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Who Is Jackie Chung Husband, Louis Ozawa?

Jackie Chung is an accomplished stage actor and also a household name among TV fans. She is loved for her performance as Laurel in The Summer I Turned Pretty. She is also recognized for her appearances on Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy. This exposure has naturally led to her having a good fan following who also often wonder about her personal life. In this writing, therefore, let us tell you about the man in her life. He is none other than Hunters star, very handsome Louis Ozawa.

Meet Louis Ozawa, Jackie Chung’s Husband

Louis (pronounced LOU-EE) is not Jackie Chung’s husband, but he is also her partner in crime. They always have had a great relationship.

Speaking of their marriage, it happened on 12 January 2013.

The two met at an audition for a short film. They got the parts and were paired up to be a newly-wed arranged couple. Talking about it later, Louis explained that they hit it off so well, the director, who ended up casting them, asked if they knew each other already. Meanwhile, Louis had never seen her in his life. In his words, lightning struck that day he met her and he was so smitten. Even Jackie experienced the same. They fell in love and the same director married them when they exchanged their wedding vows.

The first project the duo worked together was the award-winning short film directed by Jae Choe. It was made at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film Department. In March 2023, the real-life duo again came together professionally for a story called The Dust-Up, which is inspired by tales told in many African countries. Before, they also directed and starred in The Translators.

Jackie and her husband also have two kids. They were five-year-old and a six-month-old as of May of 2020, during the time of the COVID pandemic when both Louis and Jackie were working from their home in LA. Louis himself was struck down with the coronavirus which laid him up in bed for days. And it was therefore a struggle for him not to be able to help his wife with their two children. He said this and more as he found time to tell a timely story exit6. At the time, Louis also had detailed the impact the pandemic had on his projects. One of the plays that he had been preparing for got shut down before opening night.

So, Louis and his wife share two sons. Their eldest Bodi turned 8 years old on 16 April 2023. Bodi, when he was only six months old, landed his first gig with the famous cinematographer Lance Accord. It was a little commercial for Kohls that ran during the Oscars and featured Penelope Cruz among other actors. Louis had gone to play dad, and the young child who he was supposed to be paired up with did not show up. He happened to have his son with him, and so he brought him into the audition.

When it was time for the youngest Tyrus, Jackie unexpectedly gave birth to him, while they were attending the Busan Film Festival to promote Wayne Wang’s new film, Coming Home Again, in October of 2019.

Still, the most famous one in the family is their beloved pit bull mix Atticus. Jackie even calls him their firstborn son. Atticus not only has a fan following on the interwebs and social media, but he also had his debut in a Chinese hand sanitizer commercial.

Louis Ozawa Age

Louis Ozawa was born in 1975. So, he turned 47 years old in 2022.

What Is Louis Ozawa’s Ethnicity?

Louis’s full name is Louis Ozawa Changchien. He is an Asian-American with Japanese and Taiwanese heritage.

His father Kuan-hui Changchien was born and raised in Taiwan. From there, the patriarch moved to Tokyo at the age of 17, to study Japanese. There, while attending university, he met Kuniko Ibayashi, Louis’s mom, who at the time was an actress and also ran her own cafe.

Kuniko was born in 1945 at the end of World War II. Her mom had died giving birth to her. Her dad Akira Ozawa then put her up for adoption with the Ibayashi family. In her early twenties, Louis said, she was dabbling in acting and modeling.

Nearly 50 years after his mother’s birth, Louis chose to pay tribute to his maternal family by adding Ozawa as his middle name.

Louis Ozawa Height

Louis Ozawa stands 5 feet and 10 inches in height.

How Much Is Louis Ozawa’s Net Worth?

Louis Ozawa reportedly had more than $2 million net worth as of May 2023.

Other than Hunters, Louis also is known for his appearance on Apple TV’s critically-acclaimed series Pachinko.

One of his first gigs out of grad school was BBC Samurai’s docu-drama that was shot in Japan in a studio in Kyoto. That was his first big on-camera gig. Ever since he has been in a number of different films and TV series.

Louis first made a name for himself with almost 20 years worth of recurring roles on TV shows like Matador and Jim Carrey’s Kidding, and the occasional part in high-profile films like Predators.

Then, happened Hunter where he plays Joe Mizushima, a central leader of a group of Nazi hunters embarking on a bloody path to bring white supremacists to justice. Part of this job was sharing the screen with the likes of Al Pacino, Josh Radnor, and Logan Lerman.

Not to miss, when as a child Louis was dipping his foot into acting, he first landed a gig with Bill Cosby of all people in a Jello pudding commercial.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Louis Ozawa’s Birthday?

Louis Ozawa’s birthday is on October 11th and that makes him a Libra.

  • Is Louis Ozawa On Instagram?

Yes. Louis Ozawa can be found on Instagram @louisozawa, where as of 8 May 2023 there were 864 posts and 6,583 followers.

One could also give Louis a follow on Twitter @LouisOzawa.

  • What Is Louis Ozawa’s Nationality?

Louis Ozawa is an American of course. He was born somewhere in New York, in the States.

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