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Who Is Amazing Race’s Aubrey Ares? Her Age, Job, Height

Amazing Race has introduced contestants with unique stories and one of them is professional dancer Aubrey Ares. Learn about her age, job, family, and height. This article covers it all here.

Aubrey Ares On Amazing Race Season 34

Aubrey Ares and her boyfriend David Hernandez almost didn’t make it to the cast of The Amazing Race season 34. They received their last-minute notice it happened just two hours before they were on their way to Europe to compete for the grand prize of $1 million.

Aubrey and David were alternates for Amazing Race. They received an IG message from the producer of the show, appeared on a casting call, and didn’t make it to the final cut of the show. David told US Weekly, “We went through so much work. We went through so many auditions. It was very intense”.

Then, Aubrey chimed in, “And nerve-wracking because you’re literally sitting in front of all these CBS producers … but come to find out, we actually didn’t make the final cast, but they asked us if we would like to be alternates.”

According to David, Aubrey lost her interest to participate as an alternate. She told, “No, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore. We didn’t make it. It’s over.” They got a call when they were on their way out of town while in traffic. They hadn’t prepared as they were sure they won’t be racing so in just a matter of a few hours they had to travel to Munich, Germany so they make their stop at Target to pick up last-minute things.

Aubrey said, “We didn’t have a watch. We didn’t have certain things because I started sending things back since we weren’t going on the show.” Then phone calls started flooding in one after another.

The couple believes alternate as an advantage “because we were automatically the underdogs.” Aubrey told the outlet, “We had to come in and kind of catch up throughout the entire process. So that was definitely one of our strategies through the show.”

David Hernandez And Aubrey Ares Relationship

David Hernandez and Aubrey Ares met each other when David signed up for dance class at Aubrey’s studio. It was six years ago.

On Valentine’s Day 2022, Aubrey took to her Instagram and wrote, “We don’t need one day out of the year to tell each other how much we LOVE each other… We have daily (hourly) reminders ❤️ (lol if you know us, you understand the accuracy) I’m grateful for our journey together! It keeps getting better & better! Happy Valentine’s day, @david_vader6.”

The pair can’t stop professing their love for each other. In August 2020, David dedicated a post to Aubrey writing, “I’ll stop loving you when Tom catches Jerry.” David recently proposed to Aubrey to marry him in early September 2022 in Central Park in New York City. He did it while Marry Me by Train was being covered by a singer.

The pair jointly made their engagement “IG official”. They captioned the engagement post, “FOREVER & EVER. I love you, @david_vader6! Shocked was an understatement!!!!”

Furthermore, this once-in-a-lifetime adventure has brought them even closer together. Aubrey shared that they were tested to points that they had never been tested before.

Aubrey explained: “We were under stress together. I have stress at my job. He has stress at his job, but we’ve never had to work through stressful times together. And us being three years into our relationship, we’re at that point in our relationship where it’s like, ‘OK, are we ready for the next step? Are we ready to get married and start a family together?’ … I think the race definitely grew us stronger. We came back to understand each other better. And I think more in love.”

Aubrey Ares Age

Aubrey Ares turned 30 years old in September 2022. She was born in 1992.

Aubrey Ares Job

Aubrey Ares began dancing at the age of 3 in Chandler, Arizona. She told ShoutOutLA, “After a few years, I competed in my first dance competition at 7 years old, and won! Looking back now it was just a little itty bitty competition but back then it was the confidence I gained to keep pursuing it.”

By the age of 15, Aubrey had won numerous regional competitions titles and competed at national dance competitions around the world. She later pursued a career as a professional dancer and it has taken her to places. She has been trained in different forms of dance such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical & Acrobatics.

At the age of 18, Aubrey moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a Los Angeles Laker Girl. She had the good fortune to secure a position on the Staples floor for two seasons and went abroad with the Los Angeles Laker Team. She had a contract with “Movement Talent Agency” at the same time (MTA). At her very first audition, Aubrey was given a position in the popular VH1 television program “Hit The Floor.”

Aubrey has also had the chance to work with Disney, Fox, and ESPN, and was featured on “The Laker Girls” TV show. She has also been in a Toyota commercial. She has also worked with Carrie Underwood, Tosh.0, Maya Rudolp, and Neon Hitch.

In 2014, Aubrey began her training in Bachata which was her introduction to Latin Dancing. Since then, she has traveled around the world teaching Bachata and Technical dance. In 2016, She was selected to be a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams NFL Team and nominated as captain of the cheer team.

At the same time, Aubrey launched Empowered Movement Dance Company in Los Angeles where she shares her love of dance by training Latin Dancers in both Bachata and Technical Dance styles.

Aubrey has BA in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis. Learn more about her career on her website.

Is Aubrey Ares On Instagram?

Yes, Aubrey Ares is on Instagram (@fulloutaubs) and Facebook (@aubrey.ares). She is also on TikTok (@aubreydavid_tar34).

Aubrey Ares Height

Talking about her physical attributes, Aubrey Ares stands tall at a height under 5 feet 6 inches.

Aubrey Ares Family

Abner Ares and Virginia Ares are the parents of Amazing Race star Aubrey Ares. Her father is currently 58 years old whereas her mother is 57. She has shared in her interviews that while her father believed that dance should only be a hobby and not a career, her mother supported her since she was three years old.

Per her father’s LinkedIn, Abner is currently working as a supervisor in their hometown. As for Virginia, she is working as Branch Operations Manager at Coram CVS/specialty infusion services. Virginia started the job in May 2007. She has previously worked as a Pharmacy Technician at CVS Pharmacy and Dignity Health, and also worked as Southwest Regional Account Manager Hospital/Sales at MedTurn Inc / Inmar.

Aubrey has two sisters named Ariana and Arica. Ariana is currently based in London, England working as a Graphic Designer at Uplift. She studied

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Aubrey Ares From?

Aubrey Ares was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Aubrey Ares Birthday?

According to Amazing Race Fandom, Aubrey Ares celebrates her birthday on 27 September.

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