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TLC’s Shauna Rae Family: Dad, Mom, Sisters

This article TLC’s Shauna Rae family is particularly focused on TLC’s new reality star Shauna Rae from ‘I Am Shauna Rae’. Here we cover information on her step-father, mother, biological father, and biological mother.

So, scroll down to learn more.

Meet TLC’s I Am Shauna Rae Star Shauna Rae

TLC network is known for bringing some bizarre stories to the viewers in the form of a reality show and the new show that is turning everyone’s head is “I Am Shauna Rae.” The show is based on the life of a 22-year-old girl who is trapped inside the body of an 8-year-old girl.

When Shauna was only 6-months-old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She underwent chemotherapy treatment that helped avoid her death however it rendered her pituitary gland nearly dormant. So you know, it permanently stopped her physical growth. She currently stands tall to the height of 3 feet 10 inches.

The self-titled show is set to premiere on 11 January 2022. Viewers will get a closer look at Shauna’s struggles where she will work towards getting “treated like a grown-up.” Plus, the show will capture her journey in the direction of self-sufficiency So she claims. The show star tries hard to act her age and be in a social circle of her age group.

In the show’s trailer, Shauna explained although she appears like a normal little girl doing her normal thing with her fun and crazy family, she is a 22-year-old woman stuck in the body of an 8-year-old. You also get glimpses of barhopping, asking for tattoos, and taking pole dancing classes, something that would be baffling to see an eight-year-old do.

Who Are Shauna Rae Family Members?

Shauna Rae comes from a family of six that includes her parents and her three siblings. Their family also included their grandparents Don and Gerry.

Don has been featured once in her sister’s socials. Talking about her grandmother, Gerry was a former member of the board at Zonta Three Rivers Pittsburgh North. She attended Wadsworth High School followed by Ohio University where she studied Sociology. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania although she hailed from her hometown of Wadsworth, Ohio. (

About the rest of her family members, scroll down to learn more as the information unfolds.

  • Shauna Rae Dad

Mark Schrankel, who Shauna Rae Lesick calls her dad, is her step-father. Described himself as “Better than most lunchmeats. I am a walking sludge pile of unrealized potential.” Mark is a man of many talents. In the basic info section, Mark revealed that she can speak many languages. He reportedly claimed on being fluent in, “Old English, English English, British English, Dingling, Klingon language, Pig Latin, Oldspeak (Standard English), California English, Cursing in American Sign Language, Early Modern English, Gipsy language and Egyptian hieroglyphic”

He lives by the quote, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Mark’s FB posts are filled with ‘On This Day’ cartoons, pictures of his family, and puppets. So he is a very interesting father to have and Shauna is quite lucky. He also has a YouTube channel (Mark James) where he showcased his singing and guitar skills.

By profession, Mark is an existential decorator. According to his LinkedIn, he is the president of WhoBuddiez and worked as an art director for Gardwell Mfg. Corp. from 1984 – 2000. He has performed in Long Island Puppet Theatre – Hicksville.

  • Shauna Rae Mom

Shauna Rae’s mother is Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel (maiden name Carter). She married her husband Mark Schrankel on 17 May 2011 and have been together ever since. She lost her father James M. Carter on 14 February 2021 at the age of 72 who lived in Youngstown, Ohio. Born on 31 December 1969, she turned 51 years old.

Furthermore, Patty was previously married to Shauna’s biological father Scott Lesick. More about her ex-husband later.

  • Shauna Rae Sisters

Shauna Rae has three siblings.

Her sister Rylee celebrates her birthday every year on 30 July. She is a graduate of Longwood High School in June 2021.

Morgan, according to her private IG bio states as an Educator, Advocate, Creator. She also pursues the passion of her father Mark to create artworks. She is the owner of @madebymorganstudio who graduated from Relay Graduate School of Education. Morgan currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Last but not least, Tara Lesick is the last of her three siblings. She attended North Hill High School and also attended Florida States University. She is currently engaged to Jesse Barricella and lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Shauna Rae Family Live?

Shauna Rae’s family reportedly lives in Pennsylvania, United States.

  • Are Shauna Rae And Her Sisters Biological Siblings?

Among the three siblings of Shauna Rae, Tara Lesick is her biological sibling. Both Shauna and Tara have appeared on their biological father’s Facebook post. The rest of the two siblings Morgan and Rylee are her half-siblings her mom had from her marriage with her second husband Mark Schrankle.

  • Who Is Shauna Rae’s Biological Father?

Shauna Rae’s biological father is Scott Lesick. Scott is a graduate of Deer Lakes High School and also studied at ATC (AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL) at U.S. Navy. He graduated from US Navy in 1988. His about section on Facebook reads, “just a guy who likes to spend time with family and friends, and fun in life, U.S.Navy 1983-1988, Air Traffic Controller U.S.S. The Coral Sea”

TLC’s Shauna Rae’s biological father Scott Lesick with her sister Tara Lesick (Pic: Scott’s FB)

Scott shared on the USS Coral Sea’s website, “I checked aboard the ageless warrior as ACAN and left as an AC2 during my stay on the U.S.S. The Coral Sea. As an Air Traffic Controller on board, I have seen a lot of flight operations. I remember the 111’s mishaps, helo accident, the loss of arresting gear, and numerous other mishaps, and the loss of my fellow shipmates. And I enjoyed my stay onboard and both MED CRUISES. I think of those times often, along with our losses. “she may have been old, but she still put out.” our mother CV-43.”

Scott is currently married to Kimberlee Swidrosky-Lesick. Kimberlee loves singing and is on Smule, a singing app, and also has a YouTube channel where he has sung a duet of “Love is here to stay“.

Scott is on Facebook and you can find him at (@scott.lesick). Based on the information on the internet he also worked for Kia car company as a consultant.

  • Who Is Shauna Rae’s Rae Family’s Biological Mother?

Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel is the biological mother of Shauna Rae. At least for her and her sister Tara Lesick.

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