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Where Is Designer Melanie Rose Today? What’s Her Net Worth?

Designer Melanie Rose shot to fame with her Netflix show How To Build A Sex Room. So, what has she been up to after the show? What is her net worth today?

We explore it here in this article below.

How To Build A S*x Room: Where Is Designer Melanie Rose Today?

When Melanie Rose moved from the UK to the States she likely never imagined that she would someday have her own TV show. It was after moving to the states she discovered her career path in interior design which propelled her to the fame she was able to attend today.

After How To Build A Sex Room premiered on Netflix, people were able to connect with her work. She opened a floodgate for what people wished that they had. Viewers realized that her expertise was something that they were looking for when it comes to creating a space where they could explore their sexual desires.

The eight-part show gave stories of 8 different stories and how Melanie served her clientele to provide them exactly and more than what they ever dreamt of. How To Build A Sex Room became an instant hit and now everyone knows her name and what she does.

One viewer commented on her IG, “What a show !”.

Another added, “This show is everything!!! You are everything! Bravo!”

The third viewer added, “I really hope this is coming back for a season 2. I binged and watched the entire season last night. I’ve added things to my list that I want in my future home. I don’t know who your connections are but the furniture and trinkets you had in each room were magnificent. Bravo”.

Likewise, another added, “Mary Poppins of Sex Rooms!!!! You’re simply amazing!”.

Another added, “LOVE LOVE LOVE the show!!!!!! Thank you for bringing this much-needed medicine to the mainstream @melanieruthrose. As someone who studied architecture and art originally at Cornell, then was a professional Dominatrix for over a decade in NYC and who now is a transformational catalyst that supports womxn to ignite their sovereignty & full wild feminine creative, spiritual, and sexual power, this show is a total dream for me”.

The show indeed was truly amazing, something they wanted but never got. The show became a hit across the globe. Viewers from Brazil, Japan, France, and many other countries commended her work.

So, where is Melanie Rose today?

Based on her IG posts, Melanie is still promoting the show. In her recent posts, the famed designer is talking about sex positivity and how one should openly talk about it.

How Much Is Melanie Rose Net Worth?

Melanie Rose’s career as a designer has earned her a net worth above $1.5 million.

She primarily works as an interior designer. Melanie discovered her passion for designing after she landed in the states. Since then she has worked from apartments to million-dollar homes. She writes on her website, “My work is tailored to the client’s unique and individual needs, to create a deeply personal space”.

In her journey of designing, high-end homes, Melanie discovered a designing “s*x room, or in her words “specialized in creating sacred spaces, fantasy rooms”. She has been designing s*x rooms for 15 years. She adds, “These are clients I’ve worked with for a very long time, so there’s a sense of real trust and confidentiality. One of my clients said have I ever designed a s*x room before and would I like to do one”.

She added: “I was a little shocked. I didn’t say yes straight away, I actually went away and googled it because I was like ‘OK what goes into a s*x room?’ and I thought why not? It beats kitchens and bathrooms”.

Melanie Rose Spouse

Melanie Rose was previously married to her ex-husband Adam Gascoine. But, the marriage didn’t last very long. The only evidence that she was ever married was her Twitter post from April 2018 when she wished her actress Jill Gascoine, a birthday. She tweeted, “Happy Birthday to my amazing and beautiful former mother-in-law #jillgascoine #thegentletouch”.

Adam is one of the three children born to Jill.

Jill was born on 11 April 1937. She was born and bred in London, England.

Jill started her career doing theater in Europe and made her TV debut with a small part in 1958 in the BBC series Theatre Night. She was married to Alfred Molina. Whereas, she also had other two children; Rachel Molina and Sean Keith. She died at the age of 83 suffering from Alzheimer’s for a number of years.

Adam, after his mother’s death, wrote on Facebook, “She suffered from Alzheimer’s for 10 years, so today was a thankful release. The family is all well, and relieved that she’s not suffering anymore”.

Her other TV and movie credits included parts in Z-Cars, General Hospital, Rooms, and Dixon of Dock Green, before her star turn in The Gentle Touch and its spinoff C.A.T.S Eyes, as a police officer, then private detective, Maggie Forbes.

As for her ex-husband Adam, he worked as Story Consultant at TiMi Studio Group, and a writer at PlaySide Studios, 10 Chambers Collective, and ID Software. He also served as design and creative director at companies such as Naughty Dog, BOXI Interactive Corporation, and Treyarch.

Adam’s IMDB page informs that he worked as a writer for Doom Eternal and its sequels and Call of Duty. You can also find him on YouTube.

Melanie Rose Parents

Melanie Rose is currently private about her life. We know that she was born to her anonymous parents in London, UK, but there exists no detail besides that on the web related to designer Melanie Rose’s parents.

Related FAQs

  • Has Melanie Rose Joined TikTok?

Melanie Rose doesn’t seem she has joined TikTok yet. But, you can find her on Instagram (@melanieruthrose), Pinterest (@melanieruthrose), Twitter (@melanieruthrose), and Facebook.

  • Does Melanie Rose Hold Dual Citizenship?

Melanie Rose is of British nationality. She likely holds dual citizenship because she has lived in the States for more than 20 years and is eligible to become a U.S. citizen. Moreover, the U.S. government doesn’t force them to relinquish the citizenship that they earned in their birth nation and neither does the UK.

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