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TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

CelinaSpookyBoo is a popular TikToker, a social media influencer, and a businesswoman and she is best known for posting funny videos on TikTok. She first went viral on the platform for sharing a video of herself sleepwalking. The creator of BeautyXBoo, a makeup line, had over 25 million followers on Tiktok, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and 837k subscribers on YouTube. While Celina herself is a pretty public person, many people have no idea about her family members, which includes her father, mother, and siblings.

Read this wiki article until the very end to know Celina’s family a little more.

What Do We Know About TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo Family?

TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo is very close to her family and is on excellent terms with each one of them. Born to Hungarian parents, Celina features them on her TikTok quite regularly.

In one of the episodes of her podcast series, The Haunted Estate, she sat with her dad where he revealed to her that they used to live in a very small house before Celina’s birth. He also talked about how their home suddenly felt small after Celina was born.

A picture of CelinaSpookyBoo’s family.

After Celina’s birth, he and his wife saw a new house blocks away from their old house and it was actually a general motors owned house. He described the house as sad empty at that time–and it had a separate living room, dining room, kitchen, a family room with a natural fireplace, all three-bedroom upstairs, full bathrooms upstairs, and one in the hallway downstairs.

CelinaSpookyBoo Father

CelinaSpookyBoo’s social media followers know who her father is pretty clear. For those who don’t follow her on social, Celina’s father is Zoltan Horvath. He is a first-generation Hungarian; his parents were immigrants and relocated to Canada in 1956. Celina’s grandparents had to give up jewelry and whatnot as bribes to escape from Hungary.

Celina’s father Zoltan was born in 1958, two years after his parents moved to Canada. In one of Celina’s podcast episodes, Zoltan revealed that his parents learned English through soap operas and magazines and that is how they taught Zoltan too. Zoltan’s father worked at an auto plant in Canada and was a car guy.

While we don’t know much about Celina’s grandfather, her grandmother that is Zoltan’s mother passed away at an age of 56 on her birthday due to cancer.

Overall, Celina’s father seems like an adorable and family guy. He also appears quite regularly in Celina’s funny videos. At one time Celina uploaded a clip of her telling her dad a “dad joke” and he was clearly not having it.

In one of Celina’s podcasts, he also talked about one of his paranormal experiences. He told about hearing a faint sound from wind chimes or a music box when Celina was a little girl.

Father Talks Paranormal Experience About when Celina was a Little Girl, heard the faint sound of wind chimes or a music box

As of this writing, her dad had already retired from his job and his main focus now is to spend as much time as possible with his family.

CelinaSpookyBoo Mother

CelinaSpookyBoo’s mother is Joanne Horvath. Joanne suffers from a chronic illness, most likely multiple sclerosis. She can only move around with the support of a wheelchair. Celina’s brother even uploaded a family picture to his Instagram where Joanne can be seen bound to a wheelchair.

Celina’s mother has a Guinness world record collection and Celina made a TikTok video showcasing Joanne’s collections. Despite being bound to a wheelchair, she is one of Canada’s biggest collectors.

On May 11, 2020, Celina wished her mom and all the wonderful mothers in the world a happy Mother’s Day. She uploaded a family picture and wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothcollers out there! Fur mamas! Feather mamas! Foster mamas, angel mamas and beyond! Love you!”

In a YouTube video, Celina’s dad also shared a paranormal experience with her wife, that is Celina’s mother. He revealed that once he found Joanne staring into the center hall of the house into the kitchen and heard a scared voice from Joanne telling “soul slowly.” After he came downstairs to talk, Joanne told him that there was a little girl, with a blunt bowl type haircut and plain white dress, under the table looking at her when actually no one was there.

Does CelinaSpookyBoo Have Siblings?

CelinaSpookyBoo has a brother named Joel Horvath. From his Instagram bio where he has written “I like @karissa7n, and bikes,” we can tell that he is a bike enthusiast.

Joel is engaged to his fiancee Karissa Neves. Karissa has appeared quite some times on Joel’s Instagram. On October 26, 2018, Joel shared a picture with Karissa from their hike and wrote, “No filter needed, hiking with the best @karissa7n” in the caption.

Joel is also on good terms with his sister, CelinaSpookyBoo, and has featured her a couple of times on his Instagram. One time he uploaded a picture with Celina and announced that his sister was soon dropping her new merchandise.

CelinaSpookyBoo Spouse

CelinaSpookyBoo is married to her husband, Adam Meyers. They have been together for almost 13 years as of 2022 and they tied the wedding knots in early September 2013.

Celina’s husband Adam worked as a year factory worker in the past. However, due to a brutal head injury that he had in 2017, he had to leave work.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo Family Live?

CelinaSpookyBoo’s family lives in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

  • Does TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo Family On Her Instagram?

CelinaSpookyBoo has featured her dad and brother on her Instagram to this date.

  • How Close Are TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo Family Members?

TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo has a healthy and close relationship with all of her family members. She features them on her social media and TikTok videos as well, where we can clearly see the bonding between them.


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