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Who Is Becky Rogers? Meet EEAAO Editor Paul Rogers Wife!

Meet Becky Rogers, the wife of Everything Everywhere All at Once (EEAAO) editor Paul Rogers. The married couple is over the moon after Paul’s first Oscar. So, fans directed their attention toward his wife Becky. This article covers details about her age, job, hometown, and more.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Becky.

Meet Becky Rogers, EEAAO Editor Paul Rogers Wife

Becky Rogers is the beautiful wife of Everything Everywhere All at Once (EEAAO) editor Paul Rogers. The 2023 Oscars were won by the sci-fi comedy-drama, which won seven of the 11 awards it was nominated for. The movie won the coveted Oscar for Best Picture by outperforming nine other highly successful movies.

Paul acknowledged his wife during his acceptance speech, making it clear that he is indeed married. Paul is quite private about his personal life, but we can confirm that Becky Rogers, who was his date for the evening, is his wife. Because neither of them is on social media, no details of their relationship and marriage surfaced on social media.

While Distractify reported that they are parents to five children, they have mistaken Becky and Paul (from Birmingham) for another couple Paul Rogers and Mary Rogers from Kansas who have five children.

The suburbs in the Southeast are not particularly renowned for producing well-known filmmakers. Paul, however, grew up in a creative and artistic environment thanks to his family. His grandmother painted, and both of his parents, who are photographers, had an artistic influence on him growing up. The legal background of Paul’s father gave his development a technical component.

“Being a lawyer is also being a storyteller,” Paul told in an interview. “That’s what they do. They craft a narrative, and they try to argue that narrative in front of a jury, so I was raised with storytelling and I was raised with art.” In middle school, he produced “Gandhi Strikes Back: No More Mr. Nice Guy,” one of his earliest films. After reading Gandhi’s 560-page autobiography as a punishment for getting into a brawl at Homewood Middle School, Rogers made it with his cousins.

“It was like Gandhi meets Rambo… We just set the camera up and kinda messed around in the living room,” Paul explained. “It was just fun, there was no fancy film work involved at all.”

Up until he entered Homewood High School, he continued to produce movies with his mother throughout his childhood as a way to avoid writing assignments for his academics. Peter Hastings, a friend of Paul, would be tasked with writing a paper on a certain social studies subject, and Paul would offer to proofread it.

“I started working with him, then I saw ‘The Matrix’ and [it] just blew me away,” Rogers said. “And I had just never been obsessed with a movie before like that. After I saw ‘The Matrix,’ I saw ‘Memento,’ Christopher Nolan’s second film. That movie made me realize how incredible editing was.”

Paul entered the College of Santa Fe’s film program with the intention of making movies as a career. There, he was exposed to a variety of various artistic mediums and had the opportunity to direct, act, and edit.

Eventually, Paul moved to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking, where he briefly worked on “The Eric Andre Show.” It was in Los Angeles where Rogers met Dan Kwan and Dan Scheinert, a director duo known as “the Daniels,” known mostly for their work on music videos.

At a roller skating rink in Los Angeles, Paul met Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert; they clicked (in part because Scheinert is also from Birmingham, Alabama), and Rogers was asked to help them with a music video camp. The Daniels then gave Rogers the opportunity to edit their music video for DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” shortly after.

After a few years of writing the script for Everything Everywhere All At Once, the Daniels approached Rogers and asked him to be their editor.

“Originally, the film was going to be about a father and a daughter, starring Jackie Chan,” Paul said during his interview. “And then when it changed to a mother and changed to Michelle [Yeoh] I was even more on board because another one of those movies that were really formative for me was ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.’ Getting to work with [Yeoh] was a dream come true and I still am starstruck whenever I see her.”

Becky Rogers Age

Becky Rogers was born in March 1984. So in March 2023, Becky is 39 years old.

What Is Becky Rogers Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Berky Rogers is Miller.

Becky Rogers Job

Becky Rogers started her career as Research Assistant at Mercyhurst University in 2005. She served in that role for only three months. Furthermore, Becky worked as a project coordinator at the College of Santa Fe in 2006 for five months from August to December.

Starting from August 2006, to February 2007, Becky started working as Senior Project Manager at Clarus Consulting Group, Inc. She worked in the company till August 2011, so a total of four years and seven months.

For a year and three months, from September 2011 to November 2012, Becky worked at Nall Daniels Animal Hospital as Veterinary Technician. Then from 2017 to 2017, Red Mountain Park employed her as Assistant Director of Philanthropy.

Furthermore, Becky worked at River LA as Development Manager,

In January 2019, Becky joined Claremont Lincoln University. She worked there till September 2022. After that, she started working as Director of Educational Partnerships which is also her current job.

Besides her regular job, Becky has also volunteered at Green Resource Center for Alabama, Childcare Resources, The REAL Bark, and Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Talking about her education, Becky attended

Is Becky Rogers On Instagram?

No, Becky Rogers is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Becky Rogers Birthday?

Becky Rogers’ birthday is in March.

  • Where Is Becky Rogers From?

Per public records, Becky Rogers hailed from Birmingham, Alabama. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Tall Is Becky Rogers?

Becky Rogers stands tall above the height of 5 feet 5 inches.

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