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Trey Brunson Bio, The Ultimatum, Job, Height, Age, Parents

Meet Trey Brunson from the latest installment of The Ultimatum on Netflix. Who is he? Who are his parents? What is his height? What is his age? Read all about her in this article below.

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The Ultimatum Season 2: Are Trey Brunson And Riah Nelson Still Together?

The current relationship status of Trey and Riah Nelson is unclear. Trey was the one who gave his girlfriend Riah Nelson “The Ultimatum”. Trey made the decision that they should move forward as a team. After moving in together, the couple’s relationship soon picked up after they met on a dating app.

When Trey initially saw Riah’s dating profile, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and assumed that she must be a catfish. But Riah proved to be the real deal, as did their love for one another. After beginning to date remotely, Riah moved in with Trey, where their chemistry grew and they established a lovely relationship.

Riah isn’t quite sure that Trey is the one for her. Riah believes Trey has been slacking on date nights, which has resulted in a major lack of passion in their relationship over time. In the meanwhile, he wants to assess Riah’s lofty expectations, which he believes have been distorted by social media. Now that his parents have been married for more than 30 years.

Trey is giving Riah an ultimatum because he wants to live the same life as them. Although Riah has never “seen a happy healthy marriage,” she can’t be positive that a marriage or a life with Trey is in her future.

However, he was unaware that his love had grown up in a single-parent household, which was very different from his own, and that the concept of marriage was not only frightening to her but also something she had never really given much thought to previously.

They consequently found themselves in a predicament and on “The Ultimatum’s” steps, where they were swiftly forced to confront many personal issues. Riah first believed she wasn’t good enough for Trey, but after making a sincere effort, it became clear that she loved him just as much as he loved her, with communication being the only thing standing in their way. Unfortunately, she came to discover this while in a trial marriage to James Morris, but Ryann McCracken’s trial marriage to him went so smoothly that his self-reflection finally led to him developing love for her.

Fortunately, James never once tried to hide his feelings or his intentions from either woman. As a result, even though Riah was upset by the news, she couldn’t hold it against him because he had just thrown himself into the situation. They truly dove into their true desires for one another in this way, and their problem then shifted from whether they were in love to how they intended to handle everything going ahead. Things were made more difficult by the fact that she was struggling to move past the pain and wanted to live in the city for a year, especially because Trey didn’t want to leave the suburbs and didn’t know how to win her forgiveness.

Briefly talking about Riah, in July 2023, Riah Nelson turned age 25. Riah’s parents are named Jennifer Nelson and Gerald Nelson. She was born to them as Jeriah Nelson. Jennifer turned 47 in November 2022 meanwhile Gerald reached age 53 in January 2023.

Riah is a managing server. On her Facebook, Riah shared she is the owner of Nyree’z Magic Studio. Besides owning her business, she was also a signed model at Presence Models.

For how their relationship pans out, you’ll have to see it on Netflix.

As for other couples joining them, they are Kate and Alex, Lisa and Brian, Ryann and James, and Roxanne and Antonio.

Ahead of the show, Trey announced, “Everybody grab your popcorn and drinks!! Excited to be a part of “The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On 2” @ultimatumnetflix cast! Tune in to Netflix on August 23rd! @netflix.”

Trey Brunson Age

Trey Brunson reached age 29 in March 2023. She was born in 1994.

Who Are Trey Brunson Parents?

Trey Brunson’s dad is named Stevie Brunson and his mom is named Thelma Brunson. Stevie is age 60, born in August 1963. He worked at McLaughlin Ford where he worked as a parts manager. He is on Facebook.

Trey’s mother Thelma is 59 and was born in June 1964. She also appears to have a Facebook page.

In his family, Trey has one older brother named Stevie Brunson. Stevie is 32 years old. Per his LinkedIn, he works as a Keyholder at Petsense and a Sales Associate at Dollar General. He graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2014.

Stevie was also a track & field athlete at Sumter High School and at CCU College. In high school, he lettered in track and field all four years, placed fourth at State Championships, and was Regional 6 Champion in the 800 meters, 4×800-meters his senior year, and Regional 6 Champion in the 4×800-meter relay, and 800 meters senior junior year.

Stevie is on Instagram.

Trey Brunson Job

Trey has worked as a Shipping and Receiving Supervisor at International Paper since October 2018. Before that, he was a capital engineer from 2017 to 2018.

Trey Brunson Height

Trey Brunson’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Trey Brunson From?

Trey is originally from Sumter, South Carolina. He is now residing in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

  • When Is Trey Brunson Birthday?

Trey Brunson celebrates his birthday on 27 March.

  • Is Trey Brunson On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Trey is on Instagram (@treyb16), Twitter (@treybrunson2), and Facebook (@treyvon.brunson & @pookie.lenel).

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