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Tovah Silbermann Bio, Age, Job, Gianmarco Soresi Wife

Tovah Silbermann is the partner of Gianmarco Soresi but is she his wife yet? The comedian is on the cast of Verified Stand Up on Netflix which premiered on 28 November 2023. Along with Gianmarco, the show comprises 9 other comedians namely Asif Ali, Dulcé Sloan, Isiah Kelly, Leslie Liao, Nimesh Patel, Robby Hoffman, Rosebud Baker, Sabrina Wu, and Vanessa Gonzalez.

Back to the details about her parents, learn about Tovah’s age, job, family, and more via this article below.

Is Tovah Silbermann Gianmarco Soresi Wife Yet?

No, Tovah Silbermann is not Gianmarco Soresi’s wife yet.

In October 2023 the couple celebrated their three-year anniversary. On the occasion, Gianmarco took to his IG and wished her, “Happy anniversary Tovah Silbermann, my girlfriend, my love, and my muse. Thanks for every time you tell me to not bring my laptop. You make me more human and more whole and while I wish that genie had found a better way to bring us together than a global pandemic that took the lives of millions it’s too late to take it back and we already bought our London tickets. You’re worth a million times all the male followers I’ll lose for this post.”

On Valentine’s Day, Gianmarco gushed about his girlfriend writing, “My girlfriend is allergic to so many things: bananas, melon, dates, cilantro, me running new jokes, and all earrings except for @tiniluxjewelry because it’s made with medical grade titanium. Happy Valentine’s Day, @milbermann. Thank you for counting the earrings as a gift even though I got them for free for making this post. I’m lucky to be a part of your life ❤️.”

“Happy birthday Tovah. I wish I could relive so many moments of my life but with you there. You’re beautiful, brilliant, and responsible for all the good tags on my jokes. Thank you for at least trying prosciutto last night, I hope to make you as heathen as you’ve made me Jewish,” Gianmarco wrote in June 2022, on Tovah’s birthday.

Born in August 1993, Tovah is 30 years old. Gianmarco is a stand-up comedian, actor, and creator located in New York City. He is well-known for his quick observations of society and his gregarious, upbeat stage persona. With his dynamic approach, which effortlessly commands a room and combines dark comedy beats with joyful candor, Gianmarco has received critical accolades from numerous outlets, including NPR, Esquire, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, and ABC News.

Gianmarco has been on Comedy Central, Don’t Tell, The Real Housewives of New York, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and more. In 2022, he was chosen as a JFL New Face. Along with acting in Netflix series including Hustlers, The Last OG, and Billy Crystal’s Here Today, Gianmarco is also the host of the well-liked podcast “The Downside with Gianmarco Soresi.”

Tovah Silbermann Age

Born in 1990, Tovah Silbermann reached 33 years old in 2023.

Tovah Silbermann Family

Tovah Silbermann is the daughter of Frank Silbermann and Jan Silvermann.

Frank is residing in Memphis, Tennessee, and is 67 years old. He is the son of the late Ludwig Silbermann who was born in Eisenach, Germany to Josef and Muscha Bras Silbermann; his father is from Winngloka, Krosno, Poland, and his mother is from Vilna, Lithuania. Ludwig was married to Sandra May Katz for 69 years. Sandra passed away in January 2021.

Janice Silvermann is 56 years old and she was born in 1967.

Jan is originally from Geneva, Switzerland. She studied Nursing at Southwest Tennessee Community College. She studied at the International School of Geneva.

Janice is now working as a registered nurse.

Besides Tovah, Frank and Jan also have two sons named Asher Silbermann and David Silbermann. They also have a daughter named Eliana Silbermann. Eliana is currently 31 years old. She went to the University of Memphis and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

David works as a Quality Control Technician (QC Technician) at Memphis Record Pressing. He studied at the University of Memphis.

Tovah Silbermann Job

Tovah Silbermann is working as a talent manager at Mosaic Media Group. She began her current job in May 2018. Deadline reported the news of her hiring at the time that she was hired in the comedy department. The outlet also shared that Tovah became the company’s first New York-based representative.

The New Yorker began her career working as a typist at Randi Guigui’s Home Office. She was also a telemarketer at ROI Telemarketing in 2010. She also served as a summer intern at Manhattan Jewish Experience in 2010 for two months. In the same year, she also worked as an Assistant Sales Manager at Arza World.

Moreover, Tovah also worked as an online promotions intern at Lasers in the Jungle Comedy for 9 months.

From November 2011 to January 2012, Tovah worked for Yeshiva University Office of Alumni Giving as a communications assistant. After that, she worked as a funds solicitor.

Tovah has held the position of Data Services Associate at Orthodox Union, Special Gifts Coordinator at ACLU, and an agent at The Gersh Agency.

Before that, Tovah was a live comedy producer, producing comedy shows at venues all over the city. She is also the founder of the Empire Biscuit Comedy Festival, and she was a producer on the IFC Comedy Crib series Boy Band.

Tovah received her undergraduate degree () from Yeshiva University. She graduated in 2012.

Tovah Silbermann Height

Tova Silbermann’s height measures under 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tovah Silbermann From?

Tovah Silbermann hailed from Memphis, Tennessee. She is now residing in New York.

  • When Is Tovah Silbermann Birthday?

Tovah Silbermann celebrates her birthday on 25 June.

  • Is Tovah Silbermann On Instagram?

Yes, Tovah Silbermann is on Instagram (@milbermann and Facebook (@lockedinthedorm)).

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