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X’Zayveon Gambrell Bio, Age, Job, Kiaya Elliott Baby Father

Viewers of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant saw Kiaya Elliott’s baby father X’Zayveon Gambrell meeting their son. By now everyone knows that he was arrested and imprisoned after finding him guilty of the six charges. Let us help you learn a little more about him.

This article covers his age, job, and relationship status today. Delve into this bio which brings you further details about Kiaya Elliott’s baby father.

Meet X’Zayveon Gambrell, Kiaya Elliott Baby Father

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kiaya Elliott had her son Amour with her baby father X’Zayeveon Gambrell when he was released from prison. As Distractify reported, Kiaya and X’Zayeveon conceived their son while the former was on the outs with her girlfriend at the time, Teazha.

They never had a long-term relationship. Still, they had a baby together and welcomed the child on 7 December 2018.

In season 3B of the show, X’Zayeveon was just in time with the release and shooting of the show. He is ready to begin a relationship with his toddler. But, Kiaya didn’t agree that they are romantically involved with each other or there is a prospect for one. Kiaya told Distractify, “I didn’t even think we’d get along, to be honest”.

So, it appears that it never crossed her mind that the sparks would fly for the two once he was out of the prison.

But, Kiaya revealed that they have been successful in co-parenting their child. “It’s great having X’Zayveon around,” Kiaya said. “At first it was super nerve-racking thinking about the co-parenting dynamic, but we all are getting along great”.

As for Kiaya’s romantic involvements, she told the outlet that she is still in an on-and-off romance with her girlfriend Teazha. The ups and downs in their relationship have been evident. Regardless, she thinks that her girlfriend is important to her. She is thankful to her girlfriend that they helped her raise Kiaya and X’Zayveon’s son.

“Teazha is a very important part of my life,” Kiaya told Distractify. “I mean, we’ve been together for seven years.” But, she added, fans will have to “watch this season” to see what happens between them.

In 2022, X’Zayeveon has appeared on the TikTok posts of Kiaya. The harmonious relationship between the two is actually good for their son.

X’Zayveon Gambrell Relationship Status Today

In 2022, X’Zayeveon Gambrell is likely single. But, he is yet to break his silence on his current dating life and his relationship status.

Why Was X’Zayveon Gambrell In Prison? exclusively revealed that X’Zayeveon Gambrell was arrested on 18 August 2018 for six different charges. He was expected to release on January 9, 2023, at the time.

According to Chesapeake Circuit Court, he was 17 years old at the time of his arrest. He was charged with possession of a firearm and the disposition was nolle prosequi, meaning not prosecuted at the time when Radar reported the arrest. In addition to that, he was also charged with aid in/receive a stolen firearm, felony possession of weapon/ammo (not a gun), and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

X’Zayeveon pleaded guilty they put him behind bars for five years in penitentiary with five years suspended. For his probation, he is on indefinite supervision and must complete the youthful offenders’ program. For the fifth count of eluding/disregard the police and the sixth count of concealed weapon: carry, the authorities didn’t prosecute him.

Though the prison sentence was suspended he may have violated his probation. Radar exclusively revealed that X’Zayeveon was serving time in Sussex II State Prison in Virginia. In July 2019, he was denied parole because of his “extensive criminal record, and serious nature and circumstances of offenses”.

Starcasm reported that the board concluded,” ‘that you [X’Zayeveon] should serve more of your sentence prior to release on parole’ and ‘considers you [X’Zayeveon] to be a risk to the society’ “.

In June 2022, X’Zayeveon was released from the Pocahontas State Correctional Center on 9 May 2022 on parole and under supervision in Virginia. The Sun broke the news first in 2022. The release was just in time for him to make an appearance on Young & Pregnant.

In a touching video, the MTV star was seen watching as X’zayveon and his kid passionately embraced after he was released.

X’Zayveon Gambrell Age

At the time of his release, X’Zayveon Gambrell was 21 years old. So, he was likely born in the year 2000. Whereas, his baby-mother Kaiya celebrated her 21st birthday on 28 June 2022.

X’Zayveon Gambrell Job

X’Zayveon Gambrell is aiming to establish a career in the world of music. An aspiring rapper, he is using his social media platforms to get his music to a wider audience. Like on 24 June 2022, he teased new music n his Instagram.

He posted a short video clip that showed him off rapping over a snippet of his music. He goes by the rap name Lil Purgio. The song was yet to release.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does X’Zayveon Gambrell Live Today?

In 2022, at the time of writing this article, X’Zayveon Gambrell is currently residing in Virginia.

  • How Tall Is X’Zayveon Gambrell?

X’Zayveon Gambrell’s height measures under 6 feet.

  • Is X’Zayveon Gambrell On Instagram?

X’Zayveon Gambrell is available on Instagram (@lilpurgio) and TikTok (@lilpurgio).

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