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Who Is Jonas Myers? Meet TikToker Elyse Myers Husband!

TikToker Elyse Myers is now expecting her baby no. 2 with her husband Jonas Myers. The duo shared the good news in a video drawing inspiration from The Office episode called “Local Ad.”

But who is Jonas Myers? Keep reading to learn all about him.

Meet Jonas Myers, TikToker Elyse Myers Husband

Jonas Myers and Elyse Myer officially started their love story on October 14, 2016, and their life has never been better. As per the TikTok star, Jonas was her best friend and her safest place. On her 500th day of togetherness, he made her a paleo apple pie and she cried about it. He even took it upon himself to throw a combined bachelor and bachelorette party for Elyse’s mom and her fiancé. “It was just the four of us. Line dancing. At a honky-tonk. Nailed it,” Elyse recalled.

On January 6, 2018, the duo then tied the knot in an intimate wedding surrounded by a few friends and family. Sharing a photo from the best day of her life, Elyse took to her IG later to write, “Mr. & Mrs. Myers 🙌🏼 So thankful for everyone that covered us in prayer and love. We could not have done this without you. PS. It was 19 degrees in these photos and there was definitely some glittery language thrown out into the air while we were shooting them.”

Now, even after 6 years of togetherness, Elyse still falls head over heels for her husband every day. She believes that “people are the worst” and it’s a miracle that she found Jonas.

Talking about their kids, Jonas and Elyse welcomed their first child August in January 2021 and their second was on the way! To let fans know about their second pregnancy, the duo made a video with references to The Office ad — which saw Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott making his own commercial for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in the 2007 episode.

“People fall in love, they change, they grow and then sometimes they have babies. And then babies become their whole world. And in a fast-moving world where good news moves at the speed of time, and bad news isn’t always what it seems. Because when push comes to shove, people deserve the chance to score,” Elyse speaks in the video.

And it’s all thanks to Jonas that  Elyse’s having an amazing pregnancy time. She confessed that there wasn’t a day Jonas didn’t go out of his way to love and take care of her. “He cooks, cleans, shops, acts as my brain when I can’t think straight, walks Bauer before the sun is up, works, does laundry, drives me everywhere, organizes my life, and if that isn’t enough, he has renovated 3 entire rooms in our house,” she added.

Also, Elyse shared that her husband was a great dad and she’s confident that her son will become a “good man with a heart like a lion” because of him.

Jonas Myers Age

Jonas Myers was 28 years of age in 2023.

She is a year younger than his wife Elyse Myers.

Jonas Myers Job

Jonas Myers was in full-time ministry. He used to be a Missionary for Calvary Christian Church and a resident at Walnut Creek Campus.

“I love serving in the youth ministry because I love seeing young people take the next step with Jesus, and it really excites me when someone, it just clicks for them. So, you can meet a student that is anywhere on a journey of discovering Jesus or following Jesus. And we get to be a part of showing them who Jesus is and after that helping them to follow him in every aspect of their lives,” he said.

Unfortunately, Jonas had to quit his job as a missionary in August 2021 to become a stay-at-home dad.

On the other hand, Elyse is continuing her career as a TikTok star, web developer, and songwriter. But given her videos are often social, involving her friends and family, she was always present for her kids as well.

For those who don’t know, Elyse initially started her career as a web developer and it was only in 2021 that she downloaded the TikTok app. “It was just fun. As the account started growing really steadily, I started realizing, ‘This could be something down the road,’” she said.

Then, one day, after making the “Taco Guy” video, her life turned upside down! And now, she has millions of followers including stars like Leslie Jones and Reese Witherspoon.

How Much Is Jonas Myers Net Worth?

Jonas Myers garnered a net worth of above $400 thousand by 2023.

How Tall Is Jonas Myers?

Jonas Myers stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Jonas has brown eyes, a square face, and a dimpled smile.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jonas Myers Birthday?

Jonas receives his birthday wishes on March 11 and is of the Pisces zodiac.

On his 27th birthday, Elyse took to her IG to write, “Happy 27th Birthday to my baby daddy. You are the most incredible friend, father, husband, and man. We are so lucky to be loved by you.”

  • Is Jonas Myers On Instagram?

As of February 2023, Jonas was on Instagram @jonas_myers with 36K followers.

Also, here’s his Facebook @jonas.myers.75 and TikTok @jonas_myers.

  • Where Is Jonas Myers From?

Jonas hails from Tonganoxie, Kansas.

But as of 2023, he resided in Omaha, Nebraska.

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