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Who Is Adnan Syed Wife Kandra? Are They Still Married?

Learn about Kandra, the estranged wife of Adnan Syed. The news of Adnan’s secret marriage shocked whoever heard of it for the first time. No, that Adnan has been released in 2022, people are asking the same question. Who is Adnan Syed’s wife Kandra?

Here are a few details we’ve gathered.

Meet Kandra, Adnan Syed Wife

Adnan Syed, the ex-boyfriend of Hae Min Lee, was found guilty and charged with first degree. Former’s longtime friend Rabia Chaudry who penned a book on his Adnan, later confirmed that he got married to his wife Kandra while serving a life sentence for murder.

Kandra was allegedly the daughter of one of the fellow inmates of Adnan. They met each other first at Jessup.

Rabia also shed some light on their marriage in her book where she stated that Adnan saved up $10,000 “dowry” in eight years doing odd jobs.

Throughout their marriage, Adnan was in Jessup.

The marriage of Adnan was reportedly not done on paper but in the eye of god. It was allegedly done in front of two witnesses with spoken words that confirmed that they were now husband and wife.

It was an Islamic ceremony. Adnan was so devoted, according to Rabia, that he had to participate in this ceremony before he could even truly allow himself to entertain the thought of being in a relationship with Kandra, even though there was no opportunity for intimate contact while he was imprisoned.

In the book, Rabia wrote, “Adnan wanted to take care of her and he wanted a relationship that gave her the right to expect to be cared for. He asked if she would marry him in an Islamic ceremony, a “nikkah.” “The ceremony would be real, a legitimate marriage in Islam,” she said, “but just not on paper.”

She added, “She felt how conflicted he was, that he wanted a romantic relationship with this woman but his faith was preventing it. After thinking about it she agreed. After all, it was a verbal ceremony with two witnesses, nothing legal. It would put him at ease and not be any kind of a burden on her.”

Adnan began discussing a dowry with Kandra. “A dowry?” she asked, perplexed,” Rabia penned.

During the time of their marriage, Kandra reportedly met her husband only four times. After Adnan was busted for having a T-mobile cell phone, he was moved to Supermax, in Cumberland and Kandra never saw him again.

Are Adnan Syed And His Wife Kandra Still Married?

No, Adnan Syed and Kandra are no longer married. After getting married in an Islamic ceremony in 2008, they divorced two years later after Adnan was moved to NCBI and communications. In 2015, the podcast Undisclosed tweeted: “Yes it’s true, married but divorced later. Still friends today.”

What Is Adnan Syed Wife Kandra Last Name?

Kandra is currently a mystery individual only known based on her first name. Her last name hasn’t been made public.

Adnan Syed Wife Kandra Age

In addition to Kandra’s last name, Adnan Syed’s wife Kandra’s age has also managed to escape public knowledge. But considering Syed’s age, who is currently 41, she should be above 35 years old.

Adnan Syed Wife Kandra Job

While behind the bars, Adnan Syed’s job was doing photocopies, trading, books, and other contraband for other inmates. Rabia shared that his money also came from providing medicine for his fellow prisoners. Although not confirmed that Redditors claimed that Kandra was involved in getting those “medicines” to Adnan.

American journalist Sarah Koenig put Adnan’s “job story” in a different light. She wrote, “At Jessup, Adnan had a good job. He was a clerk in the Chaplain’s Office which gave him access to a computer and to a printer, and a copier. Being an entrepreneurial sort he ran a couple of side businesses, printing stuff and making copies for people.”

According to Adnan, Kandra helped him with his case by doing computer searches and making copies.

A follower asked the Undisclosed Twitter page if Kandra was someone connected to the case, and they replied with a simple: ‘No.’

As for her job at the time and now, we currently have no information on that aspect of Kandra’s life.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Adnan Syed Wife Kandra Religion?

Islam was the religion Adnan Syed’s wife Kandra followed.

  • Where Is Adnan Syed Wife Kandra From?

When Adnan Syed’s wife Kandra met him for the first time, she hailed from North Carolina.

  • Is Adnan Syed Wife Kandra On Social Media?

Kandra, Adnan Syed’s wife could be on social media, but because we don’t have many details as well as her profile, we don’t know much about her social media reach.

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