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WBZ Zack Green Parents: Barbara And Michael Green

So, after WBZ in Boston bid farewell to Boston Meteorologist Zack Green in September 2023, many of his fans had a difficult time processing the news. At this point, the weatherman had been with the morning team at WBZ for nearly four years. The most he became famous was back in 2020 for hilariously getting caught dancing on camera. So, at a time when he decides to put an end to his era at WBZ, we thought we would bring to you a tell-all about his parents.

Who Are WBZ Zack Green’s Parents?

Zack Green, full name Zachary B. Green, was born to his parents in January 1991. So, he turned 32 years old in 2023. Until this time around, people could see him going around as the Emmy nominated Meteorologist with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. On his LinkedIn, he also likes to tell people that he has been following a career that fuels his passion for weather with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.4

Anyway, in the rest of the writing now, we shall tell you rather about the University of Delaware alum’s parents, who they are, what they have been up to, and more.

Meet Barbara Green, WBZ Zack Green’s Mother

Barbara Green’s mother is Lauren Green. Not much is known about her except for the situation that she and Zack are pretty close. Both seem to have immense love and respect for each other.

  • Barbara Green Age

Barbara A Green was born in June 2023. So, she reached the age of 69 in 2023.

  • Barbara Green Job

At this point, the only thing known about Barbara Green’s job/career is that she only shortly on her LinkedIn about working as an artist at B. L. Green Studio in Barrington, Rhode Island, United States.

  • Barbara Green On Instagram?

Yes. Barbara Green was on Instagram as of September 2023. Her IG account @bmazgreen included 18 posts and 126 followers.

Meet Michael Green, WBZ Zack Green’s Father

In September 2021, Michael Green took to his social media to talk about a “proud son moment.” Next to a picture of his dad and himself, he wrote that on a certain day, his father was honored by their hometown and credited for saving a life during one of the toughest days he had seen. Also, he gushed that he will always be proud of the man’s bravery and strength. Michael, according to Zack, taught him everything then and is teaching now.

  • Michael Green Age

Michael A Green was born in May 1955. So, he reached the age of 68 in 2023.

  • Michael Green Job

Michael Green quite in detail has mentioned his job/career on Facebook.

Since 1 May 2021, he has been working as the assistant harbormaster in the town of Barrington, Rhode Island. Just before that (March 2017 – June 2020), he was the President of AA Thrifty Sign & Awning. Formerly, he also served as the director of sales at STEP HEAT, as the director of sales at Stonestreet Corporation – STEP Warmfloor, as the regional sales manager (Northeast USA and Montreal, Canada) at LivingSocial IE, and as the district sales manager at Verizon, a patrolman at Saugus Police Department.

Speaking of his education, he studied sociology and business management at MCLA in North Adams, Massachusetts in the Class of 1977. Before that, he graduated from Saugus High School (Massachusetts) in the Class of 1973.

  • Is Michael Green On Instagram?

Indeed. Michael Green could be found on Instagram as of October 2023. But, this account @mgreen02806 with 0 posts and 53 followers was kept private at this point. He seemed rather active on ‘Michael Green’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do WBZ Zack Green Parents Reside?

WBZ Zack Green originally hails from Saugus, a town in Essex County, Massachusetts, in the Greater Boston area. in the United States. Saugus is celebrated as the site of the first integrated iron works in North America. As of 2023 though, Zack had been residing in Barrington, Rhode Island.

As for his parents, the father, also originally from Saugus, had been residing in Barrington, Rhode Island, and so was Barbara the matriarch.

  • How Many Kids Do WBZ Zack Green Parents Have?

WBZ Zack Green’s parents have one more child. She is Alicia Green of New York, New York, and can be found on IG @algreen85. Professionally, she is into retail, fashion, and merchandising.

She is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Swim Usa, Caribbean Joe Swimwear, and Vera Braldey Swimwear. Also, she studied Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business at Lerner College of Business and Economics in the Class of 2007.

Another person in Zack and his parents’ life is Lauren Green, the former’s wife. Per LinkedIn, Barbara’s daughter-in-law has been the director of business development at Viking Cruises of Boston, Massachusetts since sometime in 2021. Just before that, she was overseeing affairs as a business development manager at Holland America Line of Providence, Rhode Island Area for over three years. Also, she turned 32 years old in August 2022.

  • Are WBZ Zack Green’s Parents Still Married?

Yes. WBZ Zack Green’s parents are most likely still married. Just on 28 January 2023, they were enjoying a “Friday Date Night” with their great friends Barbara and Michael Green, Niki and John. Before that in July 2023, Barbara had shown a glimpse of them from their date and next to it had captioned “Double Date with Michael Green and Barbara Green!! ❤️❤️”.


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