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Tom Garstang Bio, Wife, Age, Family, Job, History TV’s Alone

Tom Garstang is ready to compete against 9 contestants to be crowned the winner of season 9 of History’s Alone. This bio covers details related to his age, wife, job, and his career.

Season 9 of Alone began on History TV on May 26, 2022. The show involves ten wilderness experts/contestants who are given only ten items to choose from. They’re left to fend for themselves, catch their own food, and avoid loneliness for as long as they can while being filmed for television.

The show’s first eight seasons were shot in Northern Canada, Asia, and South America. Contestants are thrown into a remote wilderness valley beside Labrador’s Big River in Season 9. Labrador is recognized as “the hunting ground for the predatory polar bear,” according to History.

Furthermore, because the candidates complete their mission on their own, there are no camera teams to document it. In every element of their survival, they are entirely self-sufficient. Survivalists must contend with polar bears as well as the ferocious North Atlantic winds.

As a result, the last man standing who does not call for help wins half of the million dollars. The person who lasts the longest becomes the winner and receives a cash prize of $500,000. However, obtaining the $500k is a difficult undertaking, hence the show earned became synonymous with “the ultimate test of human willpower.”

Season eight drew 18 million online streaming views in 2021, up 136 percent from season seven, which aired in the fall of 2020.

Tom Garstang On History TV’s Alone

Tom Garstang’s parents instilled in him a passion for the outdoors and animals. Because of his father’s job as a biologist, he and his family were able to travel to far-flung corners of the planet. His mother’s love for animals and his father’s naturalist image helped sow Tom’s adventurous personality.

The whole family later settled in the Piedmont region of Appalachia in the States.

Tom began hunting as a young man. This passion soon took him over and was something he could never let go of. Whitetail, Wild Turkey, Squirrels, Rabbits, Raccoons, Catfish, Dove, Duck, wild flora, and elusive mushrooms will soon consume all of his free time.

The history, legend, and lore surrounding these Appalachian food staples, as well as the cunning ways in which the old-timers acquired them, piqued his interest, filling a vacuum left by his father’s remoteness from the developing world throughout his upbringing overseas.

Now, he is ready to flaunt his skills on national TV on History’s Alone. The ten items he used as a survival aid were Bow and arrows, Ax, Paracord, Ferro rod, Trapping wire, Fishing line and hooks, 2-quart pot, Multitool, Sleeping bag, and Folding Saw.

Tom Garstang Age

At the time of filming the show, Tom Garstang was 35 years old.

Is Tom Garstang On Instagram?

No, Tom Garstang is not on Instagram. Instead, you can find his on Facebook here.

Tom Garstang Family

Tom Garstang was born to his father Richard Garstang.

Richard was born in South Africa in 1947 and grew up on a sheep farm in the midlands of the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. He obtained two of his three degrees in Zoology from the University of Natal and spent his early career working for several game reserves and the South Africa National Park Board.

Richard moved to Pakistan in 1996, initially working with IUCN for just over a year before joining WWF-Pakistan as a Conservation Advisor in 1997, based in Lahore. From 1997 to 2005, Richard worked tirelessly to establish WWF as the leading conservation organization in Pakistan. He gained over 34 years of experience in natural resources and wildlife management initiatives in Africa and Asia.

In 2003, Richard married a local lady and settled in Islamabad. His wife is a keen ornithologist and one of Pakistan’s few women mountaineers.

Tom lost his father, Richard to Parkinson’s disease on 17 August 2019 in Kommetjie, close to Cape Town, South Africa. He was living with his wife in South Africa at the time.

More about his family, Tom allegedly has two sisters; Emma Garstang Day and Fryth Garstang Stallings.

Tom Garstang Job

Tom Garstang is a Regenerative Agriculturalist and a Prescribed Fire Practitioner. On his extended family’s farm in Earlysville, Virginia, he helped bridge the gap between farming and natural ecosystems.

He dropped out of high school early and began working various trade and service jobs, spending his time traveling, riding freight trains, and attending old-time music festivals all over the east coast, according to his bio.

After that, Tom started working as a fine leatherworker. He worked at Pinnell Custom Leather.

Besides these jobs, Tom was also a musician and played in a trio band named The Last Call Gospel Choir. In contradiction to the name, they weren’t a gospel band though. The Last Call Gospel Choir was a trio paying homage to the blues, old country, jazz, and swing tunes of past generations while favoring the foot-stomping grit of the present-day alt-country rock band.

In February 2020, Tom shared an old post from 2012 and wrote on his Facebook, “Miss this band… hope y’all are making good noise out there Gina Sobel & David French”.

Tom Garstang Wife

Currently, there is no information regarding Tom Garstang’s marriage. His socials don’t hold any evidence of him having a wife and children. So, he is likely single, per the evidence we’ve gathered from his socials.

How Tall Is Tom Garstang?

Tom Garstang stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tom Garstang Birthday?

Tom Garstang celebrates his birthday on 14 February on Valentine’s Day.

  • Where Is Tom Garstang From?

Tom Garstang cited Earlysville, Virginia as his hometown. He was born in South Africa.

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