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Who Are Micah Lussier Parents: Paul And Patrisha Lussier?

The quest of finding love for Micah Lussier might’ve come to a bitter end but her parents are always there to support her no matter what. If this is your first introduction to them, Micah’s folks are named Paul and Patrisha Lussier. Are they still together? How old are they? What do they do for a living?

The answer unfolds below as this article proceeds.

Love Is Blind: Who Are Micah Lussier Parents?

Love Is Blind star Micah Lussier is the daughter of Paul and Patrisha Lussier. They welcomed her into this world in 1995, which makes her 27 years old.

After Micah’s fiance, Paul Peden said “no” to getting married to the show star, her mother expressed her dissatisfaction with Paul’s handling of the situation. Meanwhile, Paul was just as taken aback.

Throughout season 4 of the show, Micah’s parents made multiple appearances. In front of the other women, Micah and her mother, Patrisha, shared a tender moment as she tried on her wedding dress in Love Is Blind Episode 10. “I feel like we weren’t sure if we were going to have this moment at certain points in our lives,” Micah told her mom. “The fact that we get to do it together — and we’re both healthy and here — it’s a big deal.”

“Yeah, it is a big deal,” Patrisha expressed her affirmation. “I didn’t think I would be here.” To which her daughter replied, “You made it … I’m happy you can be here with me.” And Micah’s mother assured her son once more that she would not be leaving anytime soon.

“Look how healthy I am. See?” Patrisha assured Micah. “God worked it out.”

At the moment, Micah Lussier works for Salesforce as a marketing campaign manager. Her current employment began in December 2022. In 2013, she began working for Old Navy as a sales representative in her hometown.

Micah Lussier received a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications from Washington State University, as well as minors in business administration, public relations, advertising, and Applied Communication. She received real estate broker training at Rockwell Institute as well. Bishop Blanchet High School was where the Seattle native finished high school.

Meet Paul Lussier, Micah Lussier Father

Micah Lussier’s father is called Paul Lussier. She doesn’t hold back from appreciating her dad on social media. Exhibit A, on Father’s Day 2020, she posted a throwback series and captioned the post, “The easiest love ❤️ happy Father’s Day.”

  • Paul Lussier Age

At the time of this article in April 2023, Paul Lussier is 58 years old. He was born in March 1965.

  • Paul Lussier Job

Paul Lussier, according to his Facebook, was employed by the United States Postal Service. Additionally, he also served as a boiler engineer for the U.S. Navy from 1986 to 1993 in San Diego. Other than that, he is yet to share further details regarding his career and current job.

Paul reportedly attended Ingraham High School.

  • Is Paul Lussier On Instagram?

No, Paul Lussier doesn’t have a profile on Instagram. Instead, you can find him on Facebook (@paul.lussier.963).

Meet Patrisha Lussier, Micah Lussier Mother

Patrisha Lussier is the mother of Micah Lussier. She is a proud mom of her daughter who has gushed about on her Facebook. Patrisha has shared on multiple occasions how proud she was that Micah had a promising basketball career.

  • Patrisha Lussier Age

Patrisha Lussier’s birth year is 1959. This means she is currently 64 years old.

  • Patrisha Lussier Job

Patrisha attended Shoreline Community College, Central Washington University, Florida College, Highline College, and the North American Montessori Training Center, according to her LinkedIn profile. The Love Is Blind actor’s mother established herself as a prominent figure in Shoreline after completing rigorous studies in early childhood education.

The Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Education, a “program dedicated to preparing children for to enter kindergarten.,” was founded by Patrisha in 1993. She is the program’s director and proprietor. In addition to teaching, Patrisha likes to cook, spend time with her daughter Micah, volunteer at hospitals and senior living facilities, and write articles on child care.

  • Is Patrisha Lussier On Instagram?

Like Paul, Patrisha Lussier is also not available on Instagram. But you can find her on Facebook (@patrisha.lussier.7).

Related FAQs

  • Are Micah Lussier Parents Still Married?

No, Micah Lussier’s parents are no longer married. Both of her parents appear to be single based on their social media activities.

  • Where Do Micah Lussier Parents Reside?

Talking about their current residence, Micah Lussier’s dad Paul is residing in Mobile, Alabama. Meanwhile, her mom Patrisha is a dweller of Shoreline, Washington.

  • How Many Kids Do Micah Lussier Parents Have?

Love Is Blind star Micah Lussier appears to be the only child born to her parents.

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