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Who Is Akbar V? Her Kids, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Kandi

Queen of Atlanta, Akbar V is beefing with Cardi B and in the middle of the beef, Cardi brings up Akbar’s kids. So who are her kids? How old are they? Who are her baby daddies?

Find out here.

Akbar V And Cardi B Beef

Rapper Akbar V and Cardi B are beefing on Twitter with a lengthy back and forth. The beefing between the two began on 25 September when Akbar V posted a tweet doubting the streaming numbers of an unnamed artist. Akbar tweeted, “If @chartdata ain’t say it we ain’t believing the CAP …”

A few hours later, Cardi B responded to Akbar with a tweet, “Count all the times chart data posed u.”:

“I don’t really like the internet games …My dms is open and also the streets!” Cardi B wrote in a follow-up post. “I don’t gotta @ I can change a bitch life just by a mention….AND YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY, I don’t do the internet!!”

Offensive Akbar then shot back at Cardi with another tweet. She wrote, “You a industry b*tch , ima in the streets bitch,” Akbar posted. “You can’t even be cordial with bitches … cause they be on bullshit… sh*t be fake …”

“Who gave this ho cardi b my number … gotta be one of y’all weird ass hoes?” she posted. “Im laughing this bitch must’ve woke up on wrong side of bed ima give her a pass…”

She also threatened to leak her text conversation with Cardi. “I’m bout ready to upload these text to show the world how this ho suppose to be on positive community service Shit but texting me like she incredibly hulk …bitch u weigh bout 120 hush up,” Akbar posted.

Amidst the back and forth, Akbar gave heads up for the text message she was about to leak between the two. Cardi then reacted to the leaked messages by saying, “If we said what we says on the phone why to keep texting me after and going to the internet?” Cardi tweeted. “If we said what we said on the phone why keep texting? These all these bitches want …INTERNET SHOWS..I’m done -_- … I hate a hoe that throw rocks and hide their hands ..been subtweeting me for months and now you wanna make it about another woman as a shield.Stand on your shit!!!”

The beef turned personal when Cardi brought up her Akbar’s kids and not having all of them at one point. Then, Akbar started responding directly to Cardi’s tweets. “You was able to baby…u … I wasn’t but I got all of mine now,” she responded. “See the difference between me and u i was really in that jungle t hugging with real n$$$as….u forgot u had kids when u got some money ?… u was just selling it to any man that ran up on u cricket teeth.”

They had a plethora of texts going back and four at each other.

How Many Kids Does Akbar V Have?

Akbar V is a mother of five kids that she had with five different baby daddies. She also took to her IG and revealed that she had a miscarriage. The rapper wrote, “soo I was debating sharing this story… well the cat is out the bag I lost my baby.. A baby I was gonna keep. I felt it was a second start cause I never raised one of my kids after birth.”

Akbar has introduced her kids on her Instagram. In one video, she was rapping with all five of them. Akbar captioned the post, “All five all me. One thing bout it I never knew how to be a parent cause I never had one. But I’m trying and this is all of my kids I don’t have to do it for the Gram. I just thought ya’ll should know nobody have custody on none of mines but I’m thankful for the help my Grandmothers and fathers give me while I’m chasing my dreams.”

She concluded the post, “Christmas was at my house this Christmas #1stChristmas with all mines this that what matters I know I would see this day and I did I know my mother proud cause I’m finally learning how to be better and not letting the past affect the future and present. I came to win. #QueenOfAtlanta.”

She hasn’t publicly shared their names yet. Based on the video posted by The Neighbourhood Talk, she has four sons and one daughter. The oldest son is likely in his mid-teens, followed by a daughter, and then three younger sons. According to a user in Lipstickalley, the oldest is currently 15 while the youngest is 8 years old.

Who Are Akbar V Baby Fathers?

The Akbar V talked about having five baby daddies, she never gave away their names. During her interview with DJ Smallz Eyes 2, when she was talking about her album, she shared details about falling in love with a man who inspired that project. She talked about being in love with a man from California and how their relationship panned out in the end. She stated that she never had real heartbreak until him because she was in love with him.

It was lies that ended their relationship. Akbar admitted that she still loved him but she needed to focus on her career and herself.

Akbar V Weight Loss

Along with her love life, Akbar V also discussed body weight while appearing with DJ Smallz. She described herself as “fat fine”. When asked if she considered losing weight, she said that she “is changing for nobody.”

Per her social media, she lost a lot of weight.

Akbar V Net Worth

Rapper Akbar V has a net worth of above $600 thousand. The reality star, influencer, entrepreneur, and artist Akbar V has been on the up and up with her career and is turning over a new leaf to highlight her growth and new endeavors with her brand. Hailing from the Atlanta, Akbar V mentions her life has not always been peaches and cream, and at an early age she had to make a way for herself. Gaining notoriety in her hometown by linking with rapper Young Thug and his infamous YSL label helped Akbar gain her street cred and put her around the right people from whom she can benefit.

The rap Queen has a serious work ethic and from day 1 has been firsthand grinding to get her name to the masses, even pulling up on Rick Ross at his mansion to let him listen to her freestyle. After landing a role on the biggest reality show platform to date, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, her social media following went up even higher and she instantly became a fan favorite on the show.

Scripted TV can be looked at as messy when the producers are staging fights between the cast members and after an exciting run on the show, she eventually decided to part ways and work on new endeavors.

Related FAQs

  • How Is Akbar V Related To Kandi?

Yes, Akbar V is related to Kandi and was rumored to be Kandi’s cousin.

  • How Old Is Akbar V?

Born on 22 August  1989, Akbar V is currently 33 years old.

  • What Is Akbar V Real Name?

The real name of Akbar V is Valerie Raven.

  • Why Was Akbar V Shot?

Akbar V was walking at a club and there were gunshots. She was shot in the back of her head. However, she never went into detail about why she was shot.

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