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Vivian Benitez Bio, Family, Net Worth, Height, Rufus Sewell

Rufus Sewell got engaged to his girlfriend Vivian Benitez in 2023. Vivian announced the engagement via an IG post.

Read about Vivian’s family, net worth, and height in this article below. Scroll down to read all that we need about her.

Meet Vivian Benitez, Rufus Sewell Girlfriend-Turned-Fiancee

Vivian Benitez is the fiancee of Rufus Sewell. Rufus, the star of “The Holiday,” proposed to Vivian, his girlfriend in 2023. Vivian posted two pictures of herself with a circular sparkler on her left ring finger to announce the news. She displayed her hand holding the new gem on her herringbone jacket in the first picture. The second photo showed Vivian grinning widely and giving Rufus a peck on the cheek in a selfie.

“till death (or him continuing to walk on bathmats with his outside shoes) do us part,” Vivian wrote a Tuesday caption for the two pictures. She didn’t share details about the proposal, but she posted a photo of herself from Rome one day prior. So, the engagement may have happened in Italy.

Rufus didn’t remark on his fiancée’s post or share anything about the engagement as of now.

In February 2020, the pair celebrated 1st year of their love. “1 year of being in love has really taken my personality hostage. pray for its safe return, ” Vivian’s post read. As of February 2023, they have been in a relationship for 4 years now.

Likewise, on Rufus’s birthday, Vivian wrote, “Forever 💞 happy birthday, best friend.”

Throughout their relationship, the couple has largely avoided the spotlight, but they have occasionally appeared together on the red carpet, such as at the openings of his films “Old” in July 2021 and “The Diplomat” in April 2023. The “Victoria” star has been married twice before, so this will be his third time walking down the aisle.

In 1999, Rufus wed Yasmin Abdallah, his longtime lover, although the two later got divorced. While they had not yet married, they had met when she was 19 years old. But a year later, their romance was over. Later, in 2016, she made news once more when she debuted, an online retailer created by Conde Nast. Yasmin had not anticipated the rift that arose amongst top Conde Nast officials over the online retailer’s debut.

Rufus remarried in 2004, four years after his divorce. He wed Amy Gardner, a screenwriter, director, and producer. The couple had already become parents before they were married, having had a son on March 18, 2002. They were seen together in London on December 10, 2001, while attending the global premiere of “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” Their relationship history is unknown. The pair got divorced two years after being married.

William Douglas is the son of Rufus and Amy. Alongside William is his 10-year-old daughter Lola, whom Rufus shares with his former fiancée Ami Komai.

How Old Is Vivian Benitez?

Vivian Benitez turned 27 in 2023. Her birth year is 6 December 1996.

Vivian Benitez Family

Vivian Benitez, who is of Hispanic heritage, is likely the daughter of Eduardo Benitez and Jacqueline Benitez. Eduardo turned 60 in April 2023. In November 2023, Jacqueline turned 58 years old.

Jacqueline is living in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. She is a Practice Manager at David F Vedder, P.A. She studied at Miami Dade College.

Vivian has one sister named Emma Benitez. Emma, who is 30 years old as of 2023, studied at Ramapo High School and the University of Tampa.

Vivian Benitez Height

Per IMDB, Vivan Benitez stands tall above the height of 5’5”.

How Much Is Vivian Benitez Net Worth?

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Vivian Benitez is under $1 Million. Vivian is a model and actress. According to her IMDB, some of her notable works are Arsenal (2017), Criminal Minds (2005), and Sky Dancers Grown Up (2021).

Vivian is Wilhelmina L.A.’s youngest model scout and the star of E!’s Snapchat series, Vivian, which premiered on 22 October 2018. She began working when she was sixteen years old, and when she finally moved to Los Angeles, she had nothing but $900 and nowhere to live and work. Without any prior experience or representation, she secured a co-starring position on CBS’s Criminal Minds and a lead role in Lionsgate’s Arsenal, starring John Cusack, very quickly.

If Vivian wasn’t a model scout she would act. She added, “Act! I mean, I act right now but I am a Z-list actress. Is there something lower than the Z-list? I am whatever that is. I’m trying to bump it up to X or Y…you know, fightin’ the good fight.”

Before that, Vivian was working at Wilhelmina Miami but believes that “your worth has nothing to with whether you can be a model or not.” In fact, she admits that nothing she’s doing is of much importance.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Vivian Benitez From?

Per IMDB, Vivian Benitez is from New York City.

  • When Is Vivian Benitez Birthday?

Vivian Benitez celebrates her birthday on 6 December.

  • Is Vivian Benitez On Instagram?

Vivian Benitez is available on Instagram (@vivv).

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