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Vili Fualaau Bio, New Wife, Young, Age, Where Is He Now?

Vili Fualaau was only 12 years old when he had a se*ual relationship with May Kay Letourneau. Where is he now? What does he do for a living? Does he have a new wife?

Keep on scrolling down to find the answers.

Where Is Vili Fualaau Now?

Mary Kay Letourneau was convicted in March 1997 after a relative of her ex-husband Steve Letourneau told the police about her relationship with Vili. Their relationship started in 1996. After the scandal became public, she pleaded guilty to two counts of felony second-degree rap* of a child and reached a plea agreement for six months in jail, with three months suspended, and no contact with Fualaau for life among other terms.

When Mary was discovered in a car with Vili after being released from jail, she was found guilty of child rape and given a sentence of more than seven years in prison. Mary’s best friend Michelle Lobdell told In Touch Weekly that their relationship “was never a love story.”

Michelle referred it to as a “tragic fantasy of a woman who was broken and unloved trying to find the love and fulfillment that she had never had in her life.”

Mary was granted parole in 1998 but is not permitted to speak with Vili. But soon after her release, they were discovered together, and she was sent back to jail to do the remaining seven years of her sentence. Upon the release, Mary reconnected with Vili who was an adult then. He tied the knots in 2005.

Vili submitted a request for formal separation in 2017. They reconciled after divorce, according to a 2018 People magazine report. Mary attempted to have the case dismissed. According to People, their split was officially formalized in 2019.

After Mary’s death in July 2020, Vili recounted his final moments with Mary and shared in The Dr. Oz Show, “I didn’t see her chest moving, and I thought it, maybe, it was like one of those pauses she has and then she’ll come back. She’ll take a deep breath, and she’s gonna come back”.

“I would count in between those pauses, and it was just the longest count that I had,” Vili said. “And I turned off her breathing machine just to hear if she was breathing just really soft, and at that moment, I had to, you know, tell the kids that they need to call the rest of the siblings to come and say their goodbyes. This is it.”

According to TODAY, Vili remained by her side during the last two months of her life. “Vili moved back from California, gave up his life there, and for the last two months of Mary’s life he stood by her 24/7 taking care of her,” David Gehrke told TODAY. “So yes, they were divorced and they had their spats, but they were always in love with each other.”

Mary and Vili agreed that their contentious union was voluntary, and they both chronicled their experiences in the book Un Seul Crime, L’Amour or Only One Crime, Love. He declared to Inside Edition in 1999, “I’m not a victim.” I’m not ashamed of being in love with Mary Kay.

Vili Fualaau Daughters

Vili Fualaau is a father of two daughters he had with Mary. Audrey Lokelani Fualaau, the oldest is 25 years old, meanwhile, Georgia M Fualaau is 23 years old. Mary was carrying Audrey when she was found guilty of second-degree child rape. She gave birth to both of her daughters with Fualaau when she was a prisoner.

In 2018, Audrey and Georgia Fualaau discussed their parents’ contentious relationship on the Australian television program “Sunday Night”.

“I think I understand about it, just like how it was surprising to people,” Audrey said in the show. “It’s been feeling different because it’s not really been brought to our attention, just because we grew up with it, so we’ve adapted to it.”

Soona Vili, the kids’ grandmother, raised them for a number of years; their connection with Letourneau was predictably tumultuous.

Who Is Vili Fualaau New Wife?

As of the time of this article, there is no information regarding Vili Fualaau’s new wife or if he is even married for that matter.

Vili Fualaau Age

Vili Fualaau was born on 26 June 1983. As of Aug 2022, he is currently 39 years old.

Who Are Vili Fualaau Parents?

Vili Faulaau was born to his parents Soona Vili and Luaiva Fualaau.

Soona attended Kaimuki High School where she completed her high school education. She graduated from Highline Community College in 1994. In addition, she graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2008.

In 2002, Soona testified that she did not suspect that her son Vili had a sexual relationship with his sixth-grade teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau until a detective notified her. Soona Vili then testified in King County Superior Court in Kent, Washington, that she was astonished since she had permitted her son to visit the Letourneau family and stay over at their house.

Soona claimed to have spoken with Mary Kay and stated, “How could you? I trusted you.” But, she said that she couldn’t hate Mary for ruining her son’s life. “I can’t say I hate Mary,” Vili said. “Just a couple of weeks ago my granddaughter turned around to me and asked, ‘Do you love my Mary mommy, Grandma?’ And I’m supposed to tell her ‘Yeah, I hate your mother?’ I can’t. I can’t. … And looking at my granddaughters, I can’t consciously say I hate this woman.”

According to Soona Vili, her son has become an alcoholic as a result of the controversy surrounding their relationship with Mary. She claimed she had admitted him to the hospital out of concern that he would try suicide and that he had required mental treatment from more than six different counselors.

Soona and Luavia share other three children. Two of them are Perry Fualaau and Leni Hansen.

Vili Fualaau Young

Picture Of Vili Fualaau When He Was Young (Pic: Rolling Stones)

Vili Fualaau Job Today

Vili Fualaau had worked as a DJ and goes by the name DJ Headline. According to, Fualaau worked the events as DJ Headline and the bar sold signed posters and T-shirts featuring images of the couple. The couple stayed together — and even hosted several “hot for teacher” parties together.

He shares his music on YouTube.

Vili graduated from Evergreen High School in 2001. Then, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2022, his current job is unclear.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Vili Fualaau Reside?

Vili Fualaau is currently residing in Normandy Park, Washington. He is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. 

  • Is Vili Fualaau On Instagram?

Yes, Vili Fualaau is on Instagram (@vili7555) and Twitter (@djheadline).

  • How Much Is Vili Fualaau Net Worth?

Vili Fualaau’s net worth should be under $500 thousand.

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