86 on 25 January 2022. So, until his death, they lived happily married life which lasted for 60 years.

Barry reportedly met his wife Theresa while rehearsing for a Danny La Rue show at Winston’s Nightclub on the same day he first met Ronnie Corbett. He then “tossed a coin and decided to marry her”.

According to Reader’s Digest, Barry once shared, “It was at a rehearsal at Danny La Rue’s nightclub not far from the Windmill. She was a singer and dancer and I was smitten from when I first caught sight of her standing by a piano.”

Theresa Donovan with her late husband Barry Cryer and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (Pic: Theresa’s FB)

Barry had discussed his relationship once with MailOnline. “The key is we’ve never understood each other; we don’t row but we argue all the time. I once said to her, ‘We disagree about everything,’ and she replied, ‘No, we don’t!’”

Barry had proclaimed that his marriage cured his eczema. Before Terry, he was hospitalized 12 times in eight years. He revealed, “When Terry first met me, I had dark glasses on and a coat buttoned up to the chin. She thought, Oh God! Who’s this one? He looks a bit weird. But I was only in a hospital with it once more after meeting her. Not a coincidence, I think.”

How Many Kids Did Barry Cryer And His Wife Theresa Donovan Have?

Theresa Donovan shared four kids with her TV personality husband Barry Cryer. They had three sons namely — Tony, Dave, and Bob, and one daughter named Jackie.

Tony Cryer reportedly worked as a runner for TV shows. He has received credit for his work as a unit runner or production runner for movies such as The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sign of Four, and Bloodbath at the House of Death. His name was also listed on the credits for his work in Temptation, Seclusionville, Deadline, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Everything Else.

Tony is reportedly working as a university professor and is with his partner Jayne.

Unlike his brother Tony, Dave Cryer maintains a life outside public attention. While speaking with Daily Mail in 2013, Barry had shared that his son Dave was a computer wizard. Dave is romantically linked with Garry.

Among the three sons and four children, Bob Cryer has to be the one with the largest public presence. Following his father’s footsteps, he took acting as his career and flourished. Some of his notable works to date are Bombshell, Doctors, Mid-Life Christmas, The Interceptor, Hollyoaks, and Coronation Street among others.

Bob would regularly write fictional diaries of Sherlock Holmes landlady, Mrs. Hudson with his father in 2013, and then turned the book into a play at Wilton’s Music Hall in East London in 2014. He has been working as Voice Artist at Babble Voices – Voiceover Agency since June 2019.

Bob is reportedly married to his wife Persis Blackett AKA Suzannah Cryer since October 1998 and is a father of three children.

And last but not least, Barry’s daughter Jackie pursued a career as a singer. The Sun also reported that she had conducted choirs. According to her Facebook, she has been working as an Early childhood professional at The Family Cabin since August 2018.

Jackie married her husband Matt Hodgson in 2019. After her father’s death, she went on her Facebook to write a lengthy obituary for her father. Her husband is the owner of Matt’s Marquees. Their son Archie celebrated his birthday on 27 January 2022 whereas her husband celebrates his birthday on 27 February. 

Theresa and late actor Barry were grandparents to seven grandchildren (Ruby, Tom, Evan, Archie, Hope, Martha, and Connie) and one great-grandchild up until 2017.

Theresa Donovan Age

Although the real age of Theresa Donovan eluded public attention, she currently should be over 80 years old as of 2022.

Theresa Donovan Job

As widely reported, Theresa Donovan worked as a dancer and a singer at a club. Besides that, not much is known about her job.

Is Theresa Donovan On Facebook?

Yes, Theresa Donovan is on Facebook. But, she hasn’t posted anything for a very long time.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Theresa Donovan From?

Theresa Donovan lives most of her life in Hatch End, Middlesex, England.

  • How Tall Is Theresa Donovan?

Theresa seemed like she stands tall over 5 feet 6.5 inches.

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