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Tyler Farrell Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Dream Home Makeover

Tyler Farrell is one of the beloved cast of Netflix’s show Dream Home Makeover. Besides the show’s hosts Shea and Syd, he has also become fans’ favorite. So, who is he? How old is he? Is he married? Who are his parents?

We attempt to answer these questions below in this article here.

Tyler Farrell On Dream Home Makeover

Dream Home Makeover is back on Netflix for another season as it is set to debut in December. Now that the holiday season has started, Shea and Syd McGee are ready to match families with customized residences. The show premiered on 9 December 2022 and the entirety of season 4 dropped at once.

Along with fan favorites Shea and Syd, viewers are also excited to see contractor Tyler Farrell doing what he does best. In fact, the fans of the show obsess over him. Shea, Syd, and Tyler joined forces two years before and have been working together since the show’s debut on Netflix.

During a podcast interview, Tyler admitted that he has been riding Shea’s coattail for quite a while. The partnership between Shea and Tyler began when Shea posted one of the works of Tyler on her IG and it blew up. Tyler reached out to her, thanked her for sharing his work, and told her he wanted to work with her.

Soon, he started referring them to projects and later Tyler hired Shea and Syd to be his designers. Later, they asked Tyler to build their house. Tyler said about Shea, “I thought Shea was going to be a little bit of diva, I did. But, she was absolutely fantastic to work for.”

While many cast members of reality shows are eager to see themselves on TV, surprisingly, Tyler previously admitted that he hadn’t watched the show yet. He also explained to his fans that in episode 6, “we’ll get a pretty good insight into his love of bidets. Well, if that’s not enough to run over to Netflix to watch the new season we don’t know what is!”

Let alone women’s demography, even male viewers love Tyler on the show. One fan tweeted, “I love Dream Home Makeover on Netflix…. but I think I also have a huge crush on Tyler Farrell the general contractor.”

Another fan tweeted, “Okay so I just discovered DREAM HOME MAKEOVER on Netflix, and honestly, have y’all SEEN the contractor, Tyler? He is like . . . A WHOLE entire delicious man. I don’t normally stan The Straights, but . . .” In the same way, another added, “My new obsession when I can’t sleep at night is watching Dream Home Makeover, but only the parts with Tyler the contractor. You can’t make me believe he’s not the best part of the show.”

Tyler Farrell Net Worth

Tyler Farrell’s net surpasses the minimum figure of $650 thousand. He is currently serving as the President of Killowen Construction (@killowenconstruction), according to his LinkedIn. During Tyler’s interview with AFT Construction, he shared that from an organizational standpoint, after working on Netflix, they have been trained to be more organized and plan ahead.

Moreover, because more people are involved in the projects created on the show, Tyler also shared about getting more organized in the communication aspect.

As for the best career advice given by Tyler, he shared about being brave. As Tyler is not very good with breaking bad news and avoids conflict, the type of work he does, he has to do it continuously and it has a lot to do with procrastination. He advised: Time is now, just do it.

Is Tyler Farrell Married?

Yes, Tyler Farrell is a married man and his wife’s name is Daile Farrell.

On Memorial Day 2022, Tyler shared that he met his wife on the 12th anniversary earlier (i.e. 2010), at a BBQ in California. He added, “It was actually the 2nd time we met, but she doesn’t remember the first time we met…” So, they have known each other for more than 12 years as of 2022.

On his wife’s birthday in November 2022, he wished his wife: “Happy Birthday my Darlin @dailefarrell You are responsible for so many great things in this world! I love you! Edit: Daile says “What are you doing with your hands?” Lol. I think I was nervous.”

In October 2022, Tyler and his wife took their children on a family trip to show where they met, dated, and married as they traveled to Newport Beach City Hall. Tyler and Daile tied the knot on 5 November 2011.

On 5th November Daile took to her IG and wrote, “Remember the 5th of November. I’m so grateful to have Tyler as my husband and the father of our kids. I love our journey I love our story! I love him! Happy Anniversary Tyler! (This picture was taken on the first day of our Honeymoon on our way to Turks & Caicos).#eleven years”

More about Daile, her ancestors hailed from Denmark. She works as an art director at Killowen Construction. She has been working in that role since 2015. Before that, she worked as a graphic designer. Daile is a graduate of Brigham Young University.

Tyler and Daile are parents to four children. Tyler’s youngest child Oliver was born on 18 November 2021. Their second child William was born on 4 October 2017 so in 2022, he turned 5 years old. Their oldest, Henry turned 7 years old on 8 September 2022. In addition to their three sons, their third child, their daughter Annie celebrates her birthday in February and was born in 2020.

Tyler Farrell Age

Tyler Farrell is 42 years old, in 2022. So you know, that he was born in 1980.

Who Are Tyler Farrell Parents?

Tyler Farrell is the son of Leeroy and Sherilynn Farrell. As of this writing, his father is 73 while his mother is 70 years old. They are both residents of Midway, Utah.

His dad, Leeroy was one of the four sons born to William and Annie Holmes Farrell. Two of his brothers Bill Farrell (22 Jan 1932-7 March 2003) and Ray Farrell (1934-2010) have already passed away.

Sherilynn is on Facebook (@sherilynn.farrell). She appears to be working as a group fitness instructor at Anytime Fitness.

In their family, Sherilynn and Leeroy also have a daughter named Ashley Farrell Jones, who is a mother of three children. Her family is currently based in Rockwall, Texas.

Tyler Farrell Height

Tyler Farrell stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tyler Farrell Birthday?

Tyler Farrell’s birthday is on April Fool’s day, i.e. 1 April.

  • Is Tyler Farrell On Instagram?

Yes, Tyler Farrell is on Instagram (@twfarrell).

  • Where Is Tyler Farrell From?

Tyler Farrell is originally from Midway, Utah.

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