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Tyrone Gilliams Bio, Age, Net Worth, Shereé Whitfield Boyfriend

They were not lying when they said that Season 14 of Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to be full of new drama and an unexpected blast from the past. So much had already happened in the series since its premiere on 1 May 2022 when word got away in Atlanta that Sheree Whitfield and Tyrone Gilliams have called it quits after RHOA.

Sheree and Tyrone Gilliams’s relationship after seeing its start in 2010 had rebloomed in 2021. As of June 2022 and they were still airing on the show when the rumors of their break-up spurred in real-time.

So, we thought this would be the right time to take you through a tell-all about Tyrone, as Shereé Whitfield’s boyfriend, and other areas of his life.

Meet Tyrone Gilliams, Shereé Whitfield’s Boyfriend

Fans remember Shereé Whitfield calling Tyrone Gilliams her soulmate. They were also around to witness when the couple met on the party scene as Tyrone marketed himself as a party promoter and hired Shereé for club appearances. Apparently, it was because of Tyrone that Shereé had a falling out with Nene Leakes. Albeit, it is unclear when the two began dating.

Later, when Tyrone was being convicted, he had stopped contacting Shereé not wanting her tied up in his case. But even they ended up reconnecting and maintaining a relationship despite one being in prison. After eight years of serving the sentence for a securities and wire fraud scheme, he was freed from Philadelphia halfway house in 2021. Shereé, meanwhile, had traveled two hours to meet him in all those years.

But once he was back, the 5 June 2022-episode of RHOA, gave its viewers heartbreaking aftermath. Tyrone not only stood her up but also refused to take any of her calls. But, despite all the hurt caused, Shereé still did not seem necessarily ready to call it quits. “I don’t know if this is something that I’m ready to give up on”, she could be seen telling her daughter Tierra.

Before this seeming separation, the on-again and off-again couple had split one more time Tyrone lost his appeal. But, they had rekindled their relationship when he was eventually released.

And it is said, they were longer on speaking terms in November 2021 after Shereé bought Bravo cameras to film a scene with him at a restaurant.

Did Tyrone Gilliams And Shereé Whitfield Marry?

After Tyrone Gilliams was freed from prison in 2021, Shereé Whitfield was surrounded by marriage rumors. Which by the way had no truth to it. Because the two, despite the long romance have never been married to each other.

Shereé had said on RHOA that she dated Tyrone for eight months before he was sentenced to prison in 2013. And a year before that, when the world knew Tyrone as an “Ivy League scam artist”, he lived in an attractive Art Museum-area house with his two young kids and their mother.

Shereé also has been married before and she has talked about her child support struggle with her ex-husband Bob Whitfield during her early seasons on RHOA.

Tyrone Gilliams Age

Tyrone Gilliams was reportedly born in 1967. So, he may be reached the age of 54 in 2021.

Tyrone Gilliams Net Worth

Tyrone reportedly had less than $1 million net worth as of 2022. He certainly had more than this, before he got involved in the Ponzi scheme, which caused his investors to lose $5 million. In addition to the imprisonment, he was also ordered to pay the $5 million back to its owners.

Back in the late 1990s, Tyrone had decided to become a pastor; because his father was a devoted preacher and also because he was inspired by some who made millions of dollars and drove Rolls-Royces. Tyrone wanted to be as big as them and this story also explains Tyrone’s fondness for money which even got him into great trouble.

Before that in the 1980s, Tyrone studied at the University of Pennsylvania. He was also a basketball player for the university. Later, he established TLG, TL Gilliams, LLC, a commodities trading firm.

Tyrone is also said to have tinkered with the promotion of rappers and hip-hop acts.

Fast forward to now, Tyrone mentioned being self-employed in Philadelphia as of 24 February 2021.

Is Tyrone Gilliams On Instagram?

Indeed! Tyrone Gilliams could be found on Instagram at @tyronegilliams and he had 46 posts and around 42.3K followers on it.

Tyrone also shared glimpses of his life on ‘Tyrone Gilliams’ Facebook.

Where Is Tyrone Gilliams From?

Tyrone Glliams’s hometown is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And he seemed to live around the city town even at the time of this writing.

Tyrone Gilliams Height

Tyrone Gilliams’s height is around 5’11” or 1.80 meters.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tyrone Gilliams Birthday?

So far, one could not tell when is it that Tyrone Gilliams celebrates his birthday.

  • What Do We Know About Tyrone Gilliams Family?

Tyrone’s father is Tyrone L. Gilliams Sr. He turned 81 in March 2021, and has been seen on Tyrone’s social media every now and then. Tyrone junior refers to him as his hero.

The Gilliams patriarch studied at the Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, went to Camden High School (New Jersey); is from Camden, New Jersey; and was based in Chester, Pennsylvania, as of now. While his wife/Tyrone’s mother Rosalind Lee turned 78 in August 2021.

To Tyrone, family comes after God and before business. And we also have learned that he has two aunts named Myrna Lee and Gloria Lee of Washington D.C.

  • How Many Episodes Of RHOA Features Tyrone Gilliams?

Tyrone Gilliams has appeared in a total of 10 episodes of RHOA as per IMDB, and that was clearly possible because of Shereé Whitfield.

Tyrone has not been thrilled about Bravo documenting his life on a reality TV show. In fact, only last year he had his legal team tossed off a cease and desist letter to the TV network claiming its show has been using his name and likeness without his permission.

Shereé, meanwhile, willingly allowed Bravo to document most of her life, from her SHE by Sheree brand to personal relationships.

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