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Vittorio Assaf Net Worth, Son, Ex-Wife, Aoki Lee Simmons

Serafina Restaurant Group Vittorio Assaf was spotted getting cozy with Aoki Lee Simmons. Their “relationship” has stirred conversation on social media. How much is his net worth? Who is his son? Who is his ex-wife?

Tag along and read all about it here.

Vittorio Assaf And Aoki Lee Simmons Relationship

Restauranter Vittorio Assaf was recently spotted kissing Aoki Lee Simmons, and their age gap of 44 years has stirred conversations on social media. While on a romantic vacation in St. Barts in April 2024, Assaf and Simmons were seen sharing a kiss despite Simmons’ nearly forty-four-year age difference.

The co-founder of Serafina and the youngest daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons kissed and spent time in the crystal-clear blue water together. Aoki once posed for Assaf from various angles while he shot phone photos of her. Assaf wore merely a pair of light blue and white printed swim trunks, while the model sported an olive-green bikini with a tribal motif on the front.

After becoming lost at sea, Assaf and Fabio Granato came up with the concept for the Serafina Restaurant Group. The buddies went for an evening boat cruise in 1994 while they were two and a half hours outside of New York at Hampton Bays. One of the sails broke during a severe wind, making it impossible for them to return to land. The following day, a helicopter found them.

Moreover, Assaf and Granato pledged to one another while they waited hours for assistance: they would create a restaurant with the best pasta and pizza from Italy. They opened the much-lauded Serafina Fabulous Pizza on New York City’s Upper East Side the following year.

“At 4 years old I started cooking with my grandmother at her Wednesday night dinner parties for 40 to 50 people,” Assaf told Natfluence. “By the age of 12, my grandmother was getting older and I took over the duty of cooking for all the guests by myself. From there, it was easy to gain the knowledge of the culinary world.”

Who Is Vittorio Assaf Ex-Wife?

When Assaf’s wife of more than 20 years, Charlotte Bonstrom, left him in 2021 following an affair with her twin sister’s ex-husband, Thierry Gillier, made headlines.

Valentina and Vittorio Jr. are the children that the ex-couple had together. Following his divorce from his spouse, Assaf started dating Nya Gatbel, a model. She didn’t seem to be by his side during a week-long hospital stay in Italy last year; it’s unknown when they broke up.

“Charlotte and I are in the process of getting divorced — she wants to get remarried,” he told Page Six at the time. “[She] is getting married to Thierry Gillier, the ex-husband of her sister.”

Also, Charlotte is currently said to be getting married to 62-year-old Thierry Gillier, the creator of the upscale fashion brand Zadig & Voltaire and the sister Cecilia Bonstrom’s ex-husband. It is believed that while all parties were still together, Charlotte developed love feelings for her sister’s husband Gillier at what is assumed to have been an early stage of the pandemic.

According to the same source, Assaf and Charlotte’s marriage failed because Charlotte felt betrayed by the fact that her husband “often spent time with models during their marriage.”

Vittorio Assaf Son

Vittorio Assaf’s son is named Vittorio Assaf Jr. “Feel good to Share Shirts w My Son 😀 #few  #days  #together  #in  #stbarth  #fullmoon #salinebeach #friends #family #happymemories #backtowork,” Vittorio wrote.

In July 2023, Vittorio expressed that he is proud of his son. “So proud of my Son and his new Job ! Bravooo Vittorio !,” he wrote via an IG post.

Vittorio was working as an investment analyst at Tikehau Capital. He was also an Acquisitions Analyst at Itzhaki Acquisitions. Furthermore, Vittorio was a corporate finance analyst at Serafina Restaurant Group.

Vittorio is a graduate of Saint John’s School in 2020. He is currently attending Babson College. He is majoring in entrepreneurship and finance.

How Much Is Vittorio Assaf Net Worth?

Vittorio Assaf reportedly sits on a net worth of $500 million. Growing up in Milan, Vittorio completed his Political Science degree at the University of Urbino before going on to study law. After working on the Milan Stock Exchange floor for eight years, Assaf left to chase a chance in the fashion sector. He carried with him the seeds of invaluable ideas that grew into a string of successful businesses when he moved to New York in 1985.

Furthermore, when Vittorio founded Café Candiotti in 1985, it soon rose to prominence in Manhattan and featured original artworks by Andy Warhol. Assaf puts his all into all he does, working nonstop and with unwavering enthusiasm. The culture, aesthetic, and love of food of Vittorio Assaf serve as the foundation for every menu item created for any of the Serafina Restaurant Group’s eateries.

“At 4 years old I started cooking with my grandmother at her Wednesday night dinner parties for 40-50 people. By the age of 12, my grandmother was getting older and I took over the duty of cooking for all the guests by myself. From there, it was easy to gain the knowledge of the culinary world,” Vittorio shared about his journey.

Vittorio Assaf Age

In 2024, Vittorio Assaf is 65 years old.

Vittorio Assaf Height

Vittorio Assaf’s height measures under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Vittorio Assaf From?

Vittorio Assaf is from New York.

  • When Is Vittorio Assaf Birthday?

In November, Vittorio celebrates his birthday.

  • Is Vittorio Assaf On Instagram?

Yes, Vittorio Assaf is available on IG (@vittorioserafina).

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