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Van Go Brett Lewis Bio, Net Worth, Married, Height, Age

Brett Lewis is not even 30 and he is already the owner of not just a successful start-up but also landed his own show on Magnolia Network.

Brett is also known by his full name Brett Raylee Lewis, whereas his show is called Van Go. It first premiered in 2021 and since then each of its has involved different clients entering van life.

Now, here’s a detailed look at who Brett Lewis is, his height, age, net worth, personal life, and more.

Meet Brett Lewis, The Star Of Magnolia Network’s Van Go

Chewy Design Co. owner Brett Lewis remodels vans into tiny homes while on the road, innovating creative solutions and tackling the many challenges. That involves custom outfitting each vehicle for his clients’ lifestyles. And all this is documented in each episode of Van Go.

People come to Brett wanting to live in a van and Brett makes that come true. He makes sure the arrangement feels comfortable and cozy, and even luxurious if his clients like it that way.

Van Go‘s, developed by Austin company Rabbit Foot Production Studios, last episode from season 2 “Surf’s Up Hotel” aired on 15 April 2022.

As for Brett’s own van life, he started taking his desires seriously when he upgraded a 1983 Vanagon into something he could actually reside in.

Brett spoke to Tribeza about his van project named “Chewy”. He described that he got Chewy off Craigslist, and it was in rough shape. He had bought it actually to turn into a living space. So, he got it and made it a bit nicer, hoping that he would live in it. He drove this around for two or three years building these out on the road in Chicago, Boulder, and Reno.

Brett Lewis’s Net Worth

It’s been reported that Brett Lewis acquired an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million (as of 2022).

He is the owner of Chewy Design Co. And by now, you should know that the startup is about turning vans into mobile dream homes. If you need to know more, it is a domestic limited liability company (LLC) that was incorporated on 22 January 2020 in Austin, Texas. So, far Brett is the only person known to be affiliated with this corporation (as owner as well as director).

One can listen to Brett recall during interviews how he went from not knowing much about interior design and car parts to being a true artist. He apparently launched his company after family members and friends started enlisting his help for van projects.

Brett was working in Austin when his friend, Chad Werner, called from Los Angeles and asked Brett if he would be willing to make a “sizzle reel” to pitch. But when had no idea what this reel was, Chad flew down that night and came and filmed him and that is how Van Go was born.

Fast forward to now, Brett is proud to own a new, large warehouse on East Cesar Chavez.

To make this process even more legit, he also eventually opened up a shop:

So, clearly, Brett has come a long way with Chewy since 2016 when he had to organize a fundraiser to buy his stolen tools.

Brett Lewis Age

Brett Lewis reached the age of 29 in 2022 (as he was born in 1993).

Is Brett Lewis Married?

Brett Lewis was likely single and not married as of July of 2022.

Until March 2022, Brett was living in THE 1958 WINNEBAGO with his two dogs, Bobby and Tito.

Brett Lewis Height

Known for his signature long ginger hair and disheveled long beard, Brett Lewis stands Around 5’10” tall in height. He is undoubtedly one of the 1% to 2% of humans sporting natural hair of this kind.

Brett Lewis Family

Brett Lewis’s mother is Jeanna Lynn Lewis and she turned 56 years old in September 2021.

Every now and then, Brett writes about his mother on his Instagram. He cites things like he is beyond grateful for all she has done, most importantly for believing in him.

Then there is Thomas John Lewis, Brett’s father who turned 62 years old in April 2022.

Brett also has a brother of the same name as his father. 31-year-old Thomas has been given the exact name as his father.

Let us also tell you that Brett has a sister too and she is called McKenzie Lewis. According to her Facebook, McKenzie is an e-commerce operations manager at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. And she was based in Boston, Massachusetts, as of 2022. Also, she is much younger than her brothers and is super proud of them.

These siblings lost their maternal grandmother, Brenda Jane Johnson 11 June 2020. She was a member of First United Methodist Church in Brenham and First United Episcopal Church of Belton; had Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brett Lewis’s Birthday?

Brett Lewis’s birthday is in March. So, he is either Pisces or Aries.

  • Where Is Brett Lewis From?

Brett Lewis was born and bred in his hometown of Austin, Texas, which partly got him hooked on van life years ago when he turned his first 1983 Vanagon into a fully functioning home on wheels.

  • Is Brett Lewis On Instagram?

Yes. Brett Lewis could be found on Instagram but as business moniker ‘Chewy Design Co.’ (@chewydesignco). There were 223 posts and 26.3K followers on this page as of 27 July 2022.

Brett also had a Facebook page ‘Brett Lewis’. However, here he had not posted anything yet other than a profile and a cover picture.

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