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Who Are Emily And Zachary Hudson? Meet Cindy Williams Kids!

Meet Emily and Zachary Hudson, the two kids of Cindy Williams. The veteran actress passed away in January 2023. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Are they on social media?

Find out more as you scroll down this article.

Who Are Cindy Williams Kids?

On January 25, 2023, actress Cindy Williams passed away. The late celebrity was a loving mother to her two adult children Emily and Zachary Hudson in addition to her profession in Hollywood. Speaking on motherhood, Cindy explained that the early stages felt like she was being tested by fire, but she has grown to love the kids.

Cindy was not wed at the time of her demise. Bill Hudson, with whom she had separated in 2000, was her first husband. On January 30, 2023, news broke that 75-year-old Cindy had passed away just five days before.

Despite being a popular and successful actress, Cindy kept her family life discreet. Nevertheless, during their mother’s 2004 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Zachary and Emily did make an appearance by her side. Her son was about 18 years old at the time, and Emily was about 22. Although Cindy didn’t have an Instagram account, she did have a Twitter account where she occasionally posted pictures of her children.

Their dad, before their parents’s divorce, was married to actress Goldie Hawn. The couple tied the knot in 1976 and stayed married for 6 years. With Goldie, Cindy’s ex-husband has two children: their son Oliver Hudson and actress Kate Hudson. The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actor and Oliver are reported to have a “strained” connection with Bill, but it is unknown how they feel about their half-siblings.

During a Jan. 2021 episode of her podcast Sibling Revelry, Kate spoke candidly about wanting to get in touch with Zach and Emily.

“You know what I’ve been thinking about lately? Dad,” she told Oliver at the time. “I’ve been thinking about our sisters that we don’t spend any time with and our brother — brothers. We’ve got four siblings we don’t spend any time with.” The blonde beauty continued, “We’ve been talking so much about sibling relationships and distraught relationships or good relations — and we’re sitting here like we have the best family, we’re so great and yet we don’t ever acknowledge the fact that we have four other siblings.”

Bill welcomed a daughter named Lalania Hudson, 17, with a woman by the name of Caroline Graham in addition to Kate and Oliver.

Williams has made an effort to foster goodwill amongst Emily, Zack, and their half-siblings, Oliver and Kate. She mentioned how the kids get along wonderfully and behave like a perfect family whenever Oliver and Kate come over for a visit.

Meet Emily Hudson, Cindy Williams Daughter

Cindy Williams is the oldest of two children of Emily Hudson.

  • Emily Hudson Age

Emily Hudson was reportedly born in November 1982. She is currently 40 years old.

  • Emily Hudson Job

Emily Hudson is a rock/pop singer/songwriter. She is an LA-based artist whose debut EP, Love Is a Dirty Word, yearned with a grinding sorrow cast amongst velvet vocals and driving rock n’ roll.

“‘Hearts We Wanna Break’ was written about a friendship I thought would last a lifetime, and the brutal feeling of betrayal ripping apart the good between me and someone I loved,” she shared. “This song represents the moment I realized that love is a dirty word.”

In terms of the five-track album’s super-talented features, Hudson didn’t have to look very far. She enlisted the aid of her brother Zak to produce the rhythm section and her best friend and lead guitarist Billy Newsome to assist her to get the desired sound. She then requested the mixing services of J.P. Hesser at Castaway 7 Studios; Golden Mastering handled the mastering.

“I recorded this album with Billy in his hometown of Pikeville, Kentucky,” Hudson recalls. “It wasn’t recorded in a studio; it was recorded in the dead of winter, up a holler in a Kentucky trailer.

“Billy and I have never had to explain music to each other, and music is most magical when it’s intuitively understood,” she continues, detailing the divine and tacit creative connection. “He is one of the greatest guitar players to ever live.

“From there, my prolific brother Zak completed Love Is a Dirty Word once I got back to LA with his natural and monumental talent on drums and bass. He recorded his portion in a laundry room where his drums were set up. And then, J.P. made it sparkle. “There was no metronome,” she continues. “This whole release was about the spirit of music.”

Find her on SoundCloud, YouTube, her website, and Spotify.

  • Is Emily Hudson On Married?

Emily Hudson’s marital status is unclear.

Meet Zachary Hudson, Cindy Williams Son

Cindy Williams’s son is named Zachary Hudson.

  • Zachary Hudson Age

Zachary Hudson was born in 1986. As of Jan 2023, he turned 37 years old.

  • Zachary Hudson Job

Zachary Hudson is a musician. He is reportedly a talented drummer and bass player. He helped his sister to complete her first EP.

  • Is Zachary Hudson Married?

Zachary Hudson’s marital status is unclear.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Cindy Williams Kids Reside?

Public record shows Emily Hudson is residing in Tarzana, California. Whereas, Zak Hudson is a resident of Toluca Lake, California.

  • Are Cindy Williams Kids On Instagram?

Cindy Williams: IG (@emilytaylorhudson) & Twitter (@emilythudson). Zak’s socials were impossible to discover.


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