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Tom Carnifax Bio, Age, Job, Family, Height, FBoy Island

Meet Tom Carnifax, one of the cast members of FBoy Island. Is he an FBoy or a Good Boy? We are yet to know that. But what we currently know is his age, job, family, and his height.

Hence, delve into this bio that unfolds information on Tom Carnifax. Keep scrolling and learn as this article proceeds.

Tom Carnifax On FBoy Island

Season 2 of HBO Max’s FBoy Island promised drama, romance, humor, and what a dating show usually delivers. There are 3 beautiful ladies who are ready to be wooed by 24 male contestants. But the twist is that 12 boys joined the show as good boys, someone who is in the show to actually find love, and the rest of the 12 boys are just for money.

So, these three women should be cautious about the intentions of the hot adults.

One such man is Tom Carnifax. Why is he on the show? He told PEOPLE that he joined the show to find someone who was looking for real love and in it for the long haul. He also shared that he likes riding his motorcycle with friends, going rafting, boating, fishing, and traveling to remote places that revolve around nature.

Three episodes in, Tom was safe till episode three. Tamaris an account executive was smitten by him but later realized Tamaris’s attention was diverted after she met Casey Johnson.

As for Tamaris, she is a self-described pilates junkie and enjoys cultivating the Metaverse. Everyone loves her sweet voice and she is working toward becoming a model.

The show is another step to fame but more importantly, she likes challenges and she wants to find someone she can pour her heart into. The remaining two ladies who signed up with her are Mia Emani Jones and Louise Barnard.

Because Tamaris grew up as a tomboy in her younger years, she spent a lot of time with boys. She believes she has an upper hand in the show because she knows how “FBoys” thinks and what they say about girls. She believes her experience would help her separate nice guys from fboys.

Similar to Carnifax, she also worked as a model. She even competed to feature on the cover of MAXIM. In 2022, she is 29 years old.

Tom Carnifax Age

In March 2022, Tom Carnifax turned 24 years old. So, you know, he was born in 1998.

What Do We Know About Tom Carnifax Family?

Tom Carnifax was born to his parents Rodney Carnifax and Cathy Stabile. His parents separated and divorced before 2012.

Rodney, who is 52-year-old, went to Champion High School. He studied BS in Biology at Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA. He also studied Physical Therapy at Cleveland State University. Moreover, he studied MBA at the University of Phoenix. He is currently working at Trinity Health.

Tom’s mother Cathy attends John F. Kennedy Catholic School. Later, she went to Case Western Reserve University. Cathy, born in October 1968, is 53 years old.

As of 2022, Tom’s father appears single. Meanwhile, his mother married her current Brian Stabile on 4 August 2012.

Tom also has a brother named Joseph Carnifax. Joseph is working as a fashion model. He is also working as a cosmetologist and fashion consultant.

Is Tom Carnifax On Instagram?

Indeed he is. Tom Carnifax can be found on Instagram (@trcarnifax), TikTok (@tcarnifax45), Cameo (@tomcarnifax), and Facebook.

Tom Carnifax Job

Before Tom Carnifax became an independent contractor and fitness influencer, he initially worked as a pool attendant at Avalon Golf & Country Club in 2015. At the time he was in Vienna, Ohio. For three months in 2017, he worked at Gatorade as a Team Leader.

From January 2019 to July 2019, Tom worked as Operations Manager at Pro Sports Experience, LLC. After that, he joined Avalon Golf & Country Club as a bartender from March 2020 to July 2020. Moreover, in December 2020, he served as a Docket at Brennan Manna Diamond.

His job responsibilities include facilitating court filing, record filing, information research, and serving subpoenas/summons. He also performed event management, reception, legal assistantship, digital file storage, file closing & proof-reading duties.

Then, starting from December 2020 to April 2021, Tom worked at LEPD Firearms as a sales specialist. He guided a diverse customer base (from novice to expert gun owners) on firearms and firearm accessory purchases. Before his current job, he worked at UniFirst Corporation as an outside sales representative.

Now, he is serving as an independent contractor since March 2021.

Tom attended

Additionally, Tom also delved into modeling, he was photographed by Jade Young for Roy Fire Fashion Week. Roy Fire collection is inspired by the Japanese Ninja culture. Also, he also modeled for White Cross Collections.

Speaking of modeling, he is also available on OnlyFans (@tomcarnifax).

By 2022, with various career paths he pursued, have helped him earn a net worth of under $200K.

Tom Carnifax Height

According to his athlete profile, Tom Carnifax weighed above 265 lbs meanwhile his height measures 6’3″.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tom Carnifax Birthday?

Tom Carnifax celebrates his birthday on 28 February.

  • Where Is Tom Carnifax From?

Tom Carnifax is a local of Warren, Ohio. His current place of residence is in Cleveland, Ohio.

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