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Wyland Szabo: Who Is TikToker Brittany Jade Husband?

Meet Wyland Szabo, husband of TikToker Brittany Jade. Below you’ll learn about their marriage, the TikTok controversy, his job, age, and his family members.

So, tag along with this article to learn more about her.

Meet Wyland Szabo, TikToker Brittany Jade Husband

TikToker Brittany Jade is married to her husband Wyland Szabo. The couple has been married since 17 September 2011 after meeting in 2008 when they were both 19 a living sober. Brittany had just finished alcohol treatment at the time.

They likely got engaged in July 2009. On their second wedding anniversary, Brittany posted on her Facebook, “September 17th, 2011, 2 years ago from today I married my best friend & September 17th, 2012, 1 year ago we found out we were having a girl. I love you so much, Wyley Szabo! Happy 2-year anniversary!”

The married couple brought their first child Violet Rae Szabo to the world on 20 February 2013. The couple announced their second pregnancy via Facebook post in April 2016. They were having twins this time who they later named  Levi and Cove.

In December 2021, they made headlines on Fox News, about their tumultuous relationship. The Szabos filed for divorce in 2019 and spent $100,000 on legal bills and court costs, but the divorce process was abandoned last year, the couple told Fox News. Despite the fact that they are still in debt from their divorce, they decided to rekindle their vows to each other in November 2021.

“It’s been a lot of work,” Brittany told Fox News. “I don’t think there’s anything we can’t get through at this point.”

In order to support those who are struggling, Brittany shares her and Wyland’s story as well as her own tale of alcoholism recovery on TikTok.

They were “completely sober” until about five years ago, right after the couple had their second and third children, twins, Brittany told FoxNews. “We started drinking again, thinking we took a few years off and we could drink again like normal people do,” Brittany said. “And it was OK for a while and then eventually, you know, things started to get bad and worse and then we ended up separating and filing for divorce in 2019.”

“It wasn’t just all because of alcohol,” Brittany added. “There were a lot of other very toxic behaviors…we were very codependent on each other and it was just not a good situation.”

Brittany claimed that she increased her drinking after they split up and experienced mental health issues. She lost custody of her three children and made many attempts to get sober, but each time she relapsed after a few weeks or months. When she was released from jail after being detained and spending a night in jail, she had a restraining order against her, was homeless, and had no contact with her kids.

Eventually, Brittany started using heavier drugs – something she hadn’t done before – “just to numb the pain,” she said. One day in February 2020, she overdosed.

Brittany said she spent 28 days in Wisconsin getting sober and working on herself, doing drug tests, buying a breathalyzer, and seeing a psychiatrist. When Brittany returned to California 28 days later for a court hearing, she was able to get custody of her kids back. Though their relationship had completely ended – to the point of only speaking through the court – Wyland and Brittany reconnected about a year ago, after they had both spent time working on themselves.

They got talking and eventually, apologized to each other, and started seeing therapists together, to help them, and co-parent, eventually falling in love again.

Brittany And Wyland Szabo TikTok Controversy

However, Brittany and Wyland have found themselves under fire after lying to their followers. The controversy ignited when Brittany posted a TikTok that falsely said that her twin sons had a deceased brother, Lawrence. An insider confirmed that it was a prank but the fans aren’t taking the “dead child” prank as a joke.

Both the husband and wife have been criticized for being insensitive about “losing a child”. The couple apologized and deleted the video but it was saved by another user and posted on Reddit. In the apology video, Brittany said, “We are extremely sorry for those who are hurt, triggered, or offended”.

She then added that they were “extremely disappointed in ourselves” and “extremely insensitive of us”.

The original video was captioned, “Seeing if our twins will go along with what we say”. In the video, Brittany says that she was trying to win Royal Caribbean cruises and starts talking about losing a child which was hard for her kids.

“Dad, we don’t have a brother,” one of the twins says.

“I know and that’s the unfortunate part because we lost him so young,” Wyland says, prompting Brittany to tell the camera: “They’re still in denial.”

One of the twin boys interjects, “What are you talking about?”

“Your triplet,” Brittany says and adds, “In loving memory of Lawrence. Please, Royal Caribbean. Bless these boys on their birthday.” Wyland concludes with: “We miss you, Lawrence.”

Wyland Szabo Age

In January 2022, Wyland Szabo turned 33 years old.

Wyland Szabo Job

Besides being a social media influencer, there isn’t much about Wylan Szabo’s job.

But, his full-time job appears to be videography and photography. He also sells products like sneakers, caps, video gear, self-care, and other accessories on Amazon. She also goes live on Amazon.

Is Wyland Szabo On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes, Wyland Szabo is on Instagram (@wtszabo). He has a joint account with his wife (@theszabozoo).

Wyland Szabo Family

Wyland Szabo is the son of Candi Champlin Szabo and Dean Szabo. His parents were married for forty-one years. He has two brothers named Jordan and Luke and a sister named Timarie. Sadly, Wyland’s mother died on 25 March 2016 after losing a two-year battle with cancer.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Wyland Szabo From?

Wyland Szabo is a native of Oceanside, California.

  • How Tall Is Wyland Szabo?

Wyland Szabo’s height measures around 6 feet 2 inches.

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