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Tiff Baira Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, TikTok, Who Is She?

Matchmaker Tiff Baira has been teasing about her boyfriend but who is he? Who is Tiff’s family? How old is she now?

Find out more as you scroll down this article.

Meet Tiff Baira, TikTok Star & NYC Matchmaker

Tiff Baira is best known as a TikTok star and NYC matchmaker. She rose to prominence during the time of COVID.

Tiff returned home to New Orleans in June 2020, about a year and a half after graduation, due to the pandemic, and took to TikTok to relive some of her greatest NYC memories, which she hasn’t stopped doing since. She uses her front-facing camera and TikTok magic to share stories about dating, sex, nightlife, restaurants, and the occasional sugar daddy.

Many other individuals wanted to experience it all and Tiff quickly rose to the status of TikTok influencer and relationship expert.

Tiff delves deep into the NYC dating scene in her TikToks. She discusses one-on-one dating consultations, where to meet affluent, eligible, fashionable men, how to quit caring about other people’s opinions, and her favorite dating apps. On her podcast, she interviews other social media personalities and explores issues such as expectations, the value of platonic love, and body acceptance.

Tiff Baira Age

Born in 1996, Tiff Baira reached the age of 26 in 2023.

Tiff Baira Family

Tiff Baira has shared very little about her family. She added, “Some of my fondest memories are of me and my grandmother sitting by the piano singing Johnny Cash, (I think my first word was Ring Of Fire, haha) and that’s when I first remember knowing I loved to sing.”

Two of her family members available on the public record are Sandra Baira and Mouloud Baira.

How Much Is Tiff Baira Net Worth?

The rough estimate for Tiff Baira’s net worth is likely above $250 thousand. She relocated to New York in 2015 to study entertainment and media management at Pace University, and while there, she became well-versed in love and s*x.

Discussing her TikTok journey, Tiff shared, “I never considered myself an internet person. I can barely text, but when I was home in New Orleans at the beginning of quarantine, I was so nostalgic. I was thinking about all the men I’d met, the club life, the best places to meet people. And from there, it went viral. It was a place for us all to come together and reminisce on the good times when we were going through such a hard time.”

Adding about her one-on-one sessions, Tiff shared that starts off by getting to know if they’re interested in a long-term relationship or just looking to have fun. She confirmed that her dating service is not about finding the perfect person. She makes it all about finding the “dream relationship based on what you need, rather than sacrificing your needs to catch someone.”

Tiff also grew up singing jazz in New Orleans, and then she came to New York and just started singing over any beats. “It’s very unapologetically pop, but I do think there is a little bit of R&B and jazz influence. If it had to be a genre it would be sad girl, but it is for sure electronic, R&B, pop,” she told Sheesh!

The dating coach released her son Plastic in 2020.

Tiff Baira Boyfriend

Tiff Baira used TikTok to tease her relationship with her followers, sharing a photo of her with her lover from Getty. To keep her followers guessing, Tiff hid her boyfriend’s face and didn’t give his name, giving them none of the information they were looking for. “Not to scream, ‘I love my man.'” “This is my man,” Tiff opens her soft launch video. “In three years y’all have never seen me cuffed up, and I don’t know if y’all are ready for it.”

Tiff initially mentioned her boyfriend, whom she refers to as “music man”, in a TikTok video on January 10. She stated at the time that they had just been seeing each other for a month but confirmed that they would be attending the Grammy Awards together in Los Angeles on February 4th.

“Get ready for the plot twist of your life b—h — the dinosaur daddy era is over. I’m actually dating someone that’s younger than me by a year,” she proclaimed in the Jan. 10 video. Tiff described how she and her new boyfriend met at a holiday party before spending six hours on their first date in an “atrocious” cafe, but the music man brought her flowers and made her laugh, resulting in a good first date.

“Since then we’ve just been hanging out all the time and he’s just one of those people where you can like go to the grocery store and laugh so much,” she continued. “It’s definitely a rebrand for me b—h but I’m saying the major thing that I’m realizing is that you want a nice guy that makes you laugh. Forget all the other bulls–t.”

Then, a Redditor pointed out that, Tiff’s current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend (@ChickenLover) took to her TikTok to share that her (ex) boyfriend of 3 years is now dating an influencer. He was all over her TikTok posts but later the ex-girlfriend private her page.

Tiff shared that her career as a dating adviser has made her realize how important it was to practice it in her own dating life.

She added, “When I’m navigating my own life, I ask myself, “Am I doing something that I would recommend to my girls?” I’m deriving just as much confidence as they are. With the dating advice to the TikToks to my podcast, yes, I’m creating it, but I’m so inspired by everyone choosing to stand up for themselves, choosing to love themselves, choosing not to sacrifice aspects of themselves for a “love” that doesn’t feel like love.”

Tiff is obsessed with grand gestures which means a well-thought-out date for her. She told The Cut, “My goal one day is to end up in a hot-air balloon flying over the city. That might be a little far-reaching … but nothing’s out of our league.”

Tiff Baira Height

Tiff Baira’s height likely measures above 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tiff Baira From?

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Tiff Baira is a born and bred New Yorker.

  • When Is Tiff Baira Birthday?

Tiff Baira celebrates her birthday in December.

  • Is Tiff Baira On Facebook?

No, Tiff Baira doesn’t appear to be on Facebook.

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