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Who Is Victor Mallarino Wife, María José Gómez Turriago?

Fake Profile star, Victor Mallarino was the most desired man in Colombia. Ironically, his love life was a mess. The actor has been in countless relationships (two of which ended in marriage) before he finally met his current wife María José Gómez Turriago.

So, who is María? Keep reading to learn all about her and more.

Who Is Victor Mallarino Wife, María José Gómez Turriago?

María José Gómez Turriago is Victor Mallarino’s third wife. Before we talk about her, let’s go through Victor’s past relationships.

The actor indeed has a complicated love life. He met the Swedish art director Lotti Haeger when she was studying Film and Television Direction and Production, and married her just a few months later. Then he got a job in Colombia, so they settled in the country on the condition that they would return to London after their first project.

However, as offers began to flood in for the actor, the duo ended up staying in Bogotá. Lotti wasn’t happy with this. So, they ended their marriage amicably after having two kids — Sebastián, who is a publicist, and Christina, who is a doctor.

In 1993, Victor then found love with actress Angie Cepeda, which was short-lived. 

But by 1996, the actor had already walked the altar once again with Kathy Saénz, who was 16 years younger. It seems that the two met when Victor was directing the telenovela La maldición del paraíso, but things didn’t prosper between them as Victor was still with Angie at the time.

Sadly, Victor and Kathy couldn’t even make it to their first wedding anniversary. They divorced 6 months into their marriage due to “incompatibility with a partner.”

Thereafter, Victor went on to date multiple partners and finally met María, who swayed his heart away. Well, as they say, the third time’s the charm, the duo was still married at the time of writing this article.

How Much Is Victor Mallarino Net Worth?

Victor Mallarino flaunted a net worth of above $5 million in 2023.

An actor/director by profession, Victor has over 4 decades of experience in Colombian television. He stepped into the entertainment industry ever since he was 5 and has graced over 40 movies and TV shows. Some of them include Un ángel de la calle (1967), La tregua (1980), La tía julia y el escribidor (1981), Los dueños del poder (1986), Las Ibáñez (1989), Quieta Margarita (1989), Candela (1996), ¿Por qué diablos? (1999), El inutil (2001), Dora, la celadora (2004), Valentino, el argentino (2008), and Conniving Renata (2012).

His latest project was Fake Profile where he played Pedro, the owner of a business empire and father to Angela and Adrian. His character liked to play hardball, and as the season unfolded, so did the mystery behind his motives. 

When Victor isn’t acting, he’s conducting research on environmental issues at Sapiens Platform, an org he founded to carry out work, documentary material, and interview philosophers, who dominate the environmental issue, such as Yuval Noah Harari.

As for his education, Victor studied biology at the Universidad de los Andes, but dropped out and entered the National School of Dramatic Art founded by his father. Years later, he went to the UK to study Film and Television Production.

How Old Is Victor Mallarino?

Victor Mallarino was born on February 9, 1957. That made him 66 years of age in 2023.

As per his birthday, Victor is of the Aquarius zodiac.

Victor Mallarino Family

Victor Mallarino comes from a family of actors.

His father, Victor Mallarino Boterowas one of the forerunners of the theatre A coffee with Mallarino. He was also the director of the National School of Dramatic Art, where Consuelo Luzardo and Frank Ramírez studied, among others.

Likewise, his sister María Angélica Mallarino is an actress who appeared as “Jumena” in Crónica de un amora (1969). Overall, she’s graced over 15 movies and TV shows such as Pasos en la niebla (1977), En las líneas del destino (1979), Sur verde (1980), and Pequeños gigantes (1983).

His other sister, Helena Mallarino is also an actress who graced shows and movies such as Bolívar, el hombre de las dificultades (1981), Los dueños del poder (1986), San Tropel (1987), Garzas al amanecer (1988), Herencia maldita (1990), Divorciada (1999), La costeña y el Cachaco (2003), Palabra de Ladrón (2014), Cumbia Ninja (2015), and The Snitch Cartel: Origins (2021).

Back in 2018, María paid their dad a tribute with a unique recital, in which “nostalgia, memory, poetry, and live music” merged. There, she recited 14 of the poems that her father wrote while alive, with an introduction to each author through a video that briefly summarizes his biography.

This show, divided into two acts, was conducted and produced by the Grupo Andino de Televisión, sponsored by the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia and the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Presidency of the Republic.

Victor Mallarino Height

Victor Mallarino stands tall at a height of 6 feet (183 cm).

His distinct feature includes — brown eyes, dark hair, and a healthy body.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Victor Mallarino From?

Victor hails from Bogotá, Colombia. He resided there even as of 2023.

  • Is Victor Mallarino On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Facebook @victor.mallarino.3 and on Twitter @VMallarino.

Sadly, we couldn’t find his Instagram.

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