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Whitney Rose Siblings: Kelli Taylor Martinez And Curtis Taylor

A lot happened in The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3, including this one instance involving Whitney Rose. The S03 E04 of the series saw her break away from the group to instead visit her family in Queen Creek. And because this solo trip of Whitney mostly involved her half-siblings, viewers have since been curious as to who they are. Here’s what we know.

Who Are Whitney Rose’s Siblings?

In RHOSC, during a recent trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, Whitney Rose is disclosing to the group that she was abused as a child. The abuse, apparently, in her words, is something she only recently began to have memories of. So, she confirms it finally during a conversation with her half-brother Will. That is how Wills comes into the scene.

During this same trip to Scottsdale, Whitney steps away from the group to visit her other half-siblings, Kelli and Curtis. It is then that Whitney revealed that she shares the same dad as Kelli and Curtis but has different moms.

Eventually, viewers also get to know that like Whitney, who has not seen her father in two years, Kelli and Curtis also did not, at that point, have relationships with Steve.

From what Whitney further said, the patriarch had essentially abandoned her half-siblings when they were kids to start a family with someone new.

All this was known during Whitney’s attempt to gain insight into some childhood trauma that she had recently discovered.

Let’s get to know about each of these Whitney Rose’s siblings in the rest of the writing.

Meet Whitney Rose’s Brother, Curtis Taylor

Whitney Rose mentioned in an IG post back in June 2022 that she loves making memories with this crew of four people (in the picture she shared) that also included her brother Curtis Taylor and a few others.

Curtis and his partner Tanya had flown in for the Garth Brooks concert. So, Curtis, Whitney, and the group had pulled out their boots and hats. Whitney then also cared to mention how she and Curtis both grew up around the farm life and Rodeo, with country music in their blood.

  • Curtis Taylor Age

Born in October of 1980, as Curtis Lee Taylor, he reached the age of 42 in 2022.

  • Curtis Taylor Job

As per his Facebook, Curtis Taylor has been a president at Senergy Power of Chandler, Arizona, providing homeowners options for cleaner and cheaper electricity since September 2015.

  • Is Curtis Taylor Married?

Indeed. Curtis Taylor has been married and he does not mind not keeping it not a secret. This beautiful woman in his life is named Tanya Taylor and she could be found on IG @netanyataylor11.

Also, together Curtis and Tanya have formed a family of seven that includes their five beautiful kids. Yes, Curtis and Tanya have parenting roles to play with their boys and two girls, all seemingly younger than early-teen age.

  • Is Curtis Taylor On Instagram?

Curtis Taylor could be found on Instagram @curtistaylor3181. But, unlike his wife this account of his with 30 posts and 426 followers (as of 1 November 2022) was kept private.

Curtis also seemed not that active on Facebook where he had hoarded some 1K friends over years.

Meet Whitney Rose Sister, Kelli Taylor Martinez

Contradicting Whitney Rose’s revelation on the Real Housewives show her sister Kelli Taylor Martinez refers to this old man named Rick Taylor.

Rick, so you know, is the current Bonneville County Coroner of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Also, he formerly worked at the fire department of the City of Idaho Falls, as well as studied at Ricks College/BYU Idaho and Idaho Falls High School.

Again, let us tell you that Rick continued being married to Kelli’s mother, Tammy Rowberry-Taylor, as of 2022. The matriarch, also of Idaho Falls, Idaho, mentioned going to Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho, and Idaho Falls High School, back in the day.

  • Kelli Taylor Martinez Age

Born as Kelli Ann Taylor in July 1979, she turned 43 years old in 2022.

  • Kelli Taylor Martinez Job

Kelli Taylor Martinez like her parents went to Idaho Falls High School. As for her job in 2022, she mentioned working at MasterCuts and Atlas International. MasterCuts, so you know, is a full-service hair salon offering haircut, styling, and color services. So, maybe Kelli is a hairdresser.

  • Is Kelli Taylor Martinez Married?

Kelli Martinez has mentioned being single on her Facebook. Yet, elsewhere she could not help but show off her baby daddy, Tomas Martinez, and their two daughters.

Kelli might even have been married to Tomas because she still carries with her his last name.

Speaking of Tomas, we can only tell you that he is a Black guy and his social media pages include cozy, beautiful pictures of him with the kids, two daughters, and a son.

One of Kelli’s daughters, Zya, had her first day as a senior in likely high school in August 2022.

  • Is Kelli Taylor Martinez On Instagram?

Kelli Taylor Martinez could be found on Facebook only and not on Instagram as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Whitney Rose’s Siblings Reside?

Whitney’s sister Kelli was born and bred in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Though as of 2022, she had been calling Los Angeles, California her home. As for Curtis, he was dwelling around Chandler, Arizona in 2022.

  • Do Whitney Rose’s Siblings Have The Same Parents?

Whitney Rose has revealed that her siblings Curtis and Kelli share the same father but have different mothers.

  • Are Whitney Rose’s Siblings Close?

Whitney Rose has often shown glimpses of her and Curtis on social media and every time they have appeared close only. But, Kelli and she have not been seen together.

Yet, in a recent episode of RHOSC, the three of them did cry together as Whitney opened up about the healing process she has been working through. Curtis and Kelli told their sister that it is OK to heal.

Whitney then was heard saying they she knew the siblings would understand her as they, too, suffered trauma at the hands of someone they all knew and should have been able to trust.

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