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Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Bio, Husband, Net Worth, RHOLagos

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo is all about “women empowerment.” And fans of Tiannah’s Empire know it. But this time, Toyin wants to see other women in a different light, a light that shines from Real Housewives Of Lagos.

Keep reading this “Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Bio” to learn more about her.

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo On Real Housewives Of Lagos

Showmax’s Real Housewives Of Lagos aired on April 8, 2022, and it saw a cast of six including Toyin Lawani-Adebayo ready to show the world how Lagos women have redefined the word “housewife” like the queens that they truly are.

However, Toyin’s main reason to appear on the show was to check the authenticity of the “real” housewives. “It’s easy when you see people on social media. They sell themselves to you in a certain way, but when you mingle with them, you get to see them for who they are. I wanted to do that because there’s only one Tiannah,” she explained.

As for her style, she shared that she’s “crazy, edgy, fun, and classy.”  She can be anything, but you cant put her in a box. “I’m dramatic, edgy, gagarish, mad, but always classy,” she added.

Also, Toyin claimed that she was all about staying true to herself. Toyin doesn’t act all posh just because the cameras are on her. She simply believes that no one else on the show is better or more classy than her.

For her, the definition of a “real housewife” is someone very hardworking, strong mother. She is someone who can juggle all her various businesses and the home front.

Joining Toyin this season were her co-stars — Carolyna Hutchings (Laura Ikeji (author, entrepreneur, and social media influencer), Chioma Ikokwu (co-founder and CEO of the Good Hair Women), Toyin Lawani-Adebayo (celebrity stylist and a fashion designer), Iyabo Ojo (brand influencer and entrepreneur), and Mariam Timmer (PR expert and chief executive director of Six Sixteen Agency).

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Net Worth

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo flaunted a net worth of above $5 million in 2022.

A celebrity stylist and fashion designer by profession, Toyin is the owner of Tiannah’s Place Empire (where she runs 33 businesses). Reportedly, she opened the company back in 2013, delivering to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle enthusiasts in Nigeria.

Also, Toyin is an author who penned The Business Mogul Guide.

Besides this, Toyin also ran a charity organization called The Toyin Lawani Foundation. Her organization offered yearly scholarship programs for people who wanted to learn the art of fashion and styling.

For Toyin, fashion is creativity. Her style is fashion-forward and eccentric. She can come up with anything different today and people will love it. This was also why people called her the “transformation queen.”

Her clients included many top celebrities like Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Stephanie Okereke, Funke Akindele, Keri Hilson, Natalie Nunn, Ciara, and Emma Nyra.

As for her training, Toyin attached the Oprah Benson Beauty Institute in Nigeria, the Carlton Beauty Institute in London, and John Yim Beauty School in Korea.

When Toyin wasn’t working, she liked to dance, swim and travel.

Who Is Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Husband, Segun Wealth?

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo’s husband Segun Wealth is a singer and also Toyin Lawani’s personal photographer before their marriage. He performed under the moniker “Dee Unknown” and released his first single in November 2020. The two got engaged on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, and held their wedding a few months later on June 12, 2021.

Shortly after the wedding, reports surfaced that Toyin’s husband had abandoned his wife Edel Quin Idoga and two children in Port-Harcourt to be with her. Many then even went as far as to label Toyin as a “husband snatcher” over socials.

Now that they’re already into almost a year of marriage, the controversy seems far behind. The RHOLagos star shared that she was happy with her husband and he knew her the best. “If I’m sleeping and he is awake, you ask him, “What is she thinking right now in her sleep?”, he knows. “What color suits her best? What shoes would she wear with these clothes?” He knows everything.” she explained.

But Segun isn’t the only one with baggage. In fact, Toyin has three baby daddies and wouldn’t mind having 5 if her husband messes up.

Besides her baby daddies, Toyin was romantically involved with some other wealthy and popular Nigerian men, including Segun Oniru, Lagos State Commissioner of Waterfront Infrastructure, and Taiwo Afolabi, CEO of Sifax Group.

Does Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Have A Son, A Daughter, Or Both?

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo has a son named Kensington Womadi born to her baby-daddy Lord Trigg, a Nigerian model, and a daughter named Tiannah, born on April 29, 2005.

Reportedly, Toyin was married to the father of her first child, Tiannah, when she was just 19.

Did you know: Toyin’s company’s name is inspired by her daughter’s name.

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Age

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo was 40 years of age when she appeared on Real Housewives Of Lagos in 2022.

She was one of the older housewives that season.

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Height

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo stands tall at a height under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her distinct features include — an oval face, dark hair, and dark eyes.

What Do We Know About Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Parents?

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo was born to parents Olanrewaju Lawani and Princess Atinuke Babalola. Sadly, her mother has long passed away. The RHOL star shared that her mother a fashion icon and she taught me all I know. “My late mother is my role model. She was super creative and a business mogul,” she added.

As for her father, Olanrewaju was an important political persona who even worked with General Gowon. He always wanted Toyin to become a lawyer.

Did you know: Toyin is musician Sir Shina Peters’s stepdaughter. She even has a step-sibling from her mother’s and Sir Shina Peters’ marriage.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Birthday?

Toyin receives her birthday wishes on March 1.

  • Where Was Toyin Lawani-Adebayo Born?

She was born in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

  • Is Toyin Lawani-Adebayo On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @tiannahsplacempire

Also, here’s her Facebook.

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