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Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Meet Nayara Colombo! Age, Job

Too Hot to Handle Brazil or Brincando com Fogo: Brasil is the Brazilian rendition of the Too Hot to Handle series. So, it premiered on 28 September 2022 and much like the other seasons and iterations, it introduced to viewers a new set of hot young Brazilian singles. Among them is Nayara Colombo, one of the model addition to the cast.

Here’s what else we know about her.

Nayara Colombo On Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Brazil 2

With the first four episodes of Too Hot To Handle Brazil Season 2 audiences got to know the cast of singletons this time on Too Hot To Handle Brazil.

The Brazilian edition of the reality dating series, like the first season, sees its contestants required to abide by a set of rules that prohibits any kind of sexual activity for a shot at winning R$500,000.

As for Nayara, it seemed so far that in the retreat she not only made good and inseparable-friendship but also made out with fellow female contestant Sandri Oliveira. They are shown to have several things in common including their matching tattoos of a heart in the same place. Of all things, this tattoo was a surprise for both of them as they did not know each other before the retreat.

Again, this one gossip channel on Instagram @mundoreality2 also hinted at a possible “throuple” involving Nayara and also likely Isadora Salles and Justen Nosoliny, a self-professed people-person.

Is Nayara Colombo Dating Anyone?

Nayara Colombo did not publically specify her relationship status as of 2022. But until not long ago she did have a boyfriend called Felipe Freitas. And she also actually wrote “in a relationship with Felipe Freitas since 9 July 2017” on her Facebook, back at that time.

Nayara Colombo Age

Born in 1998, Nayara Colombo reached the age of 24 early in 2022.

Nayara Colombo Job

Nayara Colombo is a model, entrepreneur, and also influencer.

Until recently she was promoting one of her sponsor brands Cápsula Hair. So, for some time now, Nayara has also been generating a part of her income in that way. A big sum of it, she makes from her company located in the city São José in the state of Santa Catarina that she founded on 29 November 2021.

Nayara was 16 when she got out of her parent’s house and out of her comfort zone. And today she believes this was the best she has done in her life. Stories like this, about conquering her dreams, Nayara often talks about on social media whenever she sits to recall on her career.

Is Nayara Colombo On Instagram?

Nayara Colombo is on Instagram @nayaracolombo with 340 posts and 7,091 followers as of 30 September 2022. Of all things, people can check out some of her past campaign features and photoshoot snaps on this side of the internet. But then, along with her modeling pics, she also shows off her favorite fits and her love of the beach.

Nayara Colombo Surgery

Nayara Colombo underwent a few surgeries hoping to bring her best version to life.

Back in August 2020, she underwent rhinoplasty. Commonly known as a ‘nose job’, it is a surgery to change the shape of the nose.

And then lately in July 2022, she had facial harmonization with an impeccable professional who managed to gently enhance my features.

Nayara Colombo Family

Nayara Colombo’s dad is no more. He passed away in May of 2021.

From what Nayara later shared on her social media, her now-deceased father seemed to have died of some illness. And during those time, Nayara said, her mother bravely took care of him. Next to a couple of pictures with all her family, she thanked her mother for being the best mother, companion, and friend. “Having you close to me and being able to give back a little what you deserve, it’s very rewarding”, she said as she also promised to make all her mom’s dreams come true.

Her mother, Nayara says, always surprises her with her strength and ability to love. Because of her, Nayara also told the world, that despite facing many things the family never forgot to smile.

It is from her mother that Nayara claims that she acts, speaks, makes people laugh, and shows affection the way she does. And the favorite part of all is that she believes that God made her so like her mum even though she has completely different hair, skin color, and height from her.

Lastly, let us also tell you that Nayara has a sister as well. She is called Pri Colombo and was based in Miami, Florida as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Nayara Colombo?

Beautiful Nayara Colombo with even better-looking hydrated curls stands above 5’8” in height.

  • When Is Nayara Colombo’s Birthday?

January 27th is Nayara Colombo’s favorite day. Because it is her birthday.

For people born on this day, their zodiac sign is Aquarius.

  • Where Is Nayara Colombo From?

Nayara Colombo was born in Dourados which is a Brazilian municipality, situated in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, 225 km Southwest of Campo Grande. The place is known for its arable agriculture and cattle ranching.

Although currently (as of 2022) she was based around Florianópolis in southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina state.

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