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Twitch Star Sanchovies Bio, Parents, Net Worth, Height

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Karim, primarily known as Sanchovies started uploading videos to YouTube in June 2018. Then, after his channels grew quickly, he was able to go into full-time streaming upon graduating from college in mid-2019 and received a Twitch partnership in September 2019. Of course, he met with an immense level of success ever since. But, it was also not always smooth sailing as he was banned from Twitch time and again. Having said that, let us dive deep into who the Twitch star is in this writing called ‘Twitch Star Sanchovies Bio’.

Twitch Star Sanchovies Banned

Most lately, i.e. on 29 August 2022, Twitch star Sanchovies was banned from the platform. The internet sleuths deduced that this temporary ban was due to a Terms of Service violation. Sanchovies too came up with his own theories that day on Twitter. Tweeting the news of his ban, he supposed that it could have been for “jokingly” saying Americans are fat pieces of bacon or for telling a story in which he was called the “homophobic ‘f’ slur” when in Toronto.

This time the ban happened in the middle of one of his streams, and Twitch did not officially release any reason for it.

This however is not Sanchovies’s first time getting banned from Twitch. In fact, this is the third ban the streamer has faced in 2022.

The first time came four years into his career on the streaming platform. It was the result of a comment he made at the end of a live stream in which he threatened to bomb his internet provider. Back then, he had publicly apologized for his inappropriate comments.

So, the Twitch star, in his words, has been dealing with internet problems for as long as he can remember.

As of 30 August 2022, Twitch still had not thought it appropriate to let him stream. However, the social media star was still active on other platforms including IG @sanchovie (31K followers), Twitter @Sanchovies (145.7K followers), YouTube channel ‘Sanchovies’ (146K subscribers), and lastly TikTok @sanchovie (17.5K followers).

The self-proclaimed “best top Irelia NA”  has some of the “best” dubbed League of Legends videos on Twitch, which is now left on YouTube only (until the recovery of his Twitch account).

Twitch Star Sanchovies Net Worth

Twitch star Sanchovies reportedly had an estimated $250K net worth as of 2022.

Also, calculated that he should net him around at least $14,000 USD per month as his income from Twitch. Of course, this value excluded the revenues that he might receive from tips, advertising, sponsorships, and Twitch cheer bit donations.

What’s more, as of July 2021, from five tournaments the total prize money he earned was $8,738.56.

In January 2021, Sanchovies also launched his merch, which he emphasized to be not typical streamer merch. These were good quality, ethically sourced, limitedly dropped and one-colored printed T-shirts. Fast forward to today, there were zero products left in the collection online. So, all products were likely sold out already.

How Old Is Twitch Star Sanchovies?

Born in 1997 the Twitch star turned 25 years old in 2022.

Who Are Twitch Star Sanchovies Parents?

Twitch star Sanchovies has often mentioned his parents in his tweets. But none of these tweets are telling anything about them.

However, in a Reddit conversation, a user once mentioned that Sanchovies wants to go to culinary school but he still needs to make more money because he wants to help his mom quit a job she does not like and maybe buy a house for his parents sometime in the future.

Twitch Star Sanchovies Height

Twitch star who is also interested in watching IRL basketball stands above 5’9” in height.

Is Twitch Star Sanchovies Dating Anyone?

Twitch star Sanchovies’s relationship status was kind of unclear as of the time of this writing. Though in a YouTube video from 11 June 2022, he did boldly mention finding himself a girlfriend in the league. Though he was not 100 percent sure this Hannah flirting with him in the middle of the League Of Legends game was really a girl from China like she claimed to be.

A couple of years before that, in August 2020, he had tweeted about the universe being “**cked” as he had not had a girlfriend in 3 years. There have been more such girlfriend-related tweets on Sanchovies’s Twitter. Back in 2019, he quite desperately wrote about needing a girlfriend. He was literally asking to be given one chance because he is a good guy, smart, clean, intelligent, funny, and even rich. He also added that he is tired of being alone in this world. Another tweet literally read like he is looking for a girlfriend because he does not want to die alone.

Having said that, it was still unknown if Sanchovies got to go on a date other that the ones in-game as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Twitch Star Sanchovies Birthday?

Sanchovies celebrates his birthday on June 25th and that makes him a Cancer.

  • What Is Twitch Star Sanchovies Real Name?

The Twitch star’s real name is Karim Sanchovies.

  • Where Is Twitch Star Sanchovies From?

Twitch atar Sanchovies was born and raised in Egypt and he later began living in Toronto, Canada. Speaking of his ethnicity, he is of Egyptian and Greek descent.

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