Rose also shared an exclusive detail, “She gave him a big kiss after they got their funnel cake. She turned and gave him a big kiss on the lips”.

“She actually goes to his hometown to meet his parents,” Rose said. “They spend the day in his hometown doing the things he loves to do. It’s supposed to be in season, while everything is open. Of course, nothing is open. We accommodated them. The pier opened up just for them. Stores opened up just for them. We made it seem like it was in season. It was a little chilly today. Wearing a trench coat in season is not exactly apropos”.

She was also filmed standing on the counter in a mini-ball game to sink a shot, and seeming to win a large stuffed animal in a squirt game, where Norris had somehow changed from shoes into black Converse high-tops.

Besides Tyler, the remaining three top four choices are Aven Jones, Zach Shallcross, and Tino Franco.