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Vinnie Doa Bio, Family, Job, Age, Height, Love Is Blind

Get to know Vinnie Doa, one of the contestants on Love Is Blind season 6. Who is he? Who are his family members? What is his job? How old is he now?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions then you’re definitely in the right place.

Vinnie Doa On Love Is Blind

Cast of “Love is Blind” Season 6 Vince “Vinnie” Doa was quite transparent about his previous relationship problems, including his fear of commitment and current commitment problems. Even though his persona tends to be contrary to what he’s looking for, he’s resolved to locate a female on the show who will be able to get along with his family after marriage.

Vinnie is surprisingly on the lookout for a conventional Christian female, despite his previous dating preferences being different. Having been in several unsuccessful relationships, he is on the show in the hopes of finding true love that fits his newly defined standards. He is well-known for being strict, but there is one area where he lets things slide: doing the laundry, which frequently accumulates.

Vinnie, who has struggled in the past with relationships, finds an experiment where participants actively look for a life partner for a committed long-term relationship intriguing. This indicated that Vinnie and his former experiment partners were seeking a steady and long-lasting relationship and were willing to explore the possibility of a sincere connection leading to a lifetime commitment.

The problem with Vinnie’s previous relationship could be related to incompatibilities, communication breakdowns, or even commitment anxiety on the program. But Vinnie’s wish to take part in a study aimed at finding a forever partner raises the possibility that he hopes to overcome these old habits and establish a deep, lasting relationship on “Love is Blind.”

Vinnie has a “little bit of a tomboy” attraction to women, and he is especially taken to the allure of girl-next-door types. Vinnie hopes to find a mate who possesses these attributes in his search for love within the pods. His ideal match is not just a “good Christian girl,” who fits in with his family well and shares his ideals, but also someone with whom he is emotionally drawn.

Vinnie’s particular preferences in seeking a fit and harmonious relationship are demonstrated by his desire for a tomboyish, grounded companion who also shares his religious beliefs.

Vinnie Doa Age

As of 2024, Vinnie Doa is 35 years old. 1988 marked the year of his birth.

Vinnie Doa Family

Vinnie Doa was born to his father Vincent Joseph Doa and Mary Doa. Born in February 1951, Vincent is 73 years old and residing in Dexter, Michigan.

Mary on the other hand turned 68 in December 2023. She is working as a Real estate broker at Millennium Realty.

Vinnie has at least two older sisters Lesa Doa, a 39-year-old Spin, Yoga and Group Fitness Instructor, and 45-year-old Michelle Doa Brant who is a Nutrition Coach. Lesa is married to her husband Jordan Genso and Michelle is married to Andrew Bryant.

Vinnie Doa Job

Vinnie Doa is working as an attorney-bank regulatory at Bank of America. He has been working in that role since September 2021.

Vinnie was a Legal Enforcement Group Intern at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in 2021 for four months. He was also a judicial intern at U.S. District Court. He also worked as a summer legal intern at Bank of America from May 2020 to August 2020.

Before beginning his corporate journey, Vinnie was an operations manager at the US Army where he maintained daily operations and training for over 300 Soldiers deployed throughout 10 countries in the Pacific; created and managed eight briefs for senior executive leaders, such as a Major General. He also facilitated and managed weekly training meetings, daily schedules, and quarterly training briefs for an organization of 60 soldiers.

Vinnie went to Western Michigan University – Haworth College of Business and later earned his JD from the University of North Carolina School of Law.

Vinnie Doa Height

Based on photos, Vinnie Doa’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Vinnie Doa From?

Vinnie is originally from Brighton, Michigan. He is now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Is Vinnie Doa On Instagram?

Indeed, Vinnie is available on Instagram (@vincedoa).

  • When Is Vinnie Doa Birthday?

Vinnie Doa celebrates his birthday on 6 March.

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