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Will Gagnon Bio, Parents, Age, Height, Are You The One?

Will Gagnon finds himself lucky for being able to date 11 girls on Are You The One. However, he wasn’t so lucky when the girl he liked the most paired up with another contestant in the first match-up ceremony.

This “Will Gagnon Bio” explores his life.

Will Gagnon On Are You The One?

After a four-year hiatus, Are You The One? finally returned to the small screens on January 18, 2023, and once again 22 contestants from around the world are coming together to find their compatible half.

For those whose memory needs a jog, every contestant on the show must go through extensive interviews and compatibility tests before filming. Thereafter, the show uses a special matchmaking algorithm tool to ensure all contestants have a “perfect match.” The goal is to figure out who they are destined for through a “truth booth.”

So, this also means, knowing that your other half is around you, contestants may also get into a love triangle. And sadly for Will Gagnon, the girl he was vying for was swept away from right under his feet in the first match-up ceremony.

For those of you who missed the drama, Will was attracted to Brooke Rachman and he let his feeling be known telling her that he was for someone supportive. However, Brooke told him, “I need someone who is literally obsessed with how I am,” and that someone was Leo Svete.

At the time, Brooke and Leo were bonding over their experience with their dad’s health.

Seeing this, Will pulled Brooke aside to talk in the second ep and complained “I made a joke earlier and you gave me a dirty a** look. I was like, ‘Geez save some for the rest of us.’.” But Brooke reassured him, “I’m not mean, I promise!” She even hinted that  Will would be her number one if he was nicer.

Unfortunately, in the first match-up ceremony, Leo had the chance to pick before Will, and he swayed Brooke right away. Elated, Brooke then also said, “I came into this not thinking I was going to crush on someone so hard so fast.”

Obviously, Will felt betrayed and said he was only Brooke’s shoulder to cry on when Leo wasn’t giving her attention.

Will Gagnon Relationship Status

We’re not sure if Will and Brooke’s story had a happy ending. But we can confirm that of Leo and Brooke’s certainly didn’t end well.

Leo Svete claimed to be “single” in 2023.

But love or not, Will certainly came out of the show as a happy and popular man. So popular that even his ex-girlfriend couldn’t resist texting him “I miss us.” In response to this, he took to his TikTok to thank for her cheating on him so that he could “have the opportunity to go on a dating show and date 11 different girls from around the world.”

As per Will’s FB, he and his ex-girlfriend started their relationship in June 2021.

Will Gagnon Age

Will Gagnon was 26 years of age when he appeared on Are You The One? in 2023.

He is 4 years younger than his love interest Brooke Rachman.

Who Are Will Gagnon Parents?

Will Gagnon might share a close knot bond with his family of four. But due to their busy work life, he rarely had the chance to meet them; especially his parents. The last he saw his dad was in August 2021, and it was after 3 years!

Besides them, Will was also close to his relatives Lynn Gagnon, Jackie Gagnon, Alison Gagnon, Pat Gagnon, Jason Gagnon, and Taylor Gagnon.

Will Gagnon Height

Will Gagnon stands tall at a height of under 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Will has baby blue eyes, a brilliant smile, tattoos on his arms and biceps, and a buffed body.

For those of you intrigued with Will’s body. Well, it didn’t come overnight. He’s been training for over 8 years!

Back in 2018, he wrote on IG, “Nothing happens overnight, 4 years so far of training, 4 years of no partying, 4 years of dedication!! No matter what you do in life people are going to talk shit, try and knock you down. Let ’em talk, because, at the end of the day, you’re the one conquering your own DAMN GOALS!!”

Will Gagnon Job

Will Gagnon is a military man. He joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating from boot camp back on December 19, 2014, as a Private first-class — honor graduate for Platoon 3100, Mike Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion.

By 2018, he was already a Corporal, line noncommissioned officer, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Marine Division.

After retiring, Will then started his career as an actor and a fitness model for APS nutrition.

Also, he earned a little from his time on OnlyFans @ehwilleh.

Did you know: Will has a beautiful voice. He loves singing.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Will Gagnon Birthday?

Will celebrates his birthday on August 2 and is of the Leo zodiac.

  • Is Will Gagnon On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @ehwilleh.

Also, here’s his Facebook @will.gagnon.3, TikTok @ehwilleh, and Twitter @Willgagnon6.

  • Where Is Will Gagnon From?

Will hails from Mount Morris, N.Y.

But as of 2023, he resided in Los Angeles, CA.

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