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TikTok Kathy Vu Update, Boyfriend, Age, Sister, Who Is She?

The social media celebrity status of Kathy Vu from TikTok has fallen apart after her alleged involvement in cleaning the crime scene of the murder of Dana Ryssdal. What did she do? What’s the recent update on her case? Who was her boyfriend? Has she shared anything about her family and sister?

The answer unfolds in this article below.

TikTok Kathy Vu Update

Kathy Vu was detained in March 2023 in connection with the murders of two men and charged with “attempting to tamper with evidence by purchasing tools to clean up the crime scene,” according to VnExpress International. The 23-year-old is under house arrest as of the time of this writing, and both her boyfriend and his buddy are facing charges of capital murder.

Although Vu is not charged with taking part in the murders, she is suspected of helping with the clean-up. Vu bought Hefty trash bags, Clorox Bleach spray, hydrogen peroxide spray, and hydrogen peroxide from a nearby HEB the evening of the killings, according to a police record received by @kathyvuarchives.

Authorities also discovered suspicious communications sent that day between Polie and Kathy. In the first, Kathy requests that Polie lock her garage. She texts him later to say, “Everything’s in my trunk.” He allegedly cleaned the scene of evidence.

Everything began on January 27, 2023, when a neighbor reported hearing the resident’s dog howling nonstop and called Houston Police to the residence for a welfare check. This neighbor also observed that the owner had left their car running in the garage, and when they peered through a window, they noticed blood inside the residence.

Dana Ryssdal, 35, was found dead inside the house when police arrived, along with “several cardboard boxes filled with marijuana packaged in airtight wrapping,” according to Click2Houston. Before officials discovered that Ryssdal and his business partner were “commercial marijuana farmers who operated a legal dispensary in southern Oregon,” who were owed money by Phan, it was assumed that Ryssdal had been robbed.

Kathy has been charged with tampering with evidence. Her bond was set at $40K.

The TikTok influencer’s lawyer Coby DuBose suggested that his client didn’t lure anyone in her apartment. He added that she was not involved and has not been charged with murder. As a clarification, Coby stated that video footage shows that Kathy didn’t actively clean up the crime scene and blamed the two assailants for it.

Who Is TikTok Kathy Vu Boyfriend?

TikTok Kathy Vu’s boyfriend is named Polie Phan. Polie is reportedly 26 years old.

The TikTok star has mentioned her boyfriend on several occasions. She once shared on her FB reel that Polie has helped raise her standards in many ways. For instance, he helped her with her luggage, was always down for spontaneous plans, was very open to her interests, and described him as a “thoughtful and practical gifter, and pays attention to her interests.”

Also, Kathy has flaunted gifts she received from her boyfriend to her followers.

Discussing her past relationships, Kathy has shared that she has attracted “bums” when she portrays herself as a self-sufficient and independent woman.

Polie and his friend Jaiden Nguyen had fled to Vietnam disguised as tourists and were wanted by the U.S. for murder. The two were charged with committing a double murder in Houston, Texas, in January.

On June 20, after a two-month search across several provinces and cities, detectives found a guy who appeared to be Polie Phan. Using a false identity, the suspect was residing in a home in District 10 in Ho Chi Minh City. He rarely stayed in, preferring to frequent the gym, bars, and clubs instead. Once it was established that the person was Polie Phan, a team of detectives closely monitored every activity in and around his home, which they thought to be the couple’s hiding place.

However, investigators were unable to locate Jaiden Nguyen while conducting their investigation. Polie often made his way home alone, and he always gave off the impression of being alert and aware of his surroundings.

Polie revealed that upon entering Vietnam, he and Jaiden Nguyen went their separate ways and muted all communication to avoid exposing their whereabouts. During their time in Vietnam, the duo received financial support from associates in the U.S.

TikTok Kathy Vu Age

Born in year 2000, TikTok Kathy Vu is age 23.

TikTok Kathy Vu Sister

TikTok Kathy Vu has been described as the daughter of hardworking immigrant parents from Vietnam. In one of her TikToks, she discussed her dating life leading to the details about her family. Kathy added that she grew up in a family where her mother was the breadwinner.

We also know that Kathy has a sister who is a dental student. However, Kathy’s sister has deleted her socials.

What Is TikTok Kathy Vu Ethnicity?

By ethnicity, Kathy Vu is Vietnamese-American.

TikTok Kathy Vu Job

TikTok Kathy Vu has a corporate job as she explained in a TikTok from March 2023. She also stated that going to clubs is among the roles in her job and she is paid for it. However, she didn’t go into details as this article proceeds.

Additionally, Kathy is a social media influencer. You can find her content on Facebook (@kvthyx) and Pinterest (@kathyxvu). Most of her content can be categorized as IG model content, discussing shopping hauls, and workout videos.

Also, she has created an OnlyFans page (@kxthy).

Moreover, Kathy also works as a photographer and graphic designer on the side, per her Facebook. She has also been promoting her Amazon shops on her social media content.

Related FAQs

  • When Is TikTok Kathy Vu Birthday?

TikTok star Kathy Vu’s birthday is on 12 February.

  • Where Is TikTok Kathy Vu From?

Kathy Vu a TikTok influencer hailed from Houston, Texas.

  • Is TikTok Kathy Vu On Instagram And Twitter?

Yes, TikTok Kathy Vu is on Instagram (@kvthyvu & @Kathy_vu) but not on Twitter.

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