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Where Is Rhona Gemmell Now? Her Age, Height

Amid reactions and tributes pouring in for Robbie Coltrane who lately passed away at the age of 72 on 14 October 2022, let’s look into the life of this woman, Rhona Gemmell, he was once married to.

Robbie and Rhona married on 11 December 1999 and they had gone separate ways by April 2003.

Here’s what else we know about Rhona Gemmell.

Meet Rhona Gemmell, Robbie Coltrane Ex-Wife

When late Harry Potter film series star Robbie Coltrane met his first wife Rhona Gemmell in December 1988, she was a college student. Meanwhile, Robbie’s career was already on the rise.

They met on Christmas Eve 1988 in a bar, where he was drinking to get over his breakup with the first love of his life, Robin Paine. While Rhona was a student still living with her mother when she met Coltrane, who by then was a successful comedian. “People expect me to have a big, loud, blonde on my arm. But Rhona was the first girl I’d met who understood if I got up at 8 am and rushed into the snow,” the 20-stone actor had said back in the day.

Robbie who played friendly giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, and Rhona were living in their £ 3 million home in a village ten miles north of Glasgow, along with their two young children and two dogs. Then, when Rhona left the home along with the kids, she moved to a £250,000 house in Glasgow. Rhona also had reportedly swopped a Mercedes given to her by her husband for a Rover. As for Robbie, at the time, was said to be consoling himself by spending time pottering around with his classic car collection.

Coltrane, who has also appeared in two James Bond films, is said to be consoling himself by spending time pottering around with his classic car collection.

The couple had tied the knot after dating for a number of years.

And when they separated, Robbie’s publicist told Daily Mail it is true they have separated. It is amicable and there is no one else involved, they had confirmed. While some thought Robbie’s work had taken him away an awful lot. Then, some thought maybe the age difference was playing a part too.

As for the kids, the long-ago estranged couple welcomed their first child together in 1992, a son named Spencer. Then, in 1998, they became parents for the second time with the arrival of their daughter, Alice. Both of them grew up away from the spotlight. Spencer chose to live a private life and very little is known about him. While his sister, she is an actress and therefore in touch with media outlets.

Robbie before he died had been battling osteoarthritis for years and had openly talked about being wheelchair-bound and in pain 24 hours a day. In an interview with Radio Times in 2020, he said he had a steady girlfriend. He also revealed they had been together for some 12 years already.

More than once, he also opened up about his health issues, but never really said anything about his divorce. But then, even after the separation, Robbie always only spoke highly about his ex-wife.

Where Is Rhona Gemmell Now?

During her most recent interview (with Folk Monthly Newsletter), Rhona Gemmell, as a crofter and pilates guru Rhona Gemmell talked about Carver and queen bees in their monthly bedside table talk.

Rhona Gemmell now (PIC:

From the conversation, one could tell Rhona had around that time become a proud crofter. Also, she was looking to start beekeeping in Sanna Bay, Scotland.

Around this time, by the impact of reading Macfarlane’s Landmarks and being in Sanna Bay, Rhona opened up that she had started taking more notice of the detail in the local landscape. Also, she said, that now her appreciation of the value of language to describe the landscape they inhabit has increased hugely.

Rhona Gemmell Age

Rhona Gemmell was born in October 1968. So, she reached the age of 54 in 2022.

Rhona Gemmell Height

Rhona Gemmell stands around 5 feet and 8 inches in height.

Is Rhona Gemmell On Instagram?

Rhona Gemmell could not be found on Instagram as of 2022.

Rhona Gemmell Job

When Rhona Gemmell met Robbie, she was a sculptor. Today though, it appears she has since become a Pilates instructor.

According to her Bio on the Body Control Pilates website, Rhona worked as a stone carver after leaving the Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture. On it, she explained how years of back and hip pain led her to Pilates. “Congratulations to Rhona who is now a Body Control Pilates Studio Master teacher”, the studio had captioned an October 2022 Instagram post.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rhona Gemmell From?

Rhona Gemmell was born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland. Yet, reportedly, her nationality is British.

As for her residence as of 2022, she was based around Sanna, i.e., based at the far western tip of the Scottish peninsula of Ardnamurchan, in Lochaber, Highland.

  • When Is Rhona Gemmell’s Birthday?

Rhona Gemmell’s birthday is in the month of October. So, she is likely a Libra or a Scorpio.

  • How Much Is Rhona Gemmell’s Net Worth?

Rhona Gemmell reportedly has more than a £1 million net worth as of 2022.

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