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@toyboxdollz Bio, Age, Plastic Surgery, Baby Father

A female art teacher who goes by the name @toyboxdollz is going viral on social media. The reason behind her thriving popularity is her curvaceous appearance that a lot of people admired while others had problems with. So, everyone is eager to learn more about who she is.

Here’s @toyboxdollz bio where we cover her age, her real name, and her baby father details. So, scroll down to learn more about her.

Meet @toyboxdollz aka The Art Teacher

A Pennsauken, New Jersey native best known as @toyboxdollz is going viral on several social media platforms for her looks. The curvaceous kindergarten art teacher is a social media influencer and also a body positivity advocate. She has done her work for several mainstream hip-hop artists and is also linked with several others such as Teyana Taylor, Rae Sremmurd, and Lil Yachty.

Besides teaching, she has also been the host of several events and shows which can be viewed on her Facebook. She also hosted art shows of her own as of this writing.

Most importantly, she has been a topic of conversation because of her looks. Many parents claimed that her appearance is not something a teacher should have. Furthermore, people have been divided over her looks as one half-supported her appearance, her confidence, and her beauty whereas the other half criticized her for it.

Moreover, @Toyboxdoolz is also an entrepreneur. She has put up work of arts for sale online. Her online store is BYTOYBOX. From apparel to custom arts, she has put all in the store for sale. Her events are named Hot Box and give serial numbers for each event. She has hosted a total of 6 art events as of this point pictures of which can be seen here.

Her Instagram account is filled with her arts and is doing pretty well financially by selling the pieces. Based on that, she should at least have a net worth of $150 thousand.

@toyboxdollz Age

The birthday of @toyboxdollz falls on 1 April, on April fools day. She appears to be in her 30s as of 2021. However, the exact age of the art teacher is yet to be known.

What Is @toyboxdollz’s Real Name?

The real name of @toyboxdollz is Roxsana who goes by Roxsana Alpha on her Facebook. It seems her last name is not revealed yet.

@toyboxdollz Ethnicity

The real name Roxsana, @toyboxdollz is a Puerto-Rican citizen so she is a Latina by ethnicity.

@toyboxdollz Plastic Surgery

Looking at the old pictures of @toyboxdollz and comparing them to her new ones, she has done a lot of surgeries on her body. Most noticeable is the buttock implants which got her attention from all over in the first place. Besides that, she also seems to have done some surgeries and used fillers on her face. Here are some of her old and new pictures for you to compare.

@toyboxdollz before surgeries (Pic: Facebook)
@toyboxdollz after surgery pic (Pic: Instagram)

Who Is @toyboxdollz Baby Father?

While HITC reported @toyboxdollz is a mother of a daughter, it appears she also has a son and is a mother of two kids. Back in 2012, she posted pictures of her kids on her Facebook. One of her friends named Gregory Collins commented, “Awww they look just like you. Beautiful children.”

Where, Roxsana replied, “Thank you, Greg Collins.”

This confirmed that she has a son and a daughter whose names are yet to be revealed. Both of her children are light-skinned Latinos. But, their baby’s father has not been revealed yet. Furthermore, if @toy is still with her baby father or she is raising the kids as a single mother is a question yet to be answered.

Related FAQs

  • When Does @toyboxdollz Celebrate Her Birthday?

@toyboxdollz celebrates her birthday on April Fool’s day i.e. 1 April.

  • How Tall Is @toyboxdollz?

Going by her looks, the viral art teacher should stand tall at the height of 5 feet 5.5 inches,

  • Where Is @toyboxdollz From?

Talking about her origin, @toyboxdollz hailed from her hometown in Puerto Rico. But, since she once featured her mother on her IG post, we know that she lives with her mother, and her parents and all possible siblings should be in the states as of this writing. Her Facebook also shared Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a place of her current residence.

  • Is @toyboxdollz on Facebook?

Yes, @toy the viral art has two Facebook account. In her account Roxsana Alpha, she is friends with 4.7k people as of Nov 2021. Whereas, her other Facebook is Batichika Alterna. She is also on TikTok (@toyboxdollz) with 16.5k followers. Her TikToks earned her 419.3k likes.

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