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Where Is Christopher Scarver Today? Is He Still Alive?

Netflix added another show to its gallery of the true-crime titled Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The show has turned heads towards the real people associated with him in any way. The one not as famous as Jeffrey is his killer Christopher Scarver who beat him to death.

Where is Christopher Scarver today? How old is he? Where is his son? Find the answers here in this article.

Where Is Christopher Scarver Today? Is He Still Alive?

Christopher Scarver is still serving at the Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado. He has been in the facility since 2003. The Telegraph-Herald reported that “Judge Barbara Crabb ordered the state to transfer Scarver and three dozen other mentally ill inmates from the prison in 2001 in response to a class-action lawsuit filed by the inmates.”

Christopher was initially sentenced to life and sent to Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

It appears Chris has found solitude in art and literature. He has published a book titled The Child Left Behind: Poetry of Christopher J Scarver. He has also published God Seed: Poetry of Christopher J. Scarver and A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

Christopher’s bio states that he writes poems, songs, music compositions, short stories, prison policy proposals, and original arts. His poetry describes his journey from despair to hope, from mistrust to finding the good in others. His purpose is to earn an education and create a second chance for those who want one in the current American prison system.

But that is not all because Christopher also wishes to earn a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering partially through his initiative called The American Prisoner Repatriation Act (APRA).

Christopher Scarver Release Date

Christopher Scarver is doing life imprisonment for the murder of three people with no provision for parole so there is no release date for him. In 1990, he was accused of shooting to death 27-year-old job trainer Steven Lohman. Scarver later admitted that voices told him to kill Lohman per The New York Times.

Around the same time, he heard of Jeffrey Dahmer, who had remains of 11 men and boys in his apartment. Chris got to see more of Dahmer after both men were convicted murderers serving out life sentences together in the Columbia Correctional Institution outside of Madison.

In November 1994, Christopher fatally beat the serial killer and another inmate named Jesse Anderson, who later died because of the injuries they had sustained. Chris later opened up about why he killed Jeffrey. Christopher said that he grew to despise Dahmer because he would fashion severed limbs out of prison food to taunt the other inmates.

“He would put them in places where people would be,” Chris told The Post. “He crossed the line with some people — prisoners, prison staff. Some people who are in prison are repentant — but he was not one of them.”

Like a lone wolf, Christopher watched Dahmer from afar in the prison yard, but never approached him, because he did not want to become a target of his sickening humor.

The triggering moment came for Christopher who was keeping himself far from Dahmer when he was doing a chores with mop and bucket and someone poked him in the back. “I turned around, and [Dahmer] and Jesse were kind of laughing under their breath,” Scarver recounted. “I looked right into their eyes, and I couldn’t tell which had done it.”

They split up, but Chris pursued Dahmer with a metal bar from the weight room. He confronted him about the 17 killings, and Chris killed Dahmer with two swings of the bar which crushed his head. The same thing happened to Anderson at a locker room, who was in the prison for killing his wife.

Scarver believes it was no accident that he ended up alone with Dahmer — since prison officials knew he hated the madman and they wanted him dead. He was sentenced to two life terms on top of the life sentence he was already serving.

How Old Is Christopher Scarver Now?

Born on 6 July 1969, Christopher Scarver turned 53 years old in July 2022.

Christopher Scarver Height

According to Christopher Scarver’s mug shot, he stands at a height of around 6 feet 2 inches.

Christopher Scarver Son

Yes, Christopher Scarver has a son who he named after himself, Christipher Scarver Jr., he had his son with his partner Patricia Bufford of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Christopher Jr spoke with CNN in 2014, and he shared that he saw it on TV, when he was around 10 years old.

Christopher Jr attended Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota, and was a senior when CNN interviewed him. He had secured a two-year scholarship from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Creative Corrections Education Foundation for students whose parents are in the criminal justice system.

Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch, he played college football as a guard and also played basketball. He is majoring in Athletic Training and hopes to become an athletic trainer at the professional level someday.

Christopher Jr credited his success to self-determination, his mother’s tough love, his love of basketball, and the correspondence he started with his father several years ago and continues to this day.

“I just woke up one day, and I was really missing him, even though I didn’t know him. I had to talk to him, so I took a chance and wrote him a letter,” Scarver said. “It’s hard to explain, but when your father is not there, you have an emptiness that you are trying to fill.”

Christopher Jr told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that his heartfelt letter to his father described the anger and resentment he felt because his father was not there to see him grow up or see him play basketball or even offer fatherly advice.

Christopher Jr also described how difficult it was for his mother to raise him, and other siblings, and care for relatives. He had a strained relationship with his mother, he said, because it was difficult for her to raise a young black man on her own.

Christopher Jr felt compelled to reach out to the man he had never met while he was feeling overburdened by the school. He was curious as to whether his father had a deeper character than being responsible for the murder of two other prisoners at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage. The moment his father replied to his letter, Chris knew he was dealing with a father who was genuinely interested in his academic and athletic success.

In one letter, the elder Christopher told his son, “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. And you are the toughest kid I know.”

He stated in his bio that three people he would like to meet were his father, Michael Jordan, and Muhammad Ali. He is currently 27 years old being born in 1994.

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  • Who Were Christopher Scarver Parents?

There isn’t much about Christopher Scarver’s parents except the fact that his mother kicked him out because of his alcoholic habits.

  • When Was The Last Interview That Christopher Scarver Gave?

The last interview that Christopher Scarver gave was with The Post in 2014.

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