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Valentina Zenere Bio, Dating, Net Worth, Parents, Elite

Most of the original cast of Netflix’s Elite have either left or died on the show. So, this means there’s plenty of room for new faces to join in. Valentina Zenere was one of those newbies who appeared on the fifth season of the Spanish drama as “Isadora.”

Get to know her better as this Valentina Zenere Bio proceeds. 

Valentina Zenere On Netflix’s Elite

Valentina Zenere plays “Isadora” on Elite. Her character, Isadora is a rich and lively girl who arrived in Las Encinas during season 5. As the heiress to a nightlife business empire, she was quite popular on the socials and in her school as well. However, although this lively girl who apparently seemed frivolous and superficial, in reality, hid a very sensitive heart and personality.

Joining her this season were her co-stars — André Lamoglia (Iván), Adam Nourou (Bilal), and Isabel Garrido (Patri).

Prior to this, viewers saw the departure of Ander (Arón Piper), Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau), and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) by the end of season 4. Meaning only two of the original characters Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and Omar (Omar Ayuso) remained in season 5.

As per co-creator Carlos Montero, the fifth installment of Elite will be a “feast for the senses.” So, maybe Valentina’s character could have something to do with the “minefield” Las Encinas becomes.

Fun Fact: Valentina and her co-star André Lamoglia have also previously acted together in the Disney Channel Brazil TV series Juacas. Meanwhile, Valentina guest-starred in the show, André played aspiring surfer Rafael in the series season 2.

Valentina Zenere Net Worth

Valentina Zenere flaunted a net worth of above $800 thousand in 2022.

An actress by profession, Valentina first stepped into the limelight with her role as “Ámbar Smith” in the popular TV series Soy Luna (2016 – 2018). Valentina was one of the original cast who appeared in all 220 ep of the series.

In case, you haven’t watched the series, Soy Luna is a hit Disney Channel series about a 16-year-old girl named Luna who loves to roller-skate, and Ámbar (Valentina) is the antagonist — a kind of popular girl who will do anything to get what she wants.

But though Valentina gained the spotlight in late 2010, she’s been in the industry ever since 2010. Her first work on television was in the fourth season of the famous Argentinian drama comedy soap opera Casi Angeles (2010). Eventually, she went on to model for different brands, and in 2014 she was cast on the Argentinian TV series Aliados marking her first recutting role.

Besides these, Valentina has also appeared in the series including Los únicos (2011), Michael Ronda: La Diva de la Escuela (2019), Juacas (2019), and Cable Girls (2020).

Her specialties include — dancing, and singing as well. Like Hannah Montana, Valentina was one in the spotlight for having an amazing original soundtrack. From Mírame a Mí to her Michael Ronda duet ¿Cómo Me Ves?, Valentina’s songs have millions of views on YouTube alone.

Is Valentina Zenere Dating Anyone?

Yes, as of 2022, Valentina Zenere was dating the film director Jordi Lladó. The two began their relationship in 2020 and since have regularly featured each other over their respective IGs.

On Jordi’s birthday (Nov 24, 2021), Valentina took it to her IG with a series of lovey-dovey pics to write, “Happy birthday to the love of this and all my lives. Love you@jpllado”

Prior to Jordi, Valentina dated the IG star Marcos Depietri for quite a while. The duo publicly announced their relationship in 2012.

Before Jordi, Valentina was also rumored to have dated her Soy Luna co-star, Michael Ronda. However, the pair never confessed their relationship.

Michael appeared as Simón Álvarez on Soy Luna.

Valentina Zenere Parents

Valentina Zenere was born to parents Sergio and Nadia Zenere. The two often graced their daughter’s IG.

Her father Sergio is a Universidad de Buenos Aires graduate while not much about her mother was known. However, we do know that Nadia’s favorite quote is “To the sun in you, don’t be afraid to shine.”

As for her sibling, Valentina has a younger sister named Luciana Zenere (birthday: Oct 12).

Her sister, Luciana is also quite popular over the socials. She is a model by profession.

Valentina Zenere Height

Valentina stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Valentina has beautiful blue eyes, tanned skin, and gorgeous long wavy platinum blonde hair. Also, she has a slim body 

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Valentina Zenere?

Valentina was born on January 15, 1997. That made her 24 years of age when she appeared on Elite in 2022.

  • Is Valentina Zenere On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @valentinazenere.

Here’s her Facebook @valentinazenereactriz, Twitter @VaLuZenere, and TikTok @valuza.z

  • Where Is Valentina Zenere From?

Valentina hails from Argentina.

But as of 2022, she resided in Madrid, Spain.

  • How Many Languages Does Valentina Zenere Speak?

Valentina speaks two languages — Spanish and English. However, she prefers to give interviews in English.

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