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TS Madison Partner, Net Worth, As A Child, I Am Jazz

TS Madison is the self-proclaimed “Internet Queen,” who went on to become the first Black transgender woman to both star in and executive produce her reality show, The Ts Madison Experience. But that wasn’t all TS was popular for in 2021. Later that year, she also appeared in the TLC’s docuseries I Am Jazz, where she raised questions about Jazz’s medical transition.

Scroll down to learn more about this internet sensation. 

TS Madison On I Am Jazz

TLC’s docuseries I Am Jazz was all about the Florida-based Jennings family; more specifically Jazz Jennings and her struggles as a transgender woman. For over 7 seasons, the viewers have adventured with Jazz and been with her transition journey that practically finished in 2021.

But in Dec 2021, there appeared TS Madison who asked questions about Jazz’s medical transition, and it wasn’t taken so kindly by Jazz’s mother.

As featured on the show, TS does an interview with Jeanette over a live video chat and questions if the state of Jazz’s mental health could be related to her medical transition, specifically her surgeries. To which, completely taken aback, Jeanette remarks that Jazz’s struggle with depression was always there, even before her surgeries.

Well, this certainly wasn’t the best question to ask. But TS later explained the reasoning behind her blunt questions on IG —“I am a Black trans woman and was raised a bit differently, and so I’m still learning and un-learning things.” She added, “When I was young I had never heard of parents ‘helping’ their child transition, hormone blockers, or even being given hormones at a young age…. So I asked!”

TS Madison Net Worth

TS Madison garnered a net worth of above $2.5 million by 2021.

This LGBTQ icon first rose to fame in 2013 after uploading a raunchy-yet-hilarious Vine titled “New Weave 22 Inches.” Since then, TS has released a memoir called A Light Through the Shade: An Autobiography of a Queen,” appeared as a guest on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and ran her show The Ts Madison Experience that premiered on March 4, 2021.

Reportedly, RuPaul fought to get TS Madison on Drag Race. According to TS, he was like “I want her on my show, I want her in this space, I don’t care whatever pushback that you think you want to give me, this is my show and I want her here,’ and RuPaul got it.”

Apart from this, TS has also acted in the movie Zola (2020). Though her role was short, that dialogue she says in the 19th minute becomes a kind of mantra for the rest of the family. Some even say that she stole the spotlight in the movie.

As of 2021, TS had no other movies to her name, but she was very much looking forward to more challenging roles and more opportunities in Hollywood.

She was then managed by agent Sharron Elkabas.

Did you know: TS dropped her single “Feeling My Fish” in 2014 followed by debut album The New Supreme.

Does TS Madison Have A Partner?

Yes, TS Madison did have a partner in 2021, and he is the popular musician and model Kvng David @kvngdavidsworld.

Sharing a little about their relationship, TS mentioned that her partner didn’t let her sexuality be of any hindrance to them. In contrast, their relationship was “blossoming” and she felt blessed to find a person like him.

TS often featured her partner David over her IG, and every post then was filled with words of love and appreciation for him. “love you from the bottom of my heart and value you beyond words,” TS wrote over IG on his 2021 birthday (i.e. October 22). 

However, though TS shared her dating life to fulfilling, there were indeed many struggles that a trans person was bound to face. Do check her interview at Pierre’s Panic Room to learn more.

Also, she has presented her thoughts on “interracial dating/marriage” over one of her interviews titled “The true Low Down Dirty Tea — part 1”

Fun Fact: TS once joked about her dating profile bio — “D*ck long as this table, Pretty as the realest bi*ch walking with a P*ssy, and Slicker than any can of oil.”

TS Madison As A Child

TS Madison always looked beautiful. Even as a child, she had a beautiful afro, and she always envied her mother. “I wanted to know men like she knew men. I wanted to feel s*xy and love the way a man would give himself to a woman. Not just sexually — physically, emotionally, spiritually,” she recalled.

Pic: TS Madison when she was young

But it wasn’t until 17, she started her transition. “I am going to live my happiness and worry about someone else’s happiness later. At 17 (is when) I started to put myself first,” she explained.

Being a person of color and a trans, TS has always fought for the LGBTQ community. She was even one of the celebs who called out Queerphobia in the entertainment Industry.

Related FAQs

  • What Does TS in TS Madison Stand For?

“TS” in TS Madison stands for “transsexual.”

Her real name is Madison Hinton. She was born on October 22, 1977.

  • Where Is TS Madison From?

TS is from Miami, Florida, USA.

  • What Has TS Madison Shared About Her Family?

TS Madison is the daughter of a Miami, Florida native, Mary Louise Mackens, who was affiliated with the Florida Democratic Party. Also, she appeared in The Ts Madison Experience in 2021.

Mary is also the adoptive mamma of Khia Shamone, who accused TS and her mother of involving in all kinds of incest.

As for TS’s father, he seemed to have gone from her life when she was just a child.

Talking about her siblings, she has quite a few. Her youngest brother already has a kid as well.

  • How Tall Is TS Madison?

TS stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Find her over IG @therealtsmadison, Twitter @TsMadisonatl1, FB @TheofficialTsMadison, and Cameo @tsmadison.

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