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Tori Spelling Children: Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, Beau

Meet all five children of Tori Spelling; Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau, who she shares with her husband Dean McDermott. Find out about their age, what they do for a living, and more in this article below

We attempt to cover it all here.

How Many Children Does Tori Spelling Have?

Actress Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott share five children. The two actors met each other on the set of Lifetime’s Mind Over Murder in 2005. A year before, the actress was married to her husband Charlie Shanian. Dean on the otherhand was married to his ex Mary Jo Eustace with whom he shared a son named Jack.

“It was love at first sight. I fell so hard … Then I noticed he had a wedding ring,” Tori wrote in her 2009 memoir, sTORI Telling. “When someone asked, he pulled out photos of his children. And — oh, yeah — I had a husband too. It was fun to flirt, but I knew nothing would happen … But: Dean and I went to a bar after dinner. And we spent the night at Cartier Place. The following day when I woke up next to Dean, I had no regrets. Something was really wrong with my marriage. Not only because I slept with this guy — though that certainly wasn’t a positive sign — but because I didn’t regret it.”

But, less than a year after their first meeting, they eloped in Fiji on 7 May 2006, and soon after they started expanding their family and started starring in TV shows. However, drama in their marriage started bubbling. In December 2013, US Weekly broke the news that Dean was unfaithful to Tori.

However, they mended the relationship and Tori confirmed to the US that they “don’t have relationship problems.”

“We communicate now, I have a voice,” she explained. “He probably hears too much of it but he [is so] good at listening. Women like to talk and over-explain.” But when Tori shared that she and her husband were sleeping in different rooms, in June 2021, fans speculated that their marriage was going through a rough patch.

However, children have always been their first priority. Tori shared that taking care of five children is not an easy task but she has friends and a great teammate in Dean. “It’s all about teamwork. Their dad and I split it up and it works out. But it’s a lot,” Spelling told PEOPLE in 2021. “As long as they’re happy, they’re healthy, they’re loved, at the end of the day, I’m like, ‘Okay. Some things fell through the cracks. We didn’t get everything done. Tomorrow’s a new day.’ ”

In November 2022, PEOPLE reported that Tori and Dean gathered all five children together for the annual family holiday card. “It’s my favorite time of year!” Tori captioned the post. “And this year is extra special. We’re ALL together! ❤️.”

Meet Beau Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling Youngest Child

Beau Dean McDermott, the youngest of the McDermott brood, arrived on 2 March 2017. The birth of Beau reportedly gave his parents’ marriage a new perspective. Tori said that he immediately became the “sunshine of life” for them, and as a “wise little old soul,” he kept everyone laughing.

For Tori who had to endure c-sections before, Beau was delivered as a healthy baby with less difficulty.

“We are over the moon in love with baby Beau,” Tori told PEOPLE. “He is a true blessing and his brothers and sisters were overjoyed to meet him! We are all truly grateful for our big beautiful and healthy family.”

Beau is young, has a sweet personality, and loves animals. He also loves school and playing golf with his dad. Dean has said that Beau’s golf skills are so good, he refers to him as “Beau Beau Watson” — partially because both Beau and golf star Bubba Watson are lefties.

Meet Finn Davey McDermott, Tori Spelling Fourth Child

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their son Finn Davey McDermott on 30 August 2012. The second youngest also came to the world giving his mother a challenging pregnancy. After experiencing placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta totally or partially covers the opening of the uterus, Tori was admitted to the hospital and placed on bed rest.

At 37 weeks, baby Finn was delivered by c-section, and sadly, Spelling experienced issues after the delivery. Thankfully, she made a full recovery despite having emergency surgery. The birth reportedly had lasting effect on her which even made her cautious about Finn long after his birth.

“Dean says I’m actually more protective of Finn than I was of the other three,” Tori opened up to PEOPLE. “Because of what Finn and I went through medically — it was a rough pregnancy — I may not consciously know it, but at home, I’m usually behind him going, ‘Wha! Wha! Wha!’ And Dean is like, ‘Please stop gasping!’ ”

Tori thinks Finn is the “little bruiser of the family” running around “terrorizing everything.”

Meet Hattie Margaret McDermott, Tori Spelling Third Child 

On 10 October 2011, Hattie Margaret McDermott arrived in the McDermott household as a 6 lbs., 14 oz., and measuring 20 inches long baby. Her parents didn’t want to know her s*x so it was surprising for them when Hattie was a girl. Stella and Liam found it difficult to adjust to having a new sibling; Spelling recalled that when Hattie arrived, Stella “was like, ‘Wait a second’ “. Thankfully, the siblings bonded quickly and Stella quickly began to appreciate having a younger sibling.

“Now [Stella] loves it because her thing is that she picks out her clothes — she styles her,” Tori told The Talk about Stella and Hattie’s relationship. According to the actress, her two daughters share a “special bond” with each other and she “couldn’t be more proud” of the two.

According to Tori’s IG post from Hattie’s birthday in 2019, her daughter is a “unique free-spirited fiery soul strong-willed artistic indigo child.” She also holds a passion for “the dark and mystical.” With her older sister Stella as a mentor, she is also delving into makeup.

Meet Stella Doreen McDermott, Tori Spelling Second Child

Stella Doreen McDermott, the oldest daughter of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott was born in June 2008. She celebrates her birthday on 9 June. Since her middle name is in memory of McDermott’s late mother and her first name is derived from one of Spelling’s favorite books, Stella’s name holds great significance for her parents.

“I used to be obsessed with the book Great Expectations, and Estella was the main character,” her mom told PEOPLE. “So I told that to Dean and he was like, ‘That’s a great name.’ We were kind of playing back and forth, calling her Estella. It wasn’t fitting, though. And then one day, Dean was like, ‘What about Stella?’ I said, ‘That’s it!'”

Stella has appeared on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Her mom has hailed her as the “Jill-of-all-trades”. Stella describes herself as an animal communicator, baker, maker, model, actress, and anti-bullying crusader. She’s also a budding makeup artist, as evidenced by the outstanding looks she’s posted on social media.

She also had a bitter story about getting bullied. It happened so bad that she started having PTSD and issues like headaches and stomach issues.

Meet Liam Aaron McDermott, Tori Spelling Eldest Child

Tori Spelling’s eldest son Liam Aaron McDermott was born on 13 March 2007. The actress had a challenging labor while giving birth to Liam and they opted to undergo a cesarean section.

On his parents’ reality program, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Liam’s early years were documented. Cameras tracked his family from his birth through significant life events like birthdays and holidays until he was approximately 5 years old. Since then, Tori and Dean have posted on social media significant events in Liam’s life, such as his primary school graduation in 2019.

Liam reportedly endured a lot of bullying during his middle school years. “He was bullied to the point that he developed severe emotionally based headaches and stomach aches,” Tori shared. “He continued to be bullied so bad we had to leave.” Moreover, he was also deemed “unmotivated” and “lazy” by a school administrator.

Tori has also hailed her son as “kind, clever, smart, resilient, driven, funny, and amazing”. His long hair which he often experiments with his distinct feature.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Are Tori Spelling Children?

As of January 2023, Tori Spelling’s sons Liam is 15, Finn is 10, and Beau is 5. Her daughters Stella is 14 and Hattie turned 11 in October 2022.

  • Are Tori Spelling Children On Instagram?

Only three children of Tori Spelling, Stella (@stella_mcdermott08), Liam (@liammcdermott2007), and (@hattie_mid) are on Instagram.

  • Where Do Tori Spelling Children Reside?

Tori Spelling’s children are currently residing in Hidden Hills, California.

  • Have Tori Spelling Children Appeared On TV?

Yes, three of the oldest children of Tori Spelling have appeared on a TV show called Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

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