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Wilder Bunke Bio, Couple to Throuple, Age, Job, Height

Wilder Bunke AKA Wilder Rush is one of the cast members of Peacock’s Couple to Throuple. He joined the show with his girlfriend Corey Potter. So, while you watch his journey in the show, allow us to bring you details regarding his age, job, and more.

Scroll down and read all about it below.

Wilder Bunke On Couple to Throuple

Joining the group of inquisitive couples to see if non-monogamy suits them are Wilder Bunke (AKA Wilder Rush) and Corey Potter. “It’s kind of a first time we dating as a couple,” Corey Potter remarks at the beginning of the trailer. 14 receptive singles who are eager to hook up with four inquisitive couples are captured on video.

After that, Corey selects one person to join the group on their own. The two seem to get along well with the other single after some sultry moments. Things aren’t as easy as they appear, though. When a third person enters a partnership, jealousy becomes a major problem, causing trouble in paradise.

While Corey and two other women enjoy themselves in the water, Wilder Bunke appears to be having the most fun. He only has one tight rule: “Use your mouth.” With Corey by his side, Wilder is even seen enquiring, “Will you be my girlfriend?” to someone. Corey Potter states in the following scene that “compatibility is off the charts.”

It looks like there will be a lot of drama between the two of them.

After meeting a group of compatible singles, each of the eight players will experience dating various people. Each person must mingle before determining whether there is a place for three in their current relationship, which is set against the backdrop of an exotic tropical resort in Bermuda.

Four couples will meet fourteen singles, several of whom have lived in polyamory before. Following their introductions, couples will have to participate in a “Throupling Up Ceremony” to select a single person to go on dates and share a bed with. They will review each couple’s relationship every few days with a “Stay-or-Swap Ceremony,” in which they can choose to remain dating their third partner or replace them with a different single person.

Other than Corey and Wilder, viewers also met Dylan and Lauren Blair, Ashmal Ali and Rehman Bhatti, and Brittne and Sea. Whereas, the 14 singles who will try to mingle with the couples are Sanu Stevens, Darrien Seqqoya, Jess Olsen, Denyse Davis, Peach (Dejha Blackmon), Becca Calb, Mia Pheonix, Sadie Clark, Lina Chang, Chris Fenlon, Jonathan Intriago, Francis Ford Jr., and Frank Edward.

On February 8, 2024, “Couple to Throuple” debuted exclusively on Peacock.

Are Corey Potter And Wilder Bunke Still Together?

Despite the ups and downs in the show, Wilder Bunke (Wilder Rush) and Corey Potter managed to stay together. Or at least we can confirm that they follow each other on social media.

At a party in college, Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke became friends. Corey stated of Wilder, “I was trying to make someone else jealous and he was there.” Corey asserts that despite their nine years of dating, they are neither engaged nor married, saying, “We’re just riding this wave and then we’re gonna see what happens.”

They enjoy attending music festivals and going rock climbing. Corey claims that she found out recently that she is bisexual, which makes the thought of asking a different lady into their relationship quite seductive. According to Wilder, he is a straight man.

Wilder Bunke Age

As of Feb 2024, Wilder Bunke (Wilder Rush) is 30 years old.

Wilder Bunke Job

Wilder Bunke (Wilder Rush) has a job as a photographer and videographer. He works with musicians and models in the greater Los Angeles Area.

One of his works was filming the music 2019 festival where he has done a phenomenal job. His other works are titled L’Orange -Whin, Charles Anderson “Demon Host”, Fatigues, Three Prayers, PAPER X John Stamos, and more which you can view on his Vimeo profile.

According to his IMDB page, he is known for  The Graff Lab, The Dating Ritual (2014), and Jesse Hanson: These Words (2014).

As for working with musicians, in 2022, Wilder worked with MAGIC GIANT where Wilder helped them to make their tour documentary for their first album. He has been working with the band at least since 2016.

Find more of his work on his website here.

Wilder Bunke Height

Wilder Bunke’s height measures above 5 feet 11 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Wilder Bunke From?

Wilder Bunke (Wilder Rush) is a native of Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Wilder Bunke On Instagram?

Yes, Wilder Bunke (Wilder Rush) goes by the Instagram handle (@wilderrush).

  • When Is Wilder Bunke Birthday?

Wilder (Wilder Rush) celebrates his birthday on 27 April.

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