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Tiffany Seeley Bio, Ryan Mallett Former Wife, Age, Job

Tiffany Seeley was the former wife of NFL star Ryan Mallett who has passed away.

Ryan was named as the victim in a statement released by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office regarding the “apparent drowning” that occurred near Destin, Florida on Tuesday.

“We send our heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends, and loved ones in his tragic passing,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook statement. “The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an apparent drowning that claimed the life of a tourist in the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon.”

Around 2:12 pm local time, emergency personnel were summoned to the beach in Destin, Florida, where a number of people “had reportedly been struggling to make their way back to shore.” Ryan “was not breathing when he was pulled out” of the water and “lifesaving measures were immediately undertaken.”

Ryan was pronounced dead when he was transported from the beach to the hospital, the statement added.

Before his death, he was married to Tiffany Seeley. Who is she? How old is she? What does she do for a living?

Read all about her here in this bio.

Meet Tiffany Seeley, Late NFL Star Ryan Mallett Former Wife

Before Ryan Mallett’s untimely passing, the NFL star was previously married to his former wife Tiffany Seeley. According to Tiffany’s Facebook, they got engaged on 9 July 2019.

Following their engagement, they exchanged vows in June 2020. However, after infidelity, and then filed for divorce in October 2020. It has been said that the difficulty of the divorce was due to Seeley’s demand that Mallet pay her $2000 every month. The custody of the former couple’s dogs was another source of contention.

Tiffany at the time reportedly claimed, “Randomly last month he decided he just wasn’t going to let me see them at all anymore. So that’s the situation currently and I’m going to have to take it to court to fight for anything where I won’t have to separate them.”

Following their divorce, Tiffany posted on Facebook, “Finally December! So ready for this month to be over and start a new year. 2020 has hands down been the worst year for a lot of people not just me. With that being said I’ve had a lot of questions here lately about ‘what’s going with me now’.”

She continued, “As many of you know a lot has changed for me this year. I moved to a mountain home and my significant other and I both started new jobs. We began building a new beautiful home across from my grandparents in Cotter and we got married. Then came Covid, cheating, and drama around the corner to wake me up from this fairytale I thought I was living. Anyway, to say the least, I’ve been waiting for 2021 as many people have been.”

Tiffany ended the post with, “For me, I realized I hated the person I’d become because I was constantly trying to change things out of my control. I tried to force myself to be happy where I was, force someone else to show me the love I knew I deserved, and force what I thought should happen next to happen. Well, the year is almost over and I’ve realized I will never try to force anything again. All we can do is change what we can and handle what we can’t with wisdom and kindness. My advice to myself for 2021 is you can’t force things.”

Is Tiffany Seeley Married Today?

No, Tiffany Seeley is not married now. Her socials inform us that she is happily single now.

Tiffany Seeley Age

Born in March 1995, Tiffany Seeley is 28 years old.

Who Are Tiffany Seeley Parents?

Tiffany Seeley is the son of Bill Seeley and Leslie Ernst Seeley. Bill, her dad, is 60 years old, being born in February 2023. Whereas, her mother Leslie reached age 50 in April 2023.

Leslie has been working at Sugarloaf Farms excavation and quarry since 1996. He attended Arkansas Tech University, the University of Arkansas, and North Arkansas College.

On Bill’s birthday in 2023, Leslie wished her husband, “Today is the big 60 for Billy. We are spending the weekend in Fayetteville with the girls and Logan (Callie and Manny flew in). So happy to have spent more than 1/2 his life with him. I never saw us getting older but am so grateful for being in this phase of our lives. Semi-retired, traveling, and enjoying the fruits of having remarkable grown kids to share our lives with. So glad we are all celebrating with ya on your special birthday weekend.”

In November 2022, Leslie posted an engagement photo sharing, “Our engagement photos 30 years ago. Back then we didn’t do all the fancy photos everyone does today. These were the ones that went to the newspaper and don’t think they do that anymore. Today makes 32 years since we shared our first kiss. Happy first kiss day babe.”

Hence, as of 2023, they have been married for 29 years.

Other than Tiffany, they have a son named Steven Seeley. Steven is 39 years of age. He is employed at Seeley Seasonal Services.

Tiffany’s grandparents are named Dorothy Lee Seeley and Francis Eugene Seeley.

Tiffany Seeley Job

Tiffany Seeley is the owner of the online boutique store Valencia Crew. The latest Instagram posts from the company date back to the beginning of 2022, so it’s unclear if it is still operating. Starting in February 2021, Tiffany also joined OnlyFans.

Now, Tiffany is building a career in social media. You can find Tiffany on TikTok (@tiffanyseeley13) where she has 11.3K followers.

Related FAQs

  • Is Tiffany Seeley On Instagram?

Yes, Tiffany Seeley is on Instagram (@tiffanyseeley13) and Twitter (@t13uncensored).

  • Where Is Tiffany Seeley From?

Tiffany Seeley is originally from Lead Hill, Arkansas

  • When Is Tiffany Seeley Birthday?

Tiffany Seeley’s birthday is on 12 March.

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