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Who Is Bliss Poureetezadi Father, Shah Poureetezadi?

Get to know about Shah Poureetezadi, father of Love Is Blind star Bliss Poureetezadi. Learn about his age, job, and wife in this article below.

We cover it all here so learn more as this article proceeds.

Meet Shah Poureetezadi, Love Is Blind Star Bliss Poureetezadi Father

In the most recent episodes of Love Is Blind, Season 4, the engaged couples met one another’s families before getting married. In many cases, the parents don’t have any issue expressing their unhappiness with their children getting married to someone they’ve only known for a couple of weeks. Yet, support typically masks their concern, and after seeing the fiancé of their child, they finally change their minds.

In the cases of Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi, this could not be further from the truth.

Zack has been able to impress Bliss’s mother and sister however, her father Shah Poureetezadi was not impressed.

After his outstanding performance when he first met Bliss’ mother, Zack must have felt quite confident about joining Bliss’ family. Until her father was ready to be introduced. Bliss revealed to her fiance that her father frequently ices her partners.

The fact that Shah and Zack had such dissimilar hobbies didn’t help. Soon after they finished eating, Shah asked about golfing and fishing, both of which Zack admitted he had little interest in. Then, in a moment as embarrassing as his singing, Zack launched into an anxious rant on why a law pertaining to suspended driver’s licenses in the state of Washington ought to be treated as a civil offense. Zack was obviously passionate about it, but Bliss’ family found the legalese to be jarring.

“I don’t really have an opinion about that, honestly,” Shah spoke bluntly of his future son-in-law.

After that awkward small talk, Shah ultimately revealed his major objection to Bliss and Zack’s impending nuptials: he can’t support the “Love Is Blind” method. When Bliss and Zack revealed they had only been dating for 20 days, Shah voiced his unhappiness.

Shah said, “Twenty days is just insanity. I know you’re happy, but don’t fool yourself.”

It turns out that Shah has had marital issues with his daughters before. He further asserted that the fact that one of Bliss’ sisters wed a former worker of his led to a rift between them because he disapproved of the union.

Bliss boldly defended her decision at the end of the hectic evening. “I’m not going to get married just to get married,” she said. “That’s what you’re doing,” her father refuted.

Viewers at home are also not very impressed by Shah’s disposition towards his daughter’s upcoming nuptials.

One viewer took to Twitter and wrote, “If I was Bliss, I would’ve thrown my dad’s divorce back in his face a lot harder. You’re not gonna sit up at my house and question my impending nuptials when you already dragged me through a messy divorce as a kid.”

One fan quipped, “Bliss’s dad is hilarious talking about marriage as he sits next to his second wife. Relax mister.” Calling him a typical control dad, a fan wrote, “Bliss’s dad is the typical control dad. This wasn’t his choice, he wasn’t in control, so he doesn’t approve. He also doesn’t respect his daughters. That is sad.”

Fun Fact: Bliss is of Persian, Black, White, and Mexican American heritage.

Shah Poureetezadi Wife

As of 2023, Shah Poureetezadi is married to his wife Yariela Poureetezadi. It is unclear when the married couple tied the knot.

About Yariela, she is currently 45 years old.

Is Shah Poureetezadi On Instagram?

No, Shah Poureetezadi is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Shah Poureetezadi Age

Born in 1964, Shah Poureetezadi is 58 years old.

Shah Poureetezadi Job

Shah Poureetezadi is the founder and CEO of Sea Tac Distribution Inc. He incorporated the company back in 2005. Shah is currently running the company along with his wife Yariela. According to Open Corporates, Yariela serves as governor of the company.

Sadly, Shah has deactivated his LinkedIn account.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Shah Poureetezadi Reside?

Shah Poureetezadi is currently residing at University PI, Washington.

  • When Is Shah Poureetezadi Birthday?

Shah Poureetezadi celebrates his birthday in December.

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